1778-2007; bulk: 1791-1956

Guide to the Collection

Restrictions on Access

The original autographs in this collection have been removed to Special Collections. Photocopies are available for use by researchers.

Collection Summary


This collection consists of autograph letters and other papers of eminent Unitarians and liberal religious thinkers from the United States and abroad, 1778-2007, collected by George E. Nitzsche of the Unitarian Society of Germantown.

Biographical Sketch

George E. Nitzsche was born in 1874 and grew up in Nazareth, Penn. He attended law school at the University of Pennsylvania from 1895 to 1898 and, after graduation, worked as bursar and registrar of the law school for six years. In 1904, he became manager of the University of Pennsylvania Bureau of Publicity, and in 1912, his title was changed from publicity agent to recorder. In his capacity as recorder, Nitzsche provided general information about the university to students and the public, promoted and managed university events, and collected archival material about the university and its alumni.

Nitzsche's publications include The Proceedings at the Dedication of the New Building of the Department of Law of the University of Pennsylvania (1901), Official Guide to the University of Pennsylvania (1904), University of Pennsylvania: Its History, Traditions, Buildings and Memorials (1914), and Philadelphia: Guide to the City (1920). In November 1902, he founded the alumni publication Old Penn, later renamed The Pennsylvania Gazette.

Nitzsche was a member of the Unitarian Society of Germantown (Penn.) and the First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia, where he served on the board of trustees for 18 years. From 1923 to 1953, through a combination of gifts and purchases, he collected autographs of renowned Unitarians for the George E. Nitzsche Unitariana collection. He gave the collection to the Unitarian Society of Germantown in 1954.

Nitzsche was married to Elsa Koenig Nitzsche, and the couple had two daughters: Elsa and Helma. Nitzsche died on July 28, 1961.

Collection Description

This collection consists of over 200 documents, primarily letters, containing the autographs of eminent Unitarians and other liberal religious thinkers from the United States and abroad. Among the individuals represented are politicians, authors, scientists, reformers, clergymen, scholars, educators, businessmen, and judges. Included are autographs of John Adams, Louisa May Alcott, Susan B. Anthony, William Ellery Channing, James Freeman Clarke, Charles Darwin, Charles Dickens, Dorothea Dix, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Margaret Fuller, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., Thomas Jefferson, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Horace Mann, Harriet Martineau, Theodore Parker, Francis Parkman, Elizabeth Palmer Peabody, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Daniel Webster, and many others.

Although the papers span four centuries, the bulk of the material dates from the 19th century. Among the earliest items are a letter from Vice President John Adams to Secretary of War Henry Knox, 1791, and an 1801 "sea letter," or ship's passport, signed by both Thomas Jefferson and Levi Lincoln. Other highlights include a rare introspective letter from Transcendentalist author Margaret Fuller to Mary Peabody, later Mrs. Horace Mann; a 34-page handwritten account by Harriet Martineau of her transatlantic voyage in 1836; a letter from educator Elizabeth Palmer Peabody about her historical works; and a few lines by Ralph Waldo Emerson from his poem "Voluntaries," written to commemorate the 54th Massachusetts Regiment's attack on Fort Wagner, S.C.

The collection also contains articles, booklets, programs, posters, and other printed material related to famous Unitarians, Unitarianism, and other religious subjects. Included are books by Joseph Priestley and Charles William Wendte.


The papers in this collection are organized alphabetically by author. When the collection came to the Massachusetts Historical Society, some folders contained supplemental material, such as printed matter or correspondence, related to an individual whose autograph Nitzsche hoped to acquire but never did. These folders have been retained.

Acquisition Information

This collection was purchased from the Unitarian Society of Germantown, July 2008.

Restrictions on Access

The original autographs in this collection have been removed to Special Collections. Photocopies are available for use by researchers.

Detailed Description of the Collection

I. Background material, 1855-1955

This series contains material collected by Nitzsche while researching and compiling his autograph collection. The bulk of the material consists of biographical sketches, copied from Who's Who in America and other sources, of individuals represented in the collection and those whose autographs Nitzsche hoped to collect. Included are names and biographies of many individuals not listed in Series II. Other papers in this series include printed matter about famous Unitarians and the history of Unitarianism, printed portraits of individuals not represented in Series II, and valuations and catalogs documenting the value of autographs at the time Nitzsche was collecting.

Box 1Folder 1-5
Biographies, undated and 1934
Box 1Folder 6-13
Miscellaneous printed matter, undated and 1855-1953
Box 1Folder 14
Miscellaneous portraits, 1897-1955
Box 2Folder 1
Valuations, undated and 1927
Box 2Folder 2-3
Auction catalogs, undated and 1936-1937
Box 2Folder 4
Book catalogs, 1921-1923

II. Autographs, 1791-2007

Arranged alphabetically.

