Wouldn’t it be fun…

By Nancy Heywood

Wouldn’t it be fun if the Boston Red Sox World Series Trophies from 2004, 2007, and 2013 got to meet the 1912 Boston Red Sox medal from the collections of the Massachusetts Historical Society?   Staff members love picturing this scenario!   And, we’ve tweeted a pitch (pun intended!) about this possibility to the Red Sox Holiday Trophy Caravan!

The Red Sox announced that today (Thursday, December 12) they would bring the trophies to several hospitals and after visiting with patients, they would go to three Boston-area businesses in the afternoon.  Organizations have been asked to tweet using the hashtag #WeWantTheTrophies and explain why their office deserves to be selected.  

MHS sent this tweet:

MHS Tweet December 12, 2013

The MHS has a small number of sports-related medals in our collections including the 1912 Red Sox medal.

1912 Red Sox medal

The bronze medal was made by a Boston jeweler, Frank A. Gendreau.  MHS’s medal is made of bronze and some people speculate that our medal might have been a model because it isn’t as fancy as the two other known examples that were given to players on the team. (Those medals were made of gold with precious stones.) Read more about our medal.