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record number: 111922
6 p.
  • Previously at PWaC Feinstone and on deposit at the American Philosophical Society Library
  • Mercury Stamp Co., Inc., The Theodore Sheldon Collection of Autographs, Manuscripts and Documents, 5 June 1970, item 3001, (auction).
  • 3001 ADAMS, JOHN, A.L.S. 5 pp., sm. 4to. Quincy, Jan. 25, 1802. To [Benjamin] Rush.
  • Brilliantly discursive letter to his fellow Signer on the occasion of a letter from Rush and the expectation of Rush's book. Mention of General Miranda (Francesco Miranda, Spanish-American soldier and adventurer) doubtless because of the latter's recent exploit in proclaiming the Colombian republic, brings on reminiscences of his own contemporaries "Franklin, Washington, Burr, Hamilton and Jefferson" who were "secret persons." He also attacks the diplomatic skill of Pinkney, Monroe, Armstrong, and Livingston, engaged in negotiations in England or in France. But his real invective is reserved for Alexander Hamilton and Hamilton's "scorn of Washington." He goes on "Yet I loose all Patience, when I think of a bastard brat of a Scotch Pedler, daring to threaten to undeceive the World in their Judgment of Washington . . ." A discussion of the current economic situation that follows evidently is in answer to an inquiry from Rush as are his remarks about the heroes of the war in Tripoli, recalling his place in history as founder of our Navy.
  • Information transferred from multiple blue slips now deleted. ER 9/28/2015

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