This series contains original autographs, primarily letters, as well as supplemental material by or about many of the individuals represented in the collection. This material includes printed matter, correspondence, notes, and other papers. Some of the folders in this series contain no autograph, only supplemental material related to an individual whose autograph Nitzsche hoped to obtain but never did. These folders are indicated below in italics. For example, the folder labeled "Ames, Charles Gordon" contains a booklet written by Ames, but no autograph.

Box 2Folder 5
Adams, Charles Francis

Letter to Miss Helen M. Holyoke, 9 May 1871

Box 2Folder 6
Adams, John

Letter to General Knox, 13 Sep. 1791

Printed quotation by Charles Francis Adams about John Adams, undated

Box 2Folder 7
Adams, John Quincy

Letter to Rev. Samuel J. May, 24 Apr. 1838, with engraved portrait and seal of John Quincy Adams

Printed quotation by James Fenimore Cooper about John Quincy Adams, 1955

Box 2Folder 8
Alcott, Amos Bronson

Letter to "Dear Sir," 1 May 1866

Printed portrait of Amos Bronson Alcott, 1897

Box 2Folder 9
Alcott, Louisa May

Letter to Miss Holloway, 23 Feb. [no year]

Printed article about Louisa May Alcott, 1938

Box 2Folder 10
Alger, William Rounseville

Letter to Dr. Peabody, 11 Nov. 1885

Note about letter to Dr. Peabody, undated

Box 2Folder 11
Ames, Charles Gordon

Printed booklet: "Unitarian Christianity," undated

Box 2Folder 12
Ames, Fisher

Letter to "Dear Sir," 27 Jan. 1800

Box 2Folder 13
Ames, Oliver

Letter to Mr. C. W. Ernst, 2 Mar. 1888

Box 2Folder 14
Andrew, John Albion

Letter to Hon. S. P. Chase, 18 Dec. 1862

Box 2Folder 15
Anthony, Henry Bowen

Letter to "Frank," 22 Apr. 1864

Box 2Folder 16
Anthony, Susan Brownell

Letter to Mr. Foster, 8 Nov. 1884

Susan B. Anthony postage stamp, ca. 1936

Box 2Folder 17
Appleton, Nathan

Letter to Rev. A. Bigelow, 8 Feb. 1848

Box 2Folder 18
Baillie, Joanna

Letter to [George Bartley], 16 Sep. 1818

Box 2Folder 19
Baird, Spencer Fullerton

Letter to Charles M. Wallace, Esq., 22 Feb. 1876

Box 2Folder 20
Bancroft, George

Letter to the editors of the North American Review about General Greene's actions at Fort Washington, 6 Mar. 1867

Box 2Folder 21
Barber, Henry Hervey

Letter to Dr. and Mrs. Wilber, 19 Dec. 1916

Box 2Folder 22
Barrows, Samuel June

Description of "the new Baptist meeting house," undated

Box 2Folder 23
Bartol, Cyrus Augustus

Letter to Rev. A. P. Peabody, 5 Dec. 1853

Box 2Folder 24
Bartol, George Murillo

Letter from Sydney B. Snow to George E. Nitzsche about George Bartol, 1935

Note about George Bartol, undated

Box 2Folder 25
Batchelor, George

Letter to Rev. Earl M. Wilbur, 19 July 1906

Box 2Folder 26
Beard, John Relly

Printed article about James R. Beard, 1907

Box 3Folder 1
Bellows, Henry Whitney

Letter to Dr. Peabody, 28 Mar. 1867

Box 3Folder 2
Bergh, Henry

Letter to Mrs. Carroll, 20 Oct. 1874

Box 3Folder 3
Bigelow, George Tyler

Letter to Hon. Richard Fletcher, 15 Dec. 1851

Box 3Folder 4
Blackwell, Alice Stone

Letter to "Dear Friend," 6 May 1901

Box 3Folder 5
Blankenburg, Lucretia

Printed article about Lucretia Blankenburg, undated

Box 3Folder 6
Blankenburg, Rudolph

Letter to Mr. Ames, 1 Aug. 1880

Biographical sketch of Rudolph Blankenburg, undated

Box 3Folder 7
Boutwell, George Sewall

Letter to George A. Dary, Esq., 22 Dec. 1892

Box 3Folder 8
Bowditch, Nathaniel

Letter to Henry G. Denny, Esq., 2 July 1858

Box 3Folder 9
Bowring, Sir John

Letter to John Potter, Esq., 29 Oct. 1823

Box 3Folder 10
Brackett, John Quincy Adams

Letter to Miss Ernestine L. Merrill, 24 Sep. 1903

Box 3Folder 11
Brooke, Stopford Augustus

Letter to "Dear Madam," undated

Box 3Folder 12
Brooks, Charles Timothy

Letter to "My dear Sir," 17 Jan. 1868

Box 3Folder 13
Brooks, Peter Chardon

Letter to Samuel Swett, Esq., 9 Aug. 1808

Box 3Folder 14
Bryant, William Cullen

Letter to Thomas M. Brewer, Esq., 1 May 1869?

