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MHS Library Was Hopping in July!


July was a banner month for the MHS library staff. We had 484 researchers visit the library (202 individual researchers), conducted 91 reader orientations (not including two large groups of community college professors here for week-long workshops), copied over 1,800 pages of material, retrieved over 800 items from the stacks, and answered more than 140 reference emails and 80 phone calls. Most of those statistics absolutely obliterated last year's numbers.

Quite a month!


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Aug 12, 2009, 11:16 am


can you please post more of Mrs. Adam's diary. I'm following JQA on twitter, but I was more fascinated by the accompanied entries from Mrs. Adam's diary. Putting the two together was like reading a novel or watching a soap opera. It was great to know that she did not want to go with him to Russia, please give us new generation more of this intriging history. We want the personal aspect which will allow us to know the facts better.

Aug 18, 2009, 11:44 am


The Adams Papers editors are currently preparing a two-volume edition of the writings of Louisa Catherine Adams (and there are several additional works on her "in the works"!). Until then, her writings are available via the Adams Family Papers (either here at the Society or anywhere that a set of the microfilm is held (

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