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Collection Summary


This collection consists of the papers of the Boston merchant and shipping firm Bryant & Sturgis, primarily business correspondence with other merchants and shipmasters around the world. Also included in the collection are the papers of Marblehead (Mass.) merchants Robert and John Hooper, and those of U.S. Congressman and merchant William Reed, also of Marblehead.

Biographical Sketches

John Bryant was a partner in the firm of Boston merchant and shipping firm Bryant and Sturgis (Boston, Mass.) with William Sturgis for 53 years. Bryant and Sturgis traded lumber, tea, opium, sugar, and many other goods.

Robert and John Hooper were merchants of Marblehead, Mass.

William Reed (1776-1837) was born in Marblehead, Mass. He became a merchant, was elected as a Federalist to the 12th and 13th Congresses (1811-1815), and served as a member of the board of the Andover Theological Seminary and a trustee of Dartmouth College.

William Sturgis (1782-1863) was born in Barnstable, Mass., the son of William Sturgis and Hannah Mills. He sailed at an early age to the northwest coast of North America on fur-gathering expeditions and to China to trade in tea and other wares. He became a shipmaster and later a merchant. He was a partner in the Boston firm of Bryant and Sturgis with John Bryant for 53 years, a member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives, a state senator, and the president of the Boston Marine Society.


For biographical information on William Sturgis, see Roger F. Sturgis, Edward Sturgis of Yarmouth, Massachusetts, 1613-1695, and his descendants (Boston, 1914); and Charles G. Loring, "Memoir of the Hon. William Sturgis" (in Massachusetts Historical Society Proceedings, vol. VII, Aug. 1864).

Collection Description

This bulk of the Hooper-Sturgis papers consists of the business correspondence of Bryant and Sturgis with other merchants and shipmasters around the world. For an alphabetical list of Bryant and Sturgis correspondents, see Correspondents of Bryant and Sturgis below. The collection includes ships' accounts, receipt books, and a volume of accounts kept by William Sturgis for minor Wendell T. Davis. Other Sturgis papers relate to the construction of J.P. Cushing's house in Boston, designed by Asher Benjamin. The collection also contains the papers of Robert Hooper and Sons, Robert and John Hooper, and William Reed, all of Marblehead, Mass.

Acquisition Information

Gift of Ellen Sturgis Hooper, May 1907.

Custodial History

The collection most likely came together as a result of a marriage between William Sturgis's daughter Ellen Sturgis (1812-1848) and Robert W. Hooper (1810-1885). Their son Edward William Hooper (1839-1901) married in 1864 Fanny Hudson Chapin (d. 1881) and had Ellen Sturgis Hooper (b. 1872), who married John Briggs Potter in 1908.

Detailed Description of the Collection

I. Loose papers, 1798-1857

Arranged chronologically.

Papers from 1798 to 1810 consist of business correspondence and other items of Messrs. Robert Hooper and Sons of Marblehead, Mass., including shipping documents. In 1809, William Reed and William Hooper appear as partners in a shipping venture (with the schooner John). Papers related to Robert and John Hooper begin in 1809, and William and Nathaniel Hooper in 1810.

Bryant and Sturgis correspondence with merchants and shipmasters around the world, including Philip Ammidon of Canton, begins in 1812. Correspondents in 1813 include: Edward Carrington of Providence, R.I.; John Bromfield (a shipmaster); Bailey and Willis of New York City; Edward Boden (a shipmaster); Bulkley, Somarindyck and Co. (N.Y.C.); Charles J. Catlett (Alexandria, Va.); Samuel Williams (London); and Henry Oxnard (a shipmaster of Portland, Me.). Beginning in 1814, merchant correspondents include Samuel Grant of Philadelphia, Josiah Sturgis of New York, Sturgis and Lovell of Charleston, Perkins and Co. of Canton, Seth Russell and Sons of New Bedford, James P. Sturgis of Canton, James and T.H. Perkins of Boston, and many others; beginning in 1815, Ebenezer Rollins of Havana, Joshua Hilton of Wiscasset, Me., Levett Harris of St. Petersburg, Goodhue and Ward of New York, Benjamin and Thomas C. Hoppin and Co. of Providence, George Abbot (a shipmaster), Thomas W. Ward of New York, Joseph Pierce (a shipmaster), and many others; beginning in 1816, Washing of Canton, Isaac Waters of Batavia, Richard B. Hinckley of Havana, Grants and Stone of Philadelphia, Hutchinson Travers and Co. of Lisbon, James Drake of Havana, Higgens Moore and Co. of Trieste, James Lovett of New York, D.M. Bryant (a shipmaster of supercargo), and Samuel Curson of Havana; and beginning in 1820, E.W. Waldo of Havana and John Williams of Batavia. For a full listing of correspondents between 1812 and 1820, see Correspondents of Bryant and Sturgis below. Additional Bryant and Sturgis papers, primarily business-related items, are dated 1857-1858.