Box 3Folder 15
Button, Joseph Priestley

Letter to George E. Nitzsche, 3 May 1926

Letter from Julia A. D. Gartrell to Joseph Priestley Button, 1922

Box 3Folder 16
Carpenter, Joseph Estlin

Postcard to Rev. Earl M. Wilbur, 27 Nov. 1905

Box 3Folder 17
Carpenter, Mary

Letter to Mrs. [Williams], 30 May 1837

Box 3Folder 18
Carpenter, William B.

Letter to "My dear Madam," 5 Jan. 1845

Box 3Folder 19
Carruth, William Herbert

Postcard to Dr. W. S. Morgan, 9 Apr. 1914

Box 3Folder 20
Cary, George Lovell

Letter to Mr. Wilbur, 29 Mar. 1907

Box 3Folder 21
Center, Sarah E.

Letter to George E. Nitzsche, 4 Feb. 1931

Printed article about Sarah E. Center, 1931

Draft of Sarah E. Center's will, 1931

Settlement of Sarah E. Center's estate, 1932

Biographical sketch of Sarah E. Center, undated

Box 3Folder 22
Chadwick, John White

Letter to Charles A. Burkhardt, 15 July 1889

Box 3Folder 23
Chamberlain, Neville

Article about Neville Chamberlain, 1938

Box 3Folder 24
Chandler, Charles Lyon

Letter to George E. Nitzsche, 7 June 1935

Biographical sketch of Charles Lyon Chandler, undated

Box 3Folder 25
Chandler, William Eaton

Letter to Hon. H. B. Anthony, 19 Feb. 1883

Box 3Folder 26
Channing, William Ellery

Letter to Daniel Webster, Esq., 5 June 1829

Poems of William Ellery Channing, in another hand, undated

Transcript of letter to Daniel Webster, undated [two copies]

Printed images of Newport, R.I., and Channing statue, undated

Printed quotation, undated

Small printed poster about William Ellery Channing, undated

Box 3Folder 27
Channing, William Henry

Correspondence between Ruth B. Searle and George E. Nitzsche, 1944

Box 3Folder 28
Cheney, Ednah Dow

Letter to "My dear friend," 8 June 1882

Box 3Folder 29
Cheyney, Edward Potts

Two letters to George E. Nitzsche, undated and 18 May 1939

Box 3Folder 30
Child, Francis James

Letter to Miss Gertrude M. Hall, 5 Nov. 1888

Box 3Folder 31
Child, Lydia Maria

Letter to James T. Fields, undated

Box 3Folder 32
Christie, Francis A.

Printed booklet: "Why We Should Be Loyal to Unitarianism," undated

Box 3Folder 33
Chworowsky, Karl M.

Letter to George E. Nitzsche, 8 Mar. 1955

Printed article: "What is a Unitarian?" 1955, autographed

Letter from George E. Nitzsche to Karl M. Chworowsky, 1955

Box 3Folder 34
Clark, Joseph S., Jr.

Letter to George E. Nitzsche, 7 Nov. 1952

Speech of Joseph S. Clark, Jr., 1952, autographed

Letter from George E. Nitzsche to Joseph S. Clark, Jr., 1952

Printed article about Joseph Clark, Sr., 1956

Box 3Folder 35
Clarke, James Freeman

Letter to "My Dear Sir," 11 June 1862

Box 3Folder 36
Clifford, John Henry

Letter to Rev. Walker, 22 July 1858

Box 4Folder 1
Cobbe, Frances Power

Poem: "Morius Cano," undated

Box 4Folder 2
Collyer, Robert

Letter to "Brother mine," 21 Sep. 1908

Anecdote by George E. Nitzsche about Robert Collyer, undated

Box 4Folder 3
Cooper, Peter

Statement about the condition and the laws of mankind, 5 May 1881

Box 4Folder 4
Cranch, Christopher Pearse

Poem: "A Problem," undated

Box 4Folder 5
Crooker, Joseph Henry

Letter to Dr. Wilbur, 15 Aug. 1911

Printed portrait of Joseph H. Crooker, undated

Box 4Folder 6
Crothers, Samuel McChord

Letter to Mr. Wilbur, 3 June 1910

Box 4Folder 7
Curtis, Cyrus Hermann Kotzschmar

Letter to George E. Nitzsche, 13 June 1927

Letter to Mrs. A. S. Reid, 1 Mar. 1933

Copies of letters from Kate Curtis and Cyrus H. K. Curtis to Ralph H. Baldwin, 1930

Box 4Folder 8
Curtis, George Ticknor

Letter to Joseph T. Sherwood, Esq., 4 Nov. 1839, with reply by Sherwood, 6 Nov. 1839

Box 4Folder 9
Cushman, Charlotte Saunders

Letter to Miss Wheelock, 20 Oct. 1834?

