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This collection contains records of St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, 1737-1979, primarily after the church moved from Scituate to Hanover Mass in 1811, reflecting the daily activities of the church, and include annual reports; correspondence; records of births, deaths, and marriages; meeting minutes; and other administrative, committee, and financial records.

Historical Sketch

St. Andrew's Church records prior to 1780 were lost presumably due to the agitation surrounding the Revolutionary War. Members of the Episcopal Church were at that time suspected of being (and often were) loyalist to the King. Many members were arrested and imprisoned because of their prayers to the King and objections to paying taxes to the established (Puritan) church.

28 July 1725
At the request of several residents of the town of Scituate, Mass., Rev. Dr. Timothy Cutler, rector of Christ Church of Boston, Mass., conducts a service according to the liturgy of the Church of England at the North Meeting House in Scituate.
Services are conducted in Scituate at intermittent intervals by Rev. Ebenezer Miller, a missionary of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, from Christ Church in Braintree (now Quincy), Mass.
11 October 1731
Rev. Miller conducted a service and baptized eight children before more than 150 attendees at the opening of the first church building of St. Andrew's Church. The building, made of wood with a bell-tower and bell, was built on land that had been set aside by the town of Scituate for a common area in 1699.
Rev. Addington Davenport was appointed to be the first resident minister of St. Andrew's by the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel. He left to serve at Kings Chapel in 1737.
Rev. Charles Brockwell was appointed rector of St. Andrew's by the Venerable Society. Brockwell only lasted a few short months due to dissatisfaction with him by church members.
Rev. Ebenezer Thompson was the next regular rector to be appointed by the Venerable Society. He served during the difficult times before the Revolutionary War, ultimately dying in 1775 "partly from bodily disorder and partly from uncivil treatment from the rebels of his neighborhood." It is believed that the early records of the church were lost when the "patriots entered the house of Mr. Thompson, seized and destroyed his library, together with the records of the church since 1730."
After a few years of temporary rectors, the Rev. William Wheeler was chosen to lead the church. He served until his death in 1810.
24 April 1810
A vote was taken at a parish meeting to move the church from the current location in Scituate to Hanover providing that "individuals will build a new church in said Hanover."
Rev. Joab G. Cooper was chosen as rector. He served until his retirement in 1816.
11 June 1811
On June 11 the new church in Hanover was consecrated by Bishop Alexander Griswold. This was the first church to be blessed by him.
Rev. Calvin Walcott was chosen as rector, and served until 1834.
Rev. Samuel Appleton was chosen as rector, and served until 1838.
Rev. Eleazer A. Greenleaf was chosen as rector, and served until 1841.
Rev. Samuel Cutler was chosen as rector, and served for over thirty years until his retirement in 1872.
A new rectory was built on Washington Street. Rev. Cutler was the first minster to live there.
Rev. William H. Brooks was chosen as rector, and served until he became private secretary to Bishop Phillips Brooks in 1888. Rev. Brooks was very active and beloved in the community.
St. Andrew's interior was remodeled in the Gothic style and a belfry bell was given to the church by the Ladies' Dorcas Society.
Rev. Frank S. Harraden was chosen as rector, and served until his death in 1905.
A small parish house, consisting of a hall, stage, kitchen, and guild room, was erected behind the church, and a clock was added to the steeple of the church.
Rev. Marcus H. Carroll was chosen as rector, and he served for nearly twenty years. Rev. Carroll created several new programs as rector, including the Alter Guild, a Parish Aid Society (later the Women's Guild), a Boys' Club, and the Vestry Choir, which he led. He also wrote several songs that were sung during services, and introduced the envelope system.
To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the erection of the church in Hanover, a new organ and choir stalls were purchased for the anniversary celebrations.
Rev. Walter Whitehill was chosen as rector, and served until his death in 1933. During his service the parish house was enlarged.
Rev. Stanley Ross Fisher was chosen to take the non-Eucharistic services until an ordained Episcopal clergyman could be found. However, Rev. Fisher took the examinations of the Episcopal priesthood and was ordained at St. Andrew's in 1935. He was the rector until her retired in 1949.
Rev. Robert Lewis Jones was chosen as rector, and served until he retired in 1974.
The church was restored with Gothic touches removed, and a new organ was installed.
The old rectors' house on Washington Street was sold, and the house adjacent to the parish was purchased to become the new home of the rector and his family.
St. Andrew's celebrated the 150th anniversary of the erection of the church in Hanover.
Rev. Donald Lunetta was chosen as the first curate, and then assistant minister. He was ordained the following year at St. Andrew's, and served until he left for another position in 1964.
Fanny H. Phillips was the first women to join the vestry.
Rev. Wilbur Kingwill was chosen as co-minister, and served until he retired in 1971.
Reverend Robert Allen Mackie was chosen as rector.
Along with the town of Hanover, St. Andrew's celebrated the 250th anniversary of the founding of the parish.


