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21. Francis Hercules De Valois, Duke of Anjou, Alencon, Brabant and Protector of the Netherlands.

22. Phillip Count Holach, Baron of Langenberg, first General of the united Provinces.

23. Maurice of Nassau, Prince of Orange, Count Nassau, Governor of the united Provinces.

24. Adolphus Solm Count de Meurs, Governor of Gelderland and Utrecht.

There are three most memorable Seiges described in this History, those of Haerlem, Leyden, and Antwerp.

You will wonder, my dear son, at my writing to you at your tender Age, such dry Things as these: but if you keep this Letter you will in some future Period, thank your Father for writing it. I am my dear son, with the Utmost Affection to your Sister and Brothers as well as to you, your Father,

John Adams

Adams, John. Letter to John Quincy Adams, July 27, 1777. Adams Family Papers, Massachusetts Historical Society. Published in Adams Family Correspondence, Volume 2: June 1776 - March 1778 (Cambridge: The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 1963). Pages 289-292.