Printed pamphlet about the Charlotte Cushman Club, undated

Box 4Folder 10
Darrow, Clarence S.

Printed advertisement for The Man from Kinsman: A Biographical Appreciation of Clarence Darrow, 1933

Box 4Folder 11
Darwin, Charles Robert

Letter to [Chauncey Wright], 23 Sep. [1871]

Two printed articles about Charles Darwin, 1943, 2007

Box 4Folder 12
D'Ascenzo, Myrtle and Nicola

Letter to the Nitzsche family, 10 Jan. 1952

Printed program with artwork by Nicola D'Ascenzo, 1937 [two copies]

Letter from George E. Nitzsche to Mr. and Mrs. Nicola D'Ascenzo, 1952

Box 4Folder 13
Daskam, Max F.

Postcard to George E. Nitzsche, 3 Oct. 1941

Box 4Folder 14
David, Francis

Printed reproduction of a painting of Francis David, undated

Printed article about Francis David, 1911

Box 4Folder 15
Davis, Horace

Letter to Mr. Wilbur, 17 Feb. 1906

Box 4Folder 16
Dewey, Orville

Letter to B. B. Thatcher, Esq., 13 Jan. 1834

Box 4Folder 17
Dickens, Charles

Letter to Mrs. Howe, 6 Nov. 1866

Note about Charles Dickens, 1927

Box 4Folder 18
Dix, Dorothea Lynde

Letter to "My dear Mary," 27 Mar. 1865

Box 4Folder 19
Dole, James Drummond

Letter to George E. Nitzsche, 2 May 1934

Box 4Folder 20
Douthit, Jasper L.

Postcard to Rev. Earl M. Wilbur, 3 Mar. 1914

Box 4Folder 21
Dwight, John Sullivan

Letter to J. B. Clapp, Esq., 11 Mar. 1889

Box 4Folder 22
Eliot, Charles William

Letter to Miss Sedgwick, undated

Printed booklet: "The Religion of the Future," undated

Box 4Folder 23
Eliot, Frederick May

Printed quotation, undated

Box 4Folder 24
Eliot, Samuel A.

Letter to George E. Nitzsche, 16 Mar. 1923

Printed portrait of Samuel A. Eliot, undated

Box 4Folder 25
Eliot, Thomas Lamb

Letter to the treasurer of the Pacific Unitarian School for the Ministry, 8 Nov. 1913

Box 4Folder 26
Emerson, Ralph Waldo

Excerpt of "Voluntaries," June 1877

Small printed poster about Ralph Waldo Emerson, undated

Box 4Folder 27
Everett, Alexander H.

Letter to M. A. Jullien, 14 June 1830

Box 4Folder 28
Everett, Edward

Letter to Messrs. Schouler and Brewer, 6 June 1850

Box 4Folder 29
Felton, Cornelius Conway

Letter to George W. Greene, Esq., 17 Nov. 1834

Box 4Folder 30
Fields, James Thomas

Letter to "Gentlemen," 17 Sep. 1871

Box 4Folder 31
Fillmore, Millard

Letter to unidentified recipient, 22 July 1850

Box 4Folder 32
Fiske, John

Letter to Mr. Savage, 16 Nov. 1891

Box 4Folder 33
Fitch, John

Printed article about John Fitch, 1938

Box 4Folder 34
Forbes, Roger Sawyer

Letter to George E. Nitzsche, 23 Sep. 1927

Box 4Folder 35
Francis, Convers

Letter to "Dear Sir," 5 May 1843

Box 5Folder 1-2
Franklin, Benjamin

Biographical sketch of Benjamin Franklin, undated

Two printed portraits of Benjamin Franklin, undated

Reproduction of the seal of the University of Pennsylvania, undated

Letter from J. H. Weatherall to George E. Nitzsche, 1931

Printed articles about Benjamin Franklin, 1931-1956

Letter from George E. Nitzsche to Franklin Bache Huntingdon, 1940

Printed booklet about the International Benjamin Franklin Society, 1955

Printed booklet: "The Fabulous Doctor Franklin," by James Francis Cooke, 1956

Miscellaneous notes about Benjamin Franklin, undated and 1956

Box 5Folder 3
French, Daniel Chester

Letter to Mrs. [Whitmore], 2 Mar. 1898

Box 5Folder 4
Frothingham, Nathan Langdon

Letter to Henry M. Fuller, Esq., 9 May 1848

Box 5Folder 5
Frothingham, Octavius Brooks

Letter to unidentified recipient, 5 Apr. 1891

Box 5Folder 6
Fuller, Margaret

Letter to Miss Mary Peabody, 17 Apr. 1836

Biographical sketch of Margaret Fuller, undated

Box 5Folder 7-8
Furness, Horace Howard

Notes on Shakespeare's Othello, undated

Harvard University commencement address, undated

Letter to Mr. Ecot, 10 Mar. [no year]

Letter to Julian R. Dillaby, 19 Aug. 1895

Box 5Folder 9
Furness, Horace Howard, Jr.