Briggs, L. Vernon, History and Records of St. Andrew's Protestant Episcopal Church of Scituate, Mass., 1725-1811, Hanover, Mass., 1811-1903, Wallace Spooner, 1905.

St. Andrew's Church, 250th Anniversary brochure, by Fanny Phillips, 1977.

Collection Description

The St. Andrew's Episcopal Church (Hanover, Massachusetts) records consist of fifteen document boxes, two oversize boxes, and 31 volumes that span the years 1737-1979. The collection is divided into seven series: Parish Records, Rectors and Ministers' Sermons, Parish Club and Organization Records, Scrapbooks, Historical Records, Printed Materials, and Miscellaneous Oversize.

The bulk of the collection consists of records created after St. Andrew's relocated from Scituate to Hanover in 1811. Although St. Andrew's was founded in the early eighteenth century, almost all of the early parish records in this collection date after the end of the Revolutionary War. Most of the records from before 1780 are thought to have been destroyed by patriots before or during the war because members of the Episcopal Church were believed to be supporters of the King.

Parish records document the daily management of the church and the formal services and programs offered by the church. These records, created or received primarily by rectors, wardens, vestry, and other staff, include annual reports, correspondence, records of births, deaths and marriages, meeting minutes, and other administrative, committee, and financial records kept from 1774-1979. In addition to the parish records, there is a large amount of printed materials that reflect the daily management of the church and the formal programs and services offered by the church, including orders of service (1835-1975)and several iterations of church bulletins from 1910-1975. The records in both of these series also reflect St. Andrew's relationship with the Massachusetts Diocese and the Episcopal Church in general.

Parish club and organization records reflect the involvement of church members through activities, programs, and events, and include records of a few women' organizations.

The earliest materials in the collection are sermons written and preached by the clergy of St. Andrew's (and elsewhere), including anonymous sermons beginning in 1737 that were formally attributed to Rev. Ebenezer Thompson.

In addition, the collection contains a series of scrapbooks that document many of the activities, programs, and events held at St. Andrew's and a series of historical records that include accounts and notes about the history of the church and its members.

Acquisition Information

Deposited by St. Andrew's Church (Hanover, Mass.) in 2005.

Detailed Description of the Collection

I. Parish records, 1774-1979

A. Annual Reports, 1965-1979 (with gaps)

Arranged chronologically.

This subseries contains annual reports for St. Andrew's Church from 1965-1979 (with gaps). The report includes accounts of activities, programs and monies spent from the rector, wardens, treasurer, Church School, committees, clubs and organizations, and the church historian.

Box 1Folder 1
Box 1Folder 2
Box 1Folder 3
Box 1Folder 4
Box 1Folder 5
Box 1Folder 6
Box 1Folder 7

B. Correspondence, 1806-1975

Arranged chronologically.