Included in this series are commercial papers for Robert and John Hooper, 1821-1829. Documents between 1829 and 1832 concern the design and construction of a house for John P. Cushing on Bowdoin Street in Boston, Mass., overseen by William Sturgis. Many of the receipts and accounts were signed by Asher Benjamin, who apparently designed and managed the construction project. This series also contains papers of John Hooper, 1838-1849, whose principal correspondents were Aikins Adams of Fairhaven, Mass., and W.C. Hichborn of Charleston; some letters belonging to Benjamin T. Reed; and the papers of William Reed, primarily dated after 1831, but with some scattered items from 1805 and 1816. Reed's papers include some personal items, but most are related to the shipping business.

Box 1
1798-Apr. 1814
Box 2
May 1814-Jan. 1815
Box 3
Feb.-June 1815
Box 4
July-Dec. 1815
Box 5
Jan.-June 1816
Box 6
July-Nov. 1816
Box 7
Dec. 1816-May 1817
Box 8
June 1817-Feb. 1818
Box 9
Mar. 1818-Apr. 1836
Box 10
May 1836-1857

II. Volumes, 1804-1843

This series is divided into four subseries: A. Bryant and Sturgis receipt books; B. Bryant and Sturgis ships' accounts; C. Other account books; and D. Letterbooks. Included in this series are some account books and letterbooks of Robert and John Hooper, as well as a letterbook of William Reed.

A. Bryant and Sturgis receipt books, 1811-1841

Box 11Folder 1
Aug. 1811-June 1815
Box 11Folder 2
June 1815-Mar. 1818
Box 11Folder 3
Mar. 1818-Feb. 1820
Box 11Folder 4
Mar. 1820-Feb. 1824
Box 12Folder 1
May 1832-Dec. 1834
Box 12Folder 2
Jan. 1835-June 1841

B. Bryant and Sturgis ships' accounts, 1815-1843

Box 12Folder 3
Ships Ophelia and Mentor, 1815-1823
Box 12Folder 4
Ship Tartar, 1820-1823
Box 12Folder 5
Ship Mentor, 1822-1825
Box 12Folder 6
Ship Tartar, 1824-1825
Box 12Folder 7
Ships Triton and Herald, 1824-1836
Box 13Folder 1
Ship Brookline and brig Plant, 1828-1841
Box 13Folder 2
Ships Bashaw, Asia, Luconia, bark Tartar, 1829-1840
Box 13Folder 3
Ships Tartar and Alert, 1829-1843
Box 13Folder 4
Ship California, brig Roxana, 1831-1834

C. Other account books, 1821-1839

Box 13Folder 5
William Sturgis, accounts of Wendell T. Davis, minor, 1833-1839
Box 13Folder 6
Robert and John Hooper, account book, 1821-1834
Box 13Folder 7
Robert and John Hooper, invoices and shipping accounts, 1827-1830

D. Letterbooks, 1804-1837

Box 14Folder 1
Robert and John Hooper, letterbook, 1816-1827
Box 14Folder 2
Robert and John Hooper, letterbook, 1816-1819
Box 14Folder 3
Robert and John Hooper, letterbook, 1819-1821
Box 14Folder 4
Robert and John Hooper, letterbook, 1821-1831
Box 14Folder 5
William Reed, letterbook, 1804-1837
Box 14Folder 6
Unidentified address book, n.d.

III. Oversize material, 1799-1848

This series contains miscellaneous oversize items, including shipping documents, legal papers, accounts, and correspondence.

OS drawers

Correspondents of Bryant and Sturgis

The following merchants, shipmasters, and others are among the correspondents of Bryant and Sturgis (Boston), 1812-1820. Each name is followed by the individual or company's principal place of residence or work, as well as the year the name first appears in the correspondence.

Abbot, George (shipmaster, various places, 1815)
Aborn, Daniel T. (Providence, 1818)
Aborn, Samuel (Providence, 1817)
Agie, G. (Antwerp, 1816)
Aiken, Barbara (Philadelphia, 1813)
Allen, John (Philadelphia, 1815; Trieste, 1816)
Ammidon, Philip (Canton, 1812)
Andrews, Joseph (Salem, 1813)
Andrews, Robert (Bordeaux, 1814)
Apthorp, Thomas (Boston, 1818)
Archbald, Henry (various places, 1814)
Astor, John Jacob (NYC, 1817)
Audra, Louis and Co. (Naples, 1816)
Austin, J.B. (Boston, 1815)
Bacon, Daniel C. (1815)
Bailey and Russell (NYC, 1816)
Bailey and Willis (NYC, 1813)
Bainbridge and Brown (London, 1815)
Ballard and Hall (Baltimore, 1812)
Bancroft, Henry (1817)
Baring Brothers and Co. (London, 1815)
Barnewall and Popham (Alexandria, 1815)
Barnard Brothers (Liverpool, 1815)
Barrell, George G. (various places, 1813)
Barrell and Co. (Malaga, 1817)
Barry, Robert (Baltimore, 1817)
Bates, Joshua (Havre, 1817)
Bennett, James (Okhotsk, 1814)
Bennett, Noah (Gloucester, 1814)
Benoliel, Judah (Gibraltar, 1817)
Blagge, S. (1815)
Blanchard, Charles, Jr. (London, 1814)
Blanchard, Henry (Salem, 1814)
Blinz, Henry (Wiscasset, 1815)
Blodget, Samuel C. (Providence, 1817)
Blodget, William (Providence, 1813)
Bloomfield and Tunis (Cadiz, 1817)
Boden, Edward (various places, 1813)
Boit, John (NYC, 1817)
Bond and Pearson (Boston, 1814; NYC, 1816)
Bowen, Isaac, Jr. (Providence, 1814)
Bowler, Charles L. (Providence, 1817)
Bowler, C.L. and M. (Providence, 1813)
Bowler and Aborn (Providence, 1817)
Bradbury, Charles (Boston, 1817)
Bradford, Joseph, (Rotterdam, 1816)
Bridge, Matthew and Charles (Boston, 1816)
Bromfield, John (various places, 1812)
Brooks, Peter Chardon (1814)
Bryant, D.M. (various places, 1815)
Buckley and Abbott (NYC, 1817)
Bulkley, John (NYC, 1813)
Bulkley, Somarindyck and Co. (NYC, 1813)
Bull, William G. (NYC, 1814)
Butler, Cyrus (Providence, 1816)
Byrne, Patrick (Philadelphia, 1816)
Cambreleng and Pearson (NYC, 1816)
Carnes and Rhodes (Boston, 1816)
Carnochan and Mitchel (Savannah, 1814)
Carrington, Edward (Providence, 1812)
Carrington, Edward and Co. (Providence, 1816)
Carter, John Sigourney (Liverpool, 1816)
Carter, John S. and Co. (Liverpool, 1817)
Carter and Storr (Liverpool, 1815)
Catlett, Charles J. (Alexandria, 1812)
Camo and Eade (Bordeaux, 1815)
Caze and Richard (NYC, 1815)
Chaffee, John (Springfield, 1812)
Chase, Francis (Portland, 1814)
Cheaver, Abijah (Portland, 1814)