Postcard to William G. Moore, undated

Three postcards to George E. Nitzsche, undated

Notes on Shakespeare's Coriolanus, undated

Printed excerpt from Shakespeare's Coriolanus, undated

Box 5Folder 10
Furness, William Henry

Letter to "Dear friends," 23 Jan. 1866

Box 5Folder 11
Gannett, William Channing

Letter to Mr. Wilbur, 30 Sep. 1914

Box 5Folder 12
Garfield, James A.

Letter to Hon. Hugh McCullough, 30 June 1866

Box 5Folder 13
Gilbert, William M.

Letter from D. L. Gilbert to Mr. Nolen, 1899

Printed booklet: "Syllabus of a Course of Six Lectures on The Divine Comedy of Dante," 1899

Box 5Folder 14
Gilman, Nicholas Paine

Letter to Mr. Wilbur, 26 Sep. 1895

Box 5Folder 15
Goodrich, Herbert F.

Letter to Sarah E. Center, 22 Jan. 1931

Three letters to George E. Nitzsche, 19 Feb.-9 June 1931

Biographical sketch of Herbert F. Goodrich, undated

Box 5Folder 16
Goodwin, Ichabod

Letter to Messrs. George and Ivory Lord, 2 Sep. 1831

Box 5Folder 17
Gordon, Alexander

Letter to Rev. E. M. Wilbur, 24 May 1905

Box 5Folder 18
Gore, Christopher

Letter to J. Bigelow, Esq., 2 Dec. 1807

Box 5Folder 19
Greeley, Horace

Letter to Dr. G. M. Brown, 2 Feb. 1866

Box 5Folder 20
Greenhalge, Frederic Thomas

Letter to Mr. Ernst, 22 Jan. 1894

Box 5Folder 21
Greenwood, Grace

Letter to Mr. Ticknor, 12 Feb. 1851

Box 5Folder 22
Griffin, Frederick Robertson

Letter to George E. Nitzsche, 12 May 1956

Printed booklet about Joseph Priestley, 1933

Box 5Folder 23
Hale, Edward Everett

Letter to Mr. Clark, 29 Sep. 1871

Letter to Mr. Cobb, 9 Mar. 1874

Printed article about Edward Everett Hale, 1913

Printed calendar pages, undated

Box 5Folder 24
Hamlin, Hannibal

Letter to Chester S. Stoddard, 11 June 1868

Box 5Folder 25
Hanson, Miles

Printed booklet: "What Jesus Means to Me," undated

Box 5Folder 26
Hawthorne, Julian

Letter to R. H. Stoddard, 31 May 1885

Box 5Folder 27
Hawthorne, Nathaniel

Printed ship's certificate for the Montreal, signed by Nathaniel Hawthorne, American consul at the port of Liverpool, England, 18 Mar. 1854

Box 5Folder 28
Herford, Brooke

Letter to the editor of the Transcript about women's suffrage in Manchester, England, 29 Apr. 1885

Transcript of letter to the editor, undated

Box 6Folder 1
Higginson, Thomas Wentworth

Manuscript: "Saint or Sinner," undated

Box 6Folder 2
Hildreth, Richard

Letter to "Dear Sir," 15 May 1862

Box 6Folder 3
Hill, Thomas

Excerpt of "Carpe Diem," 11 Apr. 1871

Box 6Folder 4
Hillard, George Stillman

Letter to Samuel E. Sewall, Esq., 14 May 1846

Box 6Folder 5
Hoar, Ebenezer Rockwood

Letter to Rev. Dr. Peabody, 24 May 1859?

Box 6Folder 6
Hoar, George Frisbie

Letter to the editor of the Boston Herald, 21 July 1900

Box 6Folder 7
Holmes, Oliver Wendell

Letter to Henry H. Edes, 9 Jan. 1889

Box 6Folder 8
Holmes, Oliver Wendell, Jr.

Letter to Prof. C. E. Norton, 15 Dec. 1896

Letter to unidentified recipient, 27 Feb. 1907?