This subseries contains letters written and received from 1865-1975 by St. Andrew's rectors, wardens, vestry, and other members of the church staff. The majority of the correspondence is either letters from the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts or letters received by Rectors Carroll, Whitehill and Fisher. Correspondence primarily relates to St. Andrew's and Massachusetts Episcopal church issues. The subseries also contains general mailings sent to parishioners from 1806-1975, including meeting announcements, event flyers, and informational form letters.

Box 1Folder 8-14
Correspondence, 1806-1975
Box 1Folder 15-23
General church mailings, 1865-1975

C. Administrative records, 1774-1979

Arranged by record type.

i. Loose, 1806-1979

Loose administrative records kept from 1806-1979 contain vestry and annual parish meeting minutes, bi-laws, parochial reports to the Massachusetts Diocese, contracts and resolutions, canvases (fund-raising campaigns), various parish lists, and event programs.

Meeting minutes, 1865-1970

Box 1Folder 24-26
Vestry meeting minutes, 1963-1970
Box 2Folder 1-3
Annual Parish meeting minutes, 1865-1964
Box 2Folder 4-5
Records pertaining to St. Andrew's by-laws, 1947-1948, 1963-1967
Box 2Folder 6-8
Parochial reports, 1926-1941
Box 2Folder 9
Contracts, 1806-1904
Box 2Folder 10
Resolutions, 1966, 1970-1972
Box 2Folder 11
Canvases, 1885, 1936-1975
Box 2Folder 12
"Not Only with Our Lips, But Our Lives: A Program for St. Andrew's," 1965
Box 2Folder 13-16
Parish lists, 1854-1979
Box 2Folder 17-19
Event programs, 1918-1969
Box 3Folder 1-7
Service notices, 1927-1933
Box 3Folder 8-9
Misc. parish records, 1876-1969

ii. Bound, 1774-1965

Arranged by record type.

Bound administrative records kept from1774-1965 document administrative activities before and after St. Andrew's moved from Scituate to Hanover. The records include vestry, wardens, and parish meeting minutes, reports from rectors and other church staff, and lists of services, members, marriages, baptisms, confirmations, and communicants.

See also Series V.B. Bound Historical Records.

Vol. 1
"Records of St. Andrew's Church, Scituate, Massachusetts," 1780-1812
Vol. 2
"Records of the Episcopal Protestant Society of St. Andrew's Church in Scituate," 1807-1945
Vol. 3
"Records of St. Andrew's Church, Hanover, Mass.," 1774 and 1815-1871
Vol. 4
"The Records of St. Andrew's Protestant Episcopal Church, Hanover, Mass.," 1946-1965
Vol. 5
"Parish Register of St. Andrew's Church, Hanover, Mass.," 1872-1888
Vol. 6
"Parish Register, St. Andrew's Church, Hanover, Mass.," 1889-1905
Vol. 7
"List of families, individuals, baptized persons, and communicants," 1923-1926
Vol. 8
"Service Record Book," 1920-1946
Vol. 9
"Service Record Book," 1946-1963

D. Committee records, 1883-1974

This subseries contains records created by committees of St. Andrew's Church from 1883-1974, including meeting minutes, member lists, accounts, correspondence, drawings and blueprints, and proposals, goals and missions, among other materials. Some committees' records are more complete than others.

Arranged alphabetically.

Box 3Folder 10
150th anniversary committee, 1960-1961
Box 3Folder 11
Auditing committee, 1883
Box 3Folder 12
By-law study committee, 1972

Building committee, 1929-1962

Box 3Folder 13
Box OS 1Folder 1
Oversize blueprints, 1929-1956
Box 3Folder 14
Challenge committee, 1967
Box 3Folder 15
Christian Education committee/ St. Andrew's Church school, 1949-1972
Box 3Folder 16
Community committee, 1968
Box 3Folder 17
Fair committee, n.d.
Box 3Folder 18
Missionary Committee, 1962
Box 3Folder 19
Nominating committee, 1966-1967
Box 3Folder 20
Parish organization study committee, 1967
Box 3Folder 21
Parish program study committee, 1965
Box 3Folder 22-24
Rector search committee, 1974

E. Financial records, 1806-1971

Arranged by record type.

