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It is a long time since you have written to me. You should think of your Fathers Anxiety, for the Success and Progress of your Studies.

You study I hope among other Things to make yourself as Usefull and agreable to your Patron as possible.

You have no doubt had the Opportunity to see the Empress upon some publick Occasions. I had that of supping, at Court, at the Maison du Bois with the Comte and Comptess du Nord. Your Patron will see in the Courier du Bas Rhin and in the Gazettes of Leyden and the Hague, a Projet or a Speculation, calculated to favour some of his Views. How does he like it? and how is it taken where you are? or is it not talked of.

I long to see you. You should be at Leyden or at Cambridge. A public Education you must have. You are capable of Emulation, and there alone you will have it.


Adams, John. Letter to John Quincy Adams, August 18, 1782. Adams Family Papers, Massachusetts Historical Society. Published in Adams Family Correspondence, Volume 4: October 1780 - September 1782 (Cambridge: The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 1973). Pages 366-367.