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Guest Post: The Early Revolution, and the Ideas and Identity of the Early Republic

This spring I had the pleasure of working with the incredible resources of the Massachusetts Historical Society for use in my research paper. The paper was about the connection between the early events of the American Revolution in Boston and the ideas of the early United [...] read more

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This Week @ MHS

The final week of June is a fairly quiet one here at the Society. Here is what's coming up: - Monday, 26 June, 6:00PM : The Price for their Pound of Flesh: The Value of the Enslaved, from Womb to Grave, in the Building of a Nation is the title of a new publication by past [...] read more

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A Swing through Lynn Woods around 1910

The Lynn Woods Reservation is a fun place to spend some time among trees and even take in views of the Boston skyline. It is also notable for various features and structures, such as Stone Tower, Dungeon Rock, and the Wolf Pits, as well as the stories behind them. My dad [...] read more

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Photographs at the MHS

Having spent the last few weeks immersed in a very interesting collection of 19th- and early 20th-century photographs (more on that in a later post), I thought I’d take this opportunity to write about processing photographs here at the MHS and what goes into making [...] read more

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This Week @ MHS

Here is the round-up of events in the week to come here at the MHS: - Tuesday, 20 June, 6:00PM : Starting off the week is an author talk with the Society's own Conrad Edick Wright, editor of Pedagogues and Protestors: The Harvard College Student Diary of Stephen Peabody, [...] read more

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Gertrude Codman Carter’s Diary, June 1917

Today we return to the 1917 diary of Gertrude Codman Carter. You may read the previous entries here: Introduction | January | February | March | April | May Unusual for this diary is a long unbroken series of entries from 1 June - 20 June without any missing pages (though [...] read more

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Counting Votes and Campaigning: Aaron Burr’s “Intriguing” in the Election of 1800

A letter addressed to Doctor William Eustis of Boston, MA.   In a box of letters addressed to Doctor William Eustis, a physician and politician who lived in Boston, some of the political and personal musings of Aaron Burr (Aaron Burr letters, 1777-1802) can be found [...] read more

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This Week @ MHS

In the week ahead there are just two events on the calendar here at the Society. Those events are: - Thursday, 15 June, 6:00PM : "Final Courses" is the last program in the Cooking Boston series and it takes place at Mount Auburn Cemetery. A docent-led tour of the cemetery [...] read more

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The Lion of the North, caged at the MHS [Updated]

Many years ago as a college student enrolled in a Protestant Theology course, I was required to write a research paper on any topic related to the overall class. I chose to focus on Gustav II Adolf, or King Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden, the Lion of the North. During his reign, [...] read more

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“He plants trees for the benefit of later generations”: John Quincy Adams’s Motto

In the summer of 1830, John Quincy Adams was preoccupied with two projects: planting trees on his properties in Quincy and reading the works of the Roman statesman and philosopher, Cicero, in the original Latin. Just two years earlier, in an 11 May letter to his son Charles [...] read more

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Announcing 2017-2018 Research Fellowships

Each year, the MHS sponsors various fellowship programs which bring a wide variety of researchers working on a full range of topics into the MHS library. The Reader Services staff enjoys getting to know the fellows, many of whom become career-long friends of the Society, [...] read more

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This Week @ MHS

Coming up this week, we have programs featuring ice cream, the "other" speaker at Gettysburg, and interstate trade during the Civil War. Here are the specifics: - Tuesday, 6 June, 6:00PM : Ice Kings is the next installment in our Cooking Boston series or public programs. [...] read more

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The Significance of Strawberries

In New England, the arrival of summer is synonymous with strawberries. Strawberry plants (fields) can be found throughout the region, and the strawberry harvest in late May and early June goes hand-in-hand with the most beautiful part of the year. The lovely, fragrant evenings [...] read more

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