Questions about Content:

1.What good news does JQA share with his mother in his letter of April 20, 1778?

2. Where does JQA say he would rather be?

3. Why does JQA claim that he is now having trouble writing letters, whereas in the past he was so much more adept?

4. JQA takes the very rare step of criticizing his mother in his February 20, 1779, letter. Why does he do so?

Questions for Drawing Historical Connections:

5. Why was the American alliance with France during the Revolutionary War so critical? How did the French aid the American cause?

Questions for Thought, Discussion, and Writing:

6. Is JQA adapting well to France? Is he homesick? List your evidence and come to a conclusion.

7. JQA's writing seems to have deteriorated since he left home. Spelling and sentence structure have become more chaotic. What could account for this change?

8. Many young students today are forced to uproot and change cultures because of their parents' work. How is their experience similar to JQA's? How is it different?