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Letters and Photographs from the Battle Country

Massachusetts Women in WWI. 12 June 2014 to 24 January 2015

History of Women and Gender Seminar "How can the wife submit?" African Families Negotiate Gender and Slavery in New England 15 April 2014.Tuesday, 5:30PM - 7:00PM Seminars are free and open to the public; RSVP required.
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Location: Schlesinger Library Gloria Whiting, Harvard University Comment: Barbara Krauthamer, University of Massachusetts—Amherst

Rescheduled from February 13, 2014.

This paper discusses various ways in which the everyday realities of slavery shaped gender relations in Afro-New England families. While the structure of slave families in the region was unusually matrifocal, these families nonetheless exhibited a number of patriarchal tendencies. Enslaved African families in New England therefore complicate the assumption of much scholarship that the structure of slave families defined their normative values.


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