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This Week @ MHS

Here is the weekly round-up of events at the MHS in the week to come. 

- Wednesday, 20 September, 12:00PM : Pack a lunch and stop by at noon for a Brown Bag talk with independent researcher Nina Sankovitch. "Exploring Conflict, Collaboration, and Conciliation in Colonial Families before the American Revolution" considers how the Quincy, Adams, and Hancock families - all living in Braintree, MA but of varying social classes - interacted, especially in their attitudes towards England in the late colonial era, and the roles the families played in fomenting agitation against English rule. This talk is open to the public free of charge. 

- Wednesday, 20 September, 6:00PM : Join us for a public conversation with Garrison Nelson of the University of Vermont, Michael Dukakis of Northeastern University, and Peter Drummey of the MHS. "John McCormack and David K. Niles: How Two Reinvented Bostonians Altered American Politics and Foreign Policy" explores the lives of two Boston politicians who came from large poor families within religious minority communities and rose to the levels of Speaker of House and White House advisor, and how both became central to the shaping of modern American political parties and politics. This talk is open to the public and registration is required with a fee of $20 (no charge for MHS Members or Fellows). The talk begins at 6:00PM and is preceded by a reception at 5:30PM. 

- Thursday, 21 September, 6:00PM : "An Extraordinary Life: An Evening with John Quincy Adams" is a fun and festive evening celebrating the life of one of America's most fascinating statesmen. Enjoy a reception, learn about moments from Adams's life—as told through his diary and correspondence—from incoming MHS President Catherine Allgor and the staff of the Adams Papers editorial project, and explore a pop-up exhibit of the artifacts and documents that tell his story and that of our nation’s history. This program is SOLD OUT.

- Friday, 22 September, 10:00AM-4:00PM : This is your last chance to view our current exhibition, The Irish Atlantic, which ends on Friday. 

- Saturday, 23 September, 9:00AM : "John Quincy Adams and American Diplomacy" is a teacher workshop open to all K-12 educators. Participants will learn more about JQA's achievements as Secretary of State; analyze documents from the Adams family papers, including JQA's diary; discuss his role in westward expansion; and meet Adams papers editors and learn how they make the family's work accessible to audiences of all ages. Registration is required for this event with a fee of $25. 

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