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Mr. Thaxter is as shiftless as a Child. He understands no Language, neither French nor Spanish, and he dont seem to think himself obliged to do any Thing, but get along, and write his Journal.—In short, I am in a deplorable situation, indeed.—I know not what to do.—I know not where to go.

From this place We go to Monasterio, which is four Leagues, from thence to Berebiesca [Briviesca], which is four more, from thence to Santa Maria del Courbo, which is two more, from thence to Courbo, which is one, thence to Pancourbo which is two, where the Road parts, to Vitoria and to Bilbao.

Monasterio 4.
Berebiesca 4.
S.M. del Courbo 2
Courbo 1
Pancourbo 2
  13. Leagues to the Parting of the Roads.

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