Box 6Folder 9
Horton, Edward Augustus

Letter to Mr. Wilbur, 1 Aug. 1904

Box 6Folder 10
Hosmer, Frederick Lucian

Letter to Mr. Wilbur, 14 Oct. 1913

Box 6Folder 11
Hosmer, Harriet Goodhue

Letter to Ross Turner, 4 Nov. [no year]

Box 6Folder 12
Howe, Julia Ward

Letter to Miss Cooper, 9 Jan. 1896

Box 6Folder 13
Howe, Samuel Gridley

Letter to Mr. Rogers, undated

Box 6Folder 14
Howells, William Dean

Letter to Mrs. Wiggin, 24 Jan. 1894

Box 6Folder15
Huidekoper, Edgar

Two letters to George E. Nitzsche, 29 May-22 June 1923

Box 6Folder 16
Hunt, James Henry Leigh

Receipt for delivery of the Londina Illustrata, 8 Jan. 1851

Box 6Folder 17
Hyde, Walter Woodburn

Letter to George [E. Nitzsche], 19 Nov.? 1939

Transcript of letter to George [E. Nitzsche], undated

Box 6Folder 18
Jackson, Helen Hunt

Poem: "The Serf," undated

Box 6Folder 19
James, Joshua

Biographical sketch of Joshua James, undated

Printed article about Joshua James, 1934

Box 6Folder 20
Jefferson, Thomas

Printed ship's passport for the Cumberland, in four languages, signed by Thomas Jefferson and Levi Lincoln, 18 June 1801

Printed quotation, undated

Printed booklet: "The Unitarianism of Thomas Jefferson," by Samuel M. Crothers, undated

Congressional Record about Thomas Jefferson, 1943

Correspondence between Hon. John R. Murdock and George E. Nitzsche, 1943

Two printed pamphlets about Monticello, undated and 1951

Box 6Folder 21
Jesus Christ

Small printed poster about Jesus Christ, undated

Anecdote by George E. Nitzsche about a statue of Jesus Christ, undated

Letter from Thomas Hart to Marguerite Logan Bentley, 1928

Box 6Folder 22
Jordan, David Starr

Letter to Dr. Earl M. Wilbur, 26 Mar. 1912

Letter to George E. Nitzsche, 20 Sep. 1927

Forward to an essay of Miss Watson, undated [manuscript and typescript]

Essay: "May Day [at] the Little Brook," undated

Essay: "Science, Exact and Inexact," undated

Essay: "The Meaning of Evolution," undated

Box 6Folder 23
Judd, Sylvester

Letter to "Dear Sir," 24 Jan. 1845

Box 6Folder 24
Kemble, Frances Anne ("Fanny")

Letter to "My dear Theodora," 10 [no month] [no year]

Box 6Folder 25
King, Thomas Starr

Letter to Mr. Reynolds, 21 Mar. 1859

Printed booklet about Thomas Starr King, undated [two copies]

Box 6Folder 26
Kirkland, John Thornton

Letter to Gen. H. A. S. Dearborn, 27 Sep. 1825

Box 6Folder 27-28
Klingelsmith, Margaret Center

Testamentary request, 7 Dec. 1907

Legal statement, 23 June 1922

Passport, 25 Apr. 1930

Essay: "One Issue," undated

Essay: "The Law, which does not Concern us, being women," undated

Untitled essay about law libraries, undated

Biographical sketch of Margaret C. Klingelsmith, undated

Printed notices on the death of Margaret C. Klingelsmith, 1931

Papers related to the death of Margaret C. Klingelsmith, 1931

Correspondence of George E. Nitzsche about Margaret C. Klingelsmith, 1931

Box 7Folder 1
Lawrence, Abbott

Letter to Hon. Richard Fletcher, 10 Dec. 1838

Box 7Folder 2
Lawrence, Amos Adams

Letter to Ephraim Abbott, Esq., 15 Apr. 1847

Box 7Folder 3
Lea, Arthur H.

Three letters to George E. Nitzsche, 28 Dec. 1935-30 Oct. 1936

Transcript of letter to George E. Nitzsche, undated

Biographical sketch of Arthur H. Lea, undated

Printed obituary of Arthur H. Lea, 1938

Box 7Folder 4
Lea, Henry Charles

Letter to William R. Tucker, 30 Jan. 1909

Box 7Folder 5
Lincoln, Abraham

Small printed poster about Abraham Lincoln, undated

Printed image of the Lincoln Memorial, undated

Printed program with quotation, undated

Printed articles about Abraham Lincoln, 1938

Box 7Folder 6
Lincoln, Levi

Statement of allegiance, 20 Aug. 1862

Box 7Folder 7
Livermore, Abiel Abbot

Letter to Dr. Peabody, 17 May 1855

Box 7Folder 8
Livermore, Mary Ashton

Letter to Mr. Ward, 29 Oct. 1871

Box 7Folder 9
Long, John Davis

Letter to Mr. Reynolds, 18 Apr. 1881

Box 7Folder 10
Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth

Letter to Rev. Dr. Bosworth, 12 Sep. 1836

Box 7Folder 11
Longfellow, Samuel

Poem: "The Ruins of Furness Abbey," undated

Letter to Mr. Clark, 24 Oct. [no year]