This series includes loose and bound St. Andrew's financial records kept from 1816-1971. The loose records include treasurers' reports, subscription lists, wills and bequests, pew taxes, collectors bonds, and bills and receipts. Bound volumes include tax bills, Church Fund account books, transcripts of account books kept by church treasurer R.C. Waterman, and subscription lists.

i. Loose, 1823-1971

Box 3Folder 25-28
Treasurers' reports, 1928-1971
Box 4Folder 1-5
Subscription lists, 1860-1956
Box 4Folder 6-9
Wills and bequests, 1868-1971
Box 4Folder 10
Pew taxes, 1880
Box 4Folder 11
Collectors bonds, ca. 1823-1829
Box 4Folder 12
Savings bank deposits, 1931-1944
Box 4Folder 13
Insurance records, 1943-1948

Bills and receipts, 1823-1936

Box 4Folder 14-21
Box 5Folder 1-7
Box 5Folder 8
Receipt stubs, 1887
Box 5Folder 9
Miscellaneous loose accounts and notes, 1873-1886

ii. Bound, 1806-1887

Tax bills, 1806-1841

Box 5Folder 10-12
Box 6Folder 1-3
Vol. 10
St. Andrew's account book, 1812-1838
Vol. 11
"St. Andrew's Church Fund. Treasury Book," 1815-1860
Vol. 12
"St. Andrew's Church Fund. Journal Book," 1815-1849
Vol. 13
Bound subscription lists, 1873-1886
Vol. 14-15
"Transcript of Accounts of R.C. Waterman, Treasurer, St. Andrew's Episcopal Parish, Hanover, Mass.," 1873-1887

II. Rector and ministers' sermons, 1737-1926

This series contains manuscript and printed copies of sermons written from 1737-1926 by rectors from St. Andrew's, ministers and lay people who preached at St. Andrew's, and other miscellaneous clergy. This series also includes a manuscript volume of sermons that were preached at Wellesley College from 1918-1920, and a unidentified commonplace-book of quotes and prayers.

A. Sermons formerly attributed to Rev. Ebenezer Thompson, ca. 1737-1779

Arranged chronologically.

Note: These sermons were previously thought to be written and preformed by Ebenezer Thompson. The true author is unknown.

Box 6Folder 4-5
Box 6Folder 6
Box 6Folder 7
1750, 1756
Box 6Folder 8
Box 6Folder 9
Box 6Folder 10
Box 6Folder 11
Box 6Folder 12
Box 6Folder 13
Box 6Folder 14
Box 6Folder 15
Box 7Folder 1
Box 7Folder 2

B. Sermons by Rev. Samuel Cutler, 1847-1857

Arranged chronologically.

Box 7Folder 3
Funeral sermon, 21 February 1847
Box 7Folder 4
#276, "The Christmas Rest," 6 June 1847
Box 7Folder 5
#277, "The Import of the Name, Christian," 20 June 1847
Box 7Folder 6
#278, "This way to Heaven, Thro' Much Tribulation," 27 June 1847
Box 7Folder 7
#283, "The Parable of the Pharisee and Publican," 15 August 1847
Box 7Folder 8
#298, "The Design and Advantages of a Liturgy," 16 January 1848
Box 7Folder 9
#299, "The Sin of Distrusting Providence," 30 January 1848
Box 7Folder 10
#334, "The Return of Judah and Israel to Palestine," 26 November 1848
Box 7Folder 11
#335, "The Feast of Ingathering," 30 November 1848
Box 7Folder 12
#347, "The Success of Every Work, Dependent on God," 11 March 1849
Box 7Folder 13
#348, "The Bible, the Word of God," 18 March 1849
Box 7Folder 14
#350, "Then He Exhorted to Maintain a Holy Fear," 22 April 1849
Box 7Folder 15
#608, "The Predicted Fathering of Saints and Angels," 14 December 1856
Box 7Folder 16
#613, "Jesus, the Infallible Teacher," 15 February 1857
Box 7Folder 17
#620, "The Ascension of Jesus Christ," 24 May 1857
Box 7Folder 18
#624, "The Law, and the Gospel," 30 August 1857

C. Sermons/speeches delivered at St. Andrew's, 1810-1926

Arranged chronologically.

Box 7Folder 19
"Sermon on Religious Melancholy," by James Bowers, 1810
Box 7Folder 20
The Strong Staff and the Beautiful Rod Broken: A Sermon Commemorative of the Life and Character of Joseph Smith..., by William Henry Brooks, 28 January 1877
Box 7Folder 21
"Dedication of Banner," by Robert Steton, 30 November 1926

Sermons by Stanley Ross Fisher,

Box 7Folder 22
"The Life and Work of St. Wilfred of Ripon: Apostle of Sussex," ca. 1940s
Box 7Folder 23
"Can Any Good Come Out of This War," 1945

D. "Wellesley College Sermons," 1918-1920

Arranged chronologically.

Box 7Folder 24

E. Miscellaneous sermons and related materials, 1858-1893

Box 7Folder 25
The True Glory of a Nation, by Rev. William Bacon Stevens, 1858 (Philadelphia)
Box 7Folder 26
Characteristics of the Ministry of Bishop Phillips Brooks, by Rt. Rev. Thos. A. Jaggar, 1893 (Philadelphia)
Box 7Folder 27
Commonplace-book, n.d.

III. Parish club and organization records, 1829-1975

This series contains records of St. Andrew's clubs and organizations kept from 1829-1975. The records include constitutions, meeting minutes, accounts, member lists, and reports, among other records. Some clubs and organizations' records are more complete than others.

See also Series I.B. Correspondence for event and information flyers related to club activities.

Arranged chronologically by organization.

A. Ladies Dorcas Society records, 1829-1907

Box 8Folder 1-2
Loose, 1829-1876

Bound, 1829-1907

Vol. 16
Constitution, meeting minutes and accounts, 1829-1858
Vol. 17
Proprietors of the Episcopal Society Library (part of the Ladies Dorcas Society) meeting minutes and accounts, 1841-1858
Vol. 18
"Book of Records of the Dorcas Society of St. Andrew's Church," 1875-1888
Vol. 19
Constitution, meeting minutes, reports, and accounts, 1888-1907

B. St. Andrew's Parochial Society records, 1844-1875

Vol. 20

C. St. Andrew's Young Ladies Sewing Circle records, 1847-1859

Box 8Folder 3
Loose, 1847-1859
Vol. 21
Bound, 1847-1858

D. St. Andrew's Guild records, 1882-1961

Loose, 1897-1961

Box 8Folder 4
Constitution and By-Laws, n.d.
Box 8Folder 5
Budget reports, 1942-1943
Box 8Folder 6-13
Meeting minutes, 1897-1956
Box 8Folder 14
Letters received, 1932-1958
Box 8Folder 15
Calendars and programs, 1934-1961
Box 8Folder 16
Church events, 1933-1947
Box 8Folder 17
Member lists, 1921-1922
Box 8Folder 18
Songs, 1957-1958
Box 8Folder 19
Loose items removed from St. Andrew's Guild volumes, 1933-1960

Bound, 1882-1953

Vol. 22
Constitution, meeting minutes, and accounts, 1882-1909
Vol. 23
Meeting minutes and reports, 1909-1919
Vol. 24
Treasurers' records, 1920-1924
Vol. 25
"Quantity Menus for Luncheon and Suppers," 1933-1953

E. St. Andrew's Alter Guild records, 1926-1975

Box 8Folder 20-26
Loose, 1926-1975
Vol. 26
Bound, 1937-1943

F. St. Andrew's Evening Guild records, 1955-1956

Box 8Folder 27

G. Women of St. Andrew's records, 1955-1969

Box 8Folder 28-31

IV. Scrapbooks, 1812-1963

Arranged chronologically.

