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Environmental Change from Baja California to Alaska, 1768-1820s

Welcome to another installment of our Readers Relate series, in which we ask researchers to share a little bit about the work that brought them to the MHS and what they found when they got here. Today’s interviewee is Jen Staver, candidate in history at the University [...] read more

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Stephen Greenleaf Bulfinch, Post 11

The following excerpt is from the diary of Stephen Greenleaf Bulfinch. March 2d (Sunday) 1862 Public events approach a crisis. Clarksville & Nashville, Tenn. have been surrendered to the Union forces, and from the Potomac we hear, - after some days’ [...] read more

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"A Season of Cold": The Diary of Persis Seaver (Long) Bartlett

As we constantly work to update and improve descriptions of our holdings here at the MHS, we often find interesting and unexpected items buried in large collections, usually items by previously unidentified or misidentified relatives. A staff member recently identified the [...] read more

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This Week @ MHS

Tuesday, 6 March at 5:15 PM the Boston Early American History Seminar continues with Karin Wulf, College of William and Mary, presenting her paper "Ancestry as Social Practice in Eighteenth-Century New England: The Origins of Early Republic Genealogical Vogue."  Laurel [...] read more

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