Clamargeran, Peter H. (New Orleans, 1816)
Clapp, Joseph (Portland, 1814)
Clark, Nathan, Jr. (Wiscasset, 1816)
Clary, E.A. (Springfield, 1816)
Cleeman [Cliemann?] and Co. (Havre, 1816)
Clibborn, Lewis and Co. (Philadelphia, 1815, and Antwerp)
Coffin, Hector (Philadelphia, 1818)
Collinette, Abraham (Gloucester, 1814)
Collings and Maingy (Rotterdam, 1815)
Colman, Henry (Hingham, 1818)
Conant, Samuel (Penang, 1816)
Cook, Z. (Boston, 1816)
Cook and Phillips (Boston, 1816)
Coolidge, Cornelius (Boston, 1813)
Cottle, William (Holmeshole, 1815)
Cranston and Shaw (Newport, 1814)
Crocker, Asa (Barnstable, 1818)
Crocker, David (Barnstable, 1816)
Crocker, Elisha (Barnstable, 1816)
Cromeline, Daniel (Amsterdam, 1817)
Cumelin, Daniel and Sons (Amsterdam, 1817)
Curson, Samuel (Havana, 1816)
Curtis, Caleb (Charleston, 1818)
Curtis, John (Wiscasset, 1815)
Curtis, Zebina (Boston, 1816)
Curwen, Joseph (London, 1817)
Cushing, James Perkins (Canton, 1815)
Dalgas and Ott (Leghorn, 1817)
Davenport, S. and Co. (Charleston, 1816)
Davis, Elias, Jr. (Havana, 1815, and various places)
Davis, Nathaniel M. (Plymouth, 1817)
Davis, William (Plymouth, 1815)
Davis, William, Jr. (Plymouth, 1817)
Davison, Elias (Gloucester, 1815)
Davy, John B. (Philadelphia, 1816)
de Aabaw Freres and Co. (Marseilles, 1817)
de Aguirre, Max (Washington, D.C., 1818)
de Arzadun, Aniceto de (Bilboa, 1815)
de Frias, Antonio and Co. (Havana, 1815)
Dein, Daniel (seaman, 1815)
Delafield, John, Sr. (NYC, 1815)
Delafield, John, Jr. (London, 1815)
Deland, Benjamin (Salem, 1815)
Derby, R. (Philadelphia, 1817)
Dexter, Charles (various places, 1815)
Dickason, Thomas and Co. (London, 1816)
Dixey, John (shipmaster, 1817)
Dixon, Thomas (Philadelphia, 1816)
Dodge, Pickering (Salem, 1818)
Donnaldson, Edward M. (Philadelphia, 1813)
Donovan, John (Providence, 1814)
Drake, James (Havana, 1815)
Dunbar and Scott (Penang, 1816)
Duncan, Winter and McCall (New Orleans, 1816)
Dunning, L. (New Haven, 1815)
Dussumier and Co. (Bordeaux, 1816)
D'Wolf, Packard and D'Wolf (NYC, 1816)
Dyer, Benjamin and Charles (Providence, 1814)
Dyer, Benjamin and Charles and Co. (1817)
Dyer, Elisha (Providence, 1818)
Dyers and Manton (Providence, 1817)
Emerson, Joseph B. (Kennebunkport, 1815)
Emery, Nicholas (Portland, 1814)
Eves, James, Jr. (Philadelphia, 1817)
Farnandis, Walter (Baltimore, 1816)
Fenno, James W. (Framingham, 1817)
Ferrier and Co. (Rotterdam, 1815)
Fessenden, William (Sandwich, 1815)
Fettyplace, William (Malta, 1815)
Fickett, Samuel (Portland, 1814)
Field, H.W. (NYC, 1815)
Field, Richard M. (Providence, 1814)
Fisher, John and Co. (Hamburg, 1817)
Fisk, Martin and Co. (Norfolk, 1815)
Fitz, William, Jr. (New Orleans, 1818)
Fletcher, James F. (New Orleans, 1815)
Fontin, G. (Havana, 1816)
Forbes, J.M. (Boston, 1816)
Foster, Isaac (Gloucester, 1814)
Freeman [or Truman], Robert, Jr. (Philadelphia, 1818)
Frothingham, Ebenezer (Boston, 1814)
Garland, William (Portsmouth, 1814)
Gibson, A.P. and Co. (NYC, 1816)
Gibson, John G. (NYC, 1818)
Gilmore, James (shipmaster, 1815)
Goodhue, John (NYC, 1817)
Goodhue and Ward (NYC, 1815)
Goodhue and Co. (NYC, 1817)
Goodrich and DeForest (New Haven, 1816)
Grant, Samuel (Philadelphia, 1814)
Grant Hepburne and Co. (Trieste, 1817)
Grant, Pillans and Co. (Leghorn, 1816)
Grants and Stone (Philadelphia, 1815)
Gregory, John, Jr. (Lisbon, 1817)
Grinnell, Cornelius, Jr. (New Bedford, 1815)
Guebhard, Samuel and Co. (Leghorn, 1816)
Hale, James (Castine, 1818)
Hale, Thomas E. (Castine, 1818)
Hall, John (Boston, 1816)
Halsey, T.L. (Buenos Ayres, 1816)
Hammond, Samuel (Brookline, 1817)
Harris, Levett (St. Petersburg, 1815)
Hatch, Solomon (NYC, 1815)
Hatch, Solomon and Co. (Springfield, 1814)
Hathaway, Stephen, Jr., and Company (NYC, 1814)
Haven, Thomas (Portsmouth, 1816)
Hawes, John (collector, New Bedford, 1815)
Hendricks, Harmon (NYC, 1817)
Henry, Benjamin (Gibraltar, 1815)
Henry, Bernard (Gibraltar, 1816)
Henry and McCall (Gibraltar, 1816)
Higgens Moore and Company (Trieste, 1815)
Hill, David D. (Philadelphia, 1815, and various places)
Hill, Samuel (shipmaster, 1815)
Hill and Blodget (Calcutta, 1816)
Hilton, Joshua (Wiscasset, 1814)
Hinckley, Isaac (shipmaster, 1816)
Hinckley, Richard B. (Havana, 1815)
Hinsdale, John and Daniel (Middletown, 1816)
Hodston, John and Sons (Amsterdam, 1815)
Holbrook, Richard (Wiscasset, 1815)
Hopkins, Barnabas (shipmaster, 1816)
Hoppin, Benjamin and Thomas C. and Co. (Providence, 1815)
Hubbard, Samuel (Wiscasset, 1814)
Huff, Andrew B. (seaman, 1817)
Hughes, James H. (Marseilles, 1814)
Hughes and Duncan (Liverpool, 1815)
Hughes, Fettyplace and Rogers (Marseilles, 1817)
Hurd, Isaac, Jr. (Concord, 1816)
Hurd and Sewall (Boston, 1815, and NYC)
Hutchinson Travers and Co. (Lisbon, 1816)
Jarvis and Hobby (Baltimore, 1815)
Jenches, Edwin J. (Providence, 1817)
Keating, Richard (Portland, 1815)
Kelso and Ferguson (Baltimore, 1817)
Kimball, Hazen (Savannah, 1817)
Kimball, Leonard (Boston, 1816)
Kirkpatrick and Greignow (Malaga, 1815)
Kirkpatrick Grivegnee and Co. (Malaga, 1816)
Kittredge, John (Gloucester, 1814)
Knight, George (Havana, 1815)
Knowlton, Nehemiah (Gloucester, 1816)
Kulenkamp and Sons (Bremen, 1817)
Ladd, Dudley (Salisbury, N.H., 1817)
Lander, E. (Salem, 1815)
Latimer, George (Philadelphia, 1817)
Latimer, J. (Philadelphia, 1815)
Lawrence, Willis and Lawrence (Liverpool, 1816)
Lechleitner, P.G. (Philadelphia, 1815)
Lee, Francis (New Bedford, 1814)
Lehman and Smith (Philadelphia, 1815)
LeRoy, Bayard and McEvers (NYC, 1814)
LeRoy, Bayard and Co. (NYC, 1817)
Lewis, William and Samuel N. (Philadelphia, 1817)
Lincoln, Benjamin (mate, 1815)
Lippitt, William H. (Providence, 1814)
Lodge, Giles (Boston, 1815)
Lord, John (constable of Portland, 1814)
Lorman, William and Son (Baltimore, 1817)
Lovell, J., Jr. (Rotterdam, 1817)
Lovett, James (NYC, 1814)
McCall, Ogden and Co. (Barcelona, 1817)
McCoy, Isaac L. (New Orleans, 1815)
Marcial, Joseph and Anthony (St. Bartholomew, 1814)
Marcus, Jacobus (Boston, 1816)
Marder and Budden (Liverpool, 1815)
Martin, John (Wiscasset, 1814)
Martin, John D. (Providence, 1814)
Mathews, J. (Bath, 1815)
Meireles, A.V. de Souza (Boston, 1816)
Mellen, Prentiss (Portland, 1814)
Melvill and Blaauw (Amsterdam, 1816)
Mertins Mosselman and Co. (Antwerp, 1817)
Meyer and Brunner [or Bruener?] (St. Petersburg, 1816)
Miles, Henry (NYC, 1816)
Milnor, J. and E. (NYC, 1814)
Minturn and Champlin (NYC, 1815)
Miralla and Co. (Havana, 1817)
Montgomery, Robert and Co. (Alicante, 1814)
Montgomerys Fitch and Co. (Marseilles, 1816)
Morris, John (Havana, 1816)
Moulton, William (Portland, 1814)
Murphy, John and Co. (Malaga, 1816)
Musson, John and Samuel (Bermuda, 1816)
Nash, Joshua (Haiti, 1816)
Newton, Edward A. (Calcutta, 1817)
Nichols, Perkins (NYC, 1814)
Norwood, A.S. (NYC, 1816)
Nourse and Christian (London, 1815)
Nye, D., Jr. (Wareham, 1814)
Nye, Zenas, Jr. (boatbuilder, Sandwich, 1815)
Olivella, Francesco Lorenzo (Havana, 1815)
Oliver, Borland and Abbot (1814)
Onion's, John and Son (Broseley, Shropshire, 1816)
Oppenheimer, George and Co. (London, 1816)
Oxnard, Henry (various places, 1813)
Oxnard, Martha (Portland, 1817)
Oxnard, William (Portland, 1814)
Packard and Gowen (Havana, 1815)
Paine, Fred William (Canton, 1815, and various places)
Passmin and Brickhead (Philadelphia, 1816)
Peabody, S. and J. (Salem, 1816)
Pearson, I.G. (Boston, 1816)
Pearson, Isaac G., Jr. (NYC, 1815)
Perkins, Jacob (Newburyport, 1815)
Perkins, James and Thomas H. (Boston, 1814)
Perkins, Samuel G. (Rotterdam, 1815)
Perkins, Samuel G. and Co. (Boston, 1817)
Perkins and Company (Canton, 1814)
Pierce, Joseph (shipmaster, 1815)
Polchan, C. (NYC, 1817)
Pomroy, Robert (Windsor, 1816)
Porter, David (U.S. Navy, Washington, D.C., 1815)
Preble, Eben (Boston, 1816)
Puntine, William M. (Gloucester, 1814)
Rabaud [or Raubaud] Brothers and Co. (Marseilles, 1815)
Reed Bell DeYonghi and Co. (Leghorn, 1816)
Remson, Peter and Co. (NYC, 1815)
Rich, Obed (Boston, 1816)
Richards and Jones (Boston, 1814)
Robbarts, John (shipmaster, 1814)
Robert and Rogers (Marseilles, 1817)
Roberts, William and M. and Co. (Cadiz, 1817)
Robinson and Patton (Charleston, 1816)
Rodman and Waln (Philadelphia, 1816)
Rogers, H.N. (Boston, 1816)
Rogers, J.W. (Salem, 1817)
Rogers, John H. and Co. (Alicante, 1815)
Rogers Brothers and Co. (Naples, 1815)
Rollins, Ebenezer (Havana, 1815)
Rowland, William (New Haven, 1814)
Russell, J.S. (New Bedford, 1815)
Russell, Seth and Sons (New Bedford, 1814)
Russell, William (New Bedford, 1816)
Ryan, Christopher P. (Boston, 1815)
Saltonstall, N. (Baltimore, 1817)
Sampayo, H.S. (Lisbon, 1815)
Sanderson, James (Alexandria, 1814)
Schwarz, J.E. (Philadelphia, 1818)
Senn, Guebhard and Co. (Leghorn, 1816)
Severin, J.A. Sons (St. Petersburg, 1816)
Sewle, Cornelius (Providence, 1816)
Shaw, Robert Gould (Boston, 1815)
Silsbee, Nathaniel (Salem, 1815)
Skillings, Nehemiah W. (Dorchester, 1816)
Smith, George (Canton, 1814)
Smith, John C. (Philadelphia, 1814)
Smith and Riddle (Richmond, 1817)
Snow, Lemuel (Havana, 1815)
Snow, Samuel (Providence, 1814)
Sprague, Horatio (Gibraltar, 1816)
Stainer, Wesseley, and Tichy (Trieste, 1815)
Stansbury, Daniel (NYC, 1816)
Stewart, Samuel (shipmaster, 1814)
Stewart, William (Baltimore, 1815)
Stocker, Eben (NYC, 1815)
Storer, William, Jr. (Portland, 1814)
Stump and Williams (Baltimore, 1815)
Sturgis, George W. (Hamburg, 1817)
Sturgis, Henry (shipmaster, 1814)
Sturgis, Jackson (Barnstable, 1814)
Sturgis, James P. (Canton, 1814)
Sturgis, Josiah (NYC, 1814)
Sturgis, Thomas (Barnstable, 1817)
Sturgis and Burroughs (1814)
Sturgis and Lovell (Charleston, 1814)
Swett, T.H. (Calcutta, 1816)
Talcott, N. and D. (NYC, 1814)
Teasdale, Richard (Charleston, 1815)
Thorndike, Israel (Boston, 1816)
Thorndike, Nicholas, Jr. (Kittery, 1814)
Toland, Henry, Jr. (Philadelphia, 1813)
Trott, Benjamin (shipmaster, 1815)
Truman [or Freeman], Robert, Jr. (Philadelphia, 1818)
Van Baggen, Parker and Dixon (Amsterdam, 1816)
v.d. Kaa, Haskez and Co. (Batavia, 1817)
Venning, John (St. Petersburg, 1815)
Vernet, Peter Alexander (Hamburg, 1815)
Waldo, E.W. (Havana, 1819)
Ward, Gamaliel H. (Boston, 1820)
Ward, Thomas W. (NYC, 1815)
Washing (Canton, 1816)
Water, Jesse (Philadelphia, 1815)
Waters, Isaac (Batavia, 1816)
Waters, John (Batavia, 1816)
Webber, Ignatius, Jr. (Gloucester, 1814)
Welles and Williams (Paris, 1817)
Welles [or Willis?] Williams and Greene (Havre, 1817)
West and Duplessis (New Orleans, 1817)
Wheelwright and Lopez (Newport, 1815)
Whetten, John (NYC, 1815)
White, Stephen (Salem, 1820)
Wilder, Daras (Wiscasset, 1814)
Wilkins, McThaine and Co. (Lexington, Ky., 1820)
Williams, Abraham (New Bedford, 1814)
Williams, B. (London, 1817)
Williams, George (Baltimore, 1816)
Williams, James (mate, 1815)
Williams, John (Batavia, 1819)
Williams, Samuel (London, 1813)
Willis and Latham (Liverpool, 1816)
Woodmass and Offley (Smyrna, 1817)
Worsley, James (Beverly, 1815)
Wyer, Edward (St. Petersburg, 1815)
Wright, James (St. Iago de Cuba, 1817)
Wright and Blunt (Boston, 1815)
Young, Bradford (Wiscasset, 1814)

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Hooper-Sturgis papers, Massachusetts Historical Society.

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Davis, Wendell T.
Benjamin, Asher, 1773-1845.
Bryant, John.
Cushing, John Perkins, 1787-1862.
Hooper, John, b. 1794.
Reed, William, 1776-1837.
Sturgis, William, 1782-1863.


Bryant & Sturgis (Boston, Mass.).
Robert and John Hooper (Marblehead, Mass.).
Robert Hooper and Sons (Marblehead, Mass.).


Account books--1815-1843.
Account books--1821-1834.
Account books--1833-1839.
China trade.
Legislators--United States.
Lumber trade.
Opium trade.
Ship captains.
Tea trade.