This series contains scrapbooks pertaining to St. Andrew's history, activities, events, and church practices from 1812-1963. Some of the scrapbooks pertain entirely to a specific topic or event, while others are general and include photographs, event programs, letters and flyers, clippings, and other memorabilia. Oversize scrapbook 4 was compiled by the church historian Fanny H. Phillips. The rest of the scrapbook compilers are unknown.

Due to preservation concerns many of the scrapbooks have been disbound, but the original order has been maintained.

Box OS 1Folder 1-9
Oversize scrapbook 1, ca. 1812-1955(disbound volume)
Box 8Folder 32
Scrapbook 1, 1880(disbound volume)
Box 8Folder 33
Scrapbook 2, 1911-1918
Box 8Folder 34
Scrapbook 3, "Service for the Dedication of the Memorial Cross," 1915
Box OS 1Folder 10
Oversize scrapbook 2, "Historical Address," 1915 (disbound volume)
Box OS 2Folder 1
Oversize scrapbook 3, 1941(disbound volume)
Box OS 2Folder 2-6
Oversize scrapbook 4, "Historian's Scrapbook," ca. 1950-1963(disbound volume)

V. Historical records, 1812-1977

Arranged by record type.

This series contains St. Andrew's historical materials from 1846-1977 that were gathered and compiled primarily by church historian Fanny H. Phillips. Records include reports and addresses, loose and bound genealogical and historical notes, and other related historical records. This series also include a few typescript letters written in 1918 by Arthur B. Church, a World War I soldier, to his Aunt Annie, who was perhaps a member of St. Andrew's. The letters pertain to family business and Church's service overseas.

A. Loose, 1846-1977

Arranged by record type.

Box 9Folder 1
A. Historian's report, 1962-1966

B. Brochures, histories, and historical addresses, 1846-1977

Box 9Folder 2
History of St. Andrew's Church, 1846
Box 9Folder 3
A Memorial of St. Andrew's Church, 1882
Box 9Folder 4
Historical address, 1915
Box 9Folder 5
James C. Waterman address and history, 1921
Box 9Folder 6
"The Episcopal Church," 1954
Box 9Folder 7
150th anniversary brochure/ history, 1961
Box 9Folder 8
250th anniversary brochure, 1977
Box 9Folder 9
C. Genealogy and historical notes, n.d.
Box 9Folder 10
D. Author B. Church Wold War I letters, 1918
Box 9Folder 11
E. Miscellaneous historical records, ca. 1942-1970

B. Bound, 1812-1883

Vol. 27
"Extracts: Records of St. Andrew's Church," 1812-1858
Vol. 28
"Historical Records of St. Andrew's Church," 1880-1883

VI. Printed materials, 1835-1977

Arranged chronologically by publication.

A. St. Andrew's printed materials, 1835-1977

Printed materials produced by St. Andrew's from 1835-1977 include their Orders of Service, church bulletins, Lenten schedules, informational pamphlets and handbooks, and prayer cards.

See also Series II Rector and Minsters' Sermons and Series V Historical Materials.

i. "Orders of Service," 1835-1975

Box 9Folder 12-27
1835-1966(with gaps)
Box 10Folder 1-17
1967-1975 (with gaps)

ii. Church bulletins, 1910-1975

Box 10Folder 18
St. Andrew's Message, 1910-1922 (with gaps)
Box 10Folder 19
St. Andrew's Episcopal Church Monthly Bulletin, 1924-1943 (with gaps)
Box 10Folder 20
St. Andrew's Parish Quarterly, April 1937

St. Andrew's Messenger, 1949-1975

Box 10Folder 21
Box 11
Box 12
Box 13
1963-1975 (with gaps)
Box 14Folder 1
iii. St. Andrew's Lenten schedules, 1890-1901, 1945, 1975
Box 14Folder 2
iv. St. Andrew's informational pamphlets and handbook, 1942-1977
Box 14Folder 3
v. St. Andrew's prayer cards, n.d.

B. Massachusetts Episcopal Diocese printed materials, 1880-1975

Arranged by record type.

This subseries contains printed materials received by St. Andrew's from the Massachusetts Episcopal Diocese from 1880-1971. The Diocese printed materials include their bulletin The Church Militant, newsletters, an annual report for 1940, and event schedules.

Box 14Folder 4-7
i. The Church Militant, 1905-1943 (with gaps)
Box 14Folder 8
ii. The Protestant Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts Newsletter, Vol. 1, No. 8, February 1971
Box 14Folder 9
iii. Printed materials pertaining to the Massachusetts Diocesan Advance Fund, 1964-1967
Box 14Folder 10
iv. The Church Service League of the Diocese of Massachusetts Eighteenth Annual Report, 1940
Box 14Folder 11
v. Schedule for the "Winter Diocesan School at the Cathedral Church of St. Paul" (Boston), 1963-1975
Box 14Folder 12
vi. Miscellaneous Massachusetts Episcopal Diocese publications, 1880-1962

C. Episcopal Churchwomen printed materials, 1959-1969

Arranged by record type.

This subseries contains printed materials received by St. Andrew's from the Episcopal Churchwomen section of the Massachusetts Diocese from 1959-1969, including annual reports, newsletters, meeting information, and workbooks.

Box 14Folder 13
i. Episcopal Churchwomen of the Diocese of Massachusetts Annual Report, 1962-1966
Box 14Folder 14
ii. Episcopal Churchwomen of the Diocese of Massachusetts Newsletter, September 1966-January 1969 (with gaps)
Box 14Folder 15
iii. Our Part of the Church's Work for 1959-1960: Annual Conference of the Women's Division Church Service League, Diocese of Massachusetts, 11-14 June 1959
Box 14Folder 16
iv. Episcopal Churchwomen at Work: Parish Presidents Workbook, 1964-1965 (Diocese of Massachusetts)
Box 14Folder 17
v. Miscellaneous Episcopal Churchwomen publications, n.d.

D. General Episcopal printed materials, 1892-1957

Arranged by record type.

Box 14Folder 18
The Episcopal Church; Its Doctrine, Its Ministry, Its Discipline, Its Worship, and Its Sacraments, by George Hodges, 1892 (Thomas Whittaker, New York)
Box 14Folder 19
Miscellaneous Episcopal brochures, pamphlets, and programs, 1946-1957

E. Hanover, Massachusetts printed materials, 1878-1927

Box 14Folder 20
Dedication of the Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument, Hanover, Massachusetts (Williams and Company, Boston), 1878
Box 15Folder 1
"Community Patriotic Service," Hanover, Massachusetts, 26 May 1918.
Box 15Folder 2
200th Anniversary: Town of Hanover, Massachusetts, 1727-1927, [1927]

F. Clippings, 1870-1975

Box 15Folder 3-6

G. Miscellaneous printed materials, 1858-1966

Box 15Folder 7-10
Loose, 1939-1966

Bound, 1858-1886

Vol. 29
The Christian Minister's Affectionate Advice to a Married Couple, by Rev. James Bean, American Tract Society (New York), ca. 1858.
Vol. 30
Light in the Gloaming, by unknown, Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge (England), ca. 1882
Vol. 31
Blind Maggie, by unknown, Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, ca. 1886.

VII. Miscellaneous oversize, n.d.

This series contains oversize undated color drawings of Christian symbols that were perhaps used for education or decoration at St. Andrew's.

Box OS 2Folder 7

Materials Removed from the Collection

Photographs from this collection have been removed to the MHS Photo Archives.

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St. Andrew's Episcopal Church (Hanover, Massachusetts) records, Massachusetts Historical Society.

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