Letter to Miss Hedge, 29 Aug. 1890

Box 7Folder 12
Lowell, Abbott Lawrence

Letter to Edwin M. Bacon, Esq., 5 July 1889

Box 7Folder 13
Lowell, James Russell

Letter to Mrs. Francis Alexander, 29 Dec. 1867, with poem

Photograph of James Russell Lowell, undated

Printed article about James Russell Lowell, undated

Box 7Folder 14
Lowell, John

Letter to George H. Sampson, 7 May 1825

Box 7Folder 15
Lupton, Dilworth

Biographical sketch of Dilworth Lupton, undated

Box 7Folder 16
Lyell, Sir Charles

Letter to "Sir," 15 July 1854

Box 7Folder 17
McCrary, George Washington

Letter to Gen. Smith, 16 June 1877

Box 7Folder 18
McDaniel, Walton Brooks

Letter to George E. Nitzsche, 10 Nov. 1939

Box 7Folder 19
Madison, James

Biographical sketch of James Madison, undated

Notes about James Madison, undated

Box 7Folder 20
Mann, Horace

Letter to Rev. Dr. Bates, 5 Sep. 1846

Box 7Folder 21
Marshall, John

Letter to Henry Bacon, Esq., 12 Feb. 1824?

Box 7Folder 22
Martin, Helen R.

Letter to George E. Nitzsche, 16 Apr. 1939

Transcript of letter to George E. Nitzsche, undated

Printed article about Helen R. Martin, 1939

Box 7Folder 23-24
Martineau, Harriet

Letter to unidentified recipient about a trans-Atlantic voyage, in the form of a journal, 3-25 Aug. 1836

Box 7Folder 25
Martineau, James

Letter to Rev. E. Everett Hale, 12 Mar. 1870

Box 7Folder 26
Masaryk, Charlotte Garrigue

Printed booklet about Charlotte Garrigue Masaryk, 1939

Box 7Folder 27
Masaryk, Thomas G.

Lecture by Herbert Adolphus Miller about Thomas G. Masaryk, 1937

Box 7Folder 28
Mason, J. Alden

Letter to George E. Nitzsche, 10 Feb. 1955

Printed bulletin: The Languages of South American Indians, 1950, autographed

Biographical sketch of J. Alden Mason, undated

Letter from George E. Nitzsche to J. Alden Mason, 1955

Box 7Folder 29
Meserve, Harry C.

Printed quotations, undated

Box 7Folder 30
Mitchell, Maria

Letter to Mr. Slocum, 11 January 1885

Box 7Folder 31
Motley, John Lothrop

Letter to Mrs. W. B. Swett, 16 Jan. 1869?

Box 8Folder 1
Newell, William Wells

Biographical sketches of William Wells Newell, undated

Printed program for the ordination of William Wells Newell, 1867

Correspondence about William Wells Newell, 1965

Box 8Folder 2
Newton, Joseph Fort

Biographical sketch of Joseph Fort Newton, undated

Printed article about Robert Collyer, undated

Box 8Folder 3
Nitzsche, Elsa Koenig

Manuscript notes about the Incas, undated

Printed articles about Elsa Koenig Nitzsche, 1953-ca. 1970s

Box 8Folder 4-7
Nitzsche, George E.

Draft of introduction of Joseph R. Wilson, with note by George E. Nitzsche, 10 Nov. 1943

Copies of correspondence, printed matter, and other papers related to the Unitarian Church of Germantown and the Unitariana collection, 1921-1956

Box 8Folder 8
Norton, Andrews

Letter to Professor Cleaveland, 1815

Box 8Folder 9
Paine, Thomas

Biographical sketch of Thomas Paine, undated

Printed booklet about Thomas Paine, undated

Printed articles about Thomas Paine, 1927-1937

Letter from George E. Nitzsche to Joseph S. Clark, Jr., 1954

Box 8Folder 10
Palfrey, John Gorham

Letter to Mr. Norton, 9 Nov.? 1863

Box 8Folder 11
Parker, Theodore

Letter to Miss Rebecca L. Duncan, 5 Sep. 1847

Small printed poster about Theodore Parker, undated

Box 8Folder 12
Parkman, Francis

Letter to "Charles," undated

Box 8Folder 13
Parsons, Theophilus

Printed receipt from the U.S. Loan Office, signed by Theophilus Parsons, 2 Sep. 1791

Box 8Folder 14
Peabody, Andrew Preston

Letter to "My dear Sir," 4 Jan. 1870

Box 8Folder 15
Peabody, Elizabeth Palmer

Letter to William B. Fowle, Sep. 1857

Box 8Folder 16
Peabody, Ephraim

Letter to Thomas A. Greene, Esq., 27 Sep. 1847

Box 8Folder 17
Peabody, Francis Greenwood

Letter to Dean E. M. Wilbur, 18 Dec. 1913

Box 8Folder 18
Peabody, Josephine Preston (later Marks)

Poem: "The Forgotten," undated

Box 8Folder 19
Peabody, Oliver William Bourn

Letter to Reverend Ephraim Abbot, 8 Dec. 1825

Box 8Folder 20
Perkins, Thomas Handasyd

Letter to General Dearborn, 21 Dec. 1832

Box 8Folder 21
Pickering, Edward Charles

Letter to Elmer Kneale, 27 Nov. 1911

Box 8Folder 22
Pollock, Walter

Printed page from The Unitarian News, 1921

Box 8Folder 23
Prescott, William Hickling

Letter to "My dear Madam," 21 Feb. 1846

Box 9Folder 1-6
Priestley, Joseph (1733-1804)

Biographical sketch of Joseph Priestley, undated

Postcard about Joseph Priestley, undated

Small printed poster about Joseph Priestley, undated

Inventories of Joseph Priestley material collected by George E. Nitzsche, undated

Articles about Joseph Priestley, undated and 1926 [printed and drafts]

Printed booklet: "Priestleyana," by Edgar F. Smith, undated

Printed booklet: "Joseph Priestley," by Edgar F. Smith, 1926

Two printed journals: Journal of Chemical Education (Priestley nos.), 1927, 1933

Printed program, 1933

Two printed reports of the Joseph Priestley House, 1934, 1937

Printed reproduction of a painting of Joseph Priestley, 1939

Box 9Folder 7
Priestley, Joseph (1819-1883)

Certificate of registration at the University of Pennsylvania, 18 Nov. 1842

Certificate of matriculation at the University of Pennsylvania, 6 Nov. 1843

Box 9Folder 8
Priestley, S. E. Gerard

Letter to George E. Nitzsche, 13 Dec. 1937

Biographical sketch of S. E. Gerard Priestley, undated

Printed brochure about S. E. Gerard Priestley, undated

Box 9Folder 9
Quincy, Josiah

Letter to B. A. Gould, Esq., 30 Aug. 1831

List of Boylston Prize declaimers, in another hand, 1 Sep. 1831

Box 9Folder 10
Reccord, Augustus P.

Printed booklet: "The Things That Remain," 1926

Box 9Folder 11
Reynolds, Grindall

Letter to Mr. Wilbur, 27 Sep. 1893

Box 9Folder 12
Ripley, George

Letter to Rev. Dr. Sprague, 19 June 1861

Box 9Folder 13
Rogers, Samuel

Letter to Mrs. Mostyn, with printed poem by "C. T.," undated

Box 9Folder 14
Rubel, Donald C.

Letter to George E. Nitzsche, 25 Jan. 1955

Biographical sketch of Donald C. Rubel, undated

Printed bill to amend the Pennsylvania Constitution, introduced by Donald C. Rubel, 1955

Box 10Folder 1
Sanborn, Franklin Benjamin

Letter to E. G. Dudley, Esq., 2 May 1861

Box 10Folder 2-6
Schelling, Felix Emmanuel

Chapter IV of Leaves From Certain Chapters of Elizabethan Playwrights, 1925

Three letters to George E. Nitzsche, 31 Mar. 1927-10 Apr. 1937

Review of Shakespeare's Henry IV, Part 1, edited by Samuel Burdett Hemingway, ca. 1937

Box 10Folder 7
Sharpe, Henry D.

Letter to George E. Nitzsche, 1 Jan. 1923

Box 10Folder 8
Shaw, Lemuel

Letter to Richard Fletcher, Esq., 8 Dec. 1840

Box 10Folder 9
Shippen, Rush R.

Letter to Mr. Wendte, 15 Nov. 1871

Letter to Mr. Wilbur, 8 June 1905

Box 10Folder 10
Sill, Edward Rowland

Letter to Mr. Stoddard, 22 June 1868

Box 10Folder 11
Simons, Minot

Letter to George E. Nitzsche, 10 Feb. 1922

Box 10Folder 12
Slicer, Thomas R.

Printed booklet: "What Unitarianism Really Is," undated

Box 10Folder 13
Snow, Sydney B.

Two letters to George E. Nitzsche, 5-16 Mar. 1936

Letter from George E. Nitzsche to Sydney B. Snow, 1936

Box 10Folder 14
Somerville, Mary

Letter to Mrs. [Cholinessy], undated

Box 10Folder 15
Sparks, Jared

Letter to Prof. Felton, 12 Feb. 1847

Box 10Folder 16
Spencer, Anna Garlin

Letter to Mr. Wilbