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Memorializing the Fallen, Inspiring the Living: “Death of the Immortal Dahlgren”

I was all set to do a spooky Halloween post for this installment of the Beehive, but while looking for a broadside advertising a Boston magician, my eye snagged on the word Immortal in the title on a proximal folder. With magic on the mind, who wouldn’t be intrigued? The [...] read more

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"Three Generations Have Advanced in a Century" : From John Adams to Charles Francis Adams II

            On October 31, 1835, John Adams’ grandson Charles Francis Adams, along with his wife, Abigail Brooks Adams, had their second son, Charles Francis Adams 2d, baptized at their home in the presence of John Quincy and Louisa Catherine [...] read more

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This Week @ MHS

On Tuesday, 27 October, stop by at 5:15PM for a seminar from the Immigration and Urban History series. Luis Jimenez of the University of Massachusetts - Boston will speak about "Immigration, Race, and the Tea Party Movement," looking at the extent to which racial anxiety [...] read more

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How the Sausage Is Made: The Process of Processing

I’ve written many posts at the Beehive highlighting specific items, stories, and people from our collections that captured my attention, but it occurs to me that readers of our blog may be interested in a bigger picture of the work we do here. This week, I’d [...] read more

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This Week @ MHS

We're taking a breath this week at the Society and the schedule is a bit lighter, but there is still plenty to take in to fill your history fix.  On Wednesday, 21 October, join us for a public conversation. In "The Two Worlds of Erastus Hopkins," authors Bruce Laurie [...] read more

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New Titles in the MHS Library’s Reference Collection

Here in the MHS library it is always a pleasure to see the fruits of scholarly labor pursued in our reading room come back to us as the form of publications hot off the presses. In recent months, we have been delighted to add a number of titles to our collection gifted to [...] read more

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This Week @ MHS

It is a busy holiday week at the MHS with plenty of programs on offer to meet your daily required amount of history. Please note that the library is closed on Monday, 12 October, in observance of Columbus Day. Despite the library closure, our doors remain open! Stop by anytime [...] read more

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Boston by Broadside, part II: Fashionable Footwear

Welcome to my new series here on the Beehive: “Boston by Broadside.” Here I will use examples from the MHS’ collection of broadsides to show various views of our fair city as it used to be.   As we leave Prof. Boulet's Gymansium behind after a bracing [...] read more

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This Week @ MHS

The first week of October is a busy one here at the Society. Here's what's coming up! Starting things off on Monday evening, 5 October, is a public author talk. Beginning at 6:00PM, author Andrea Wulf will discuss her new book, The Invention of Nature: Alexander von Humboldt's [...] read more

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Prospect Hill Tower and the Grand Union Flag

One day when wandering through Somerville, my boyfriend, a recent transplant to Cambridge, noticed what looked like a castle tower in the distance. He asked me about it, and rather than just find the answer online, we decided to have an adventure and discover in person what [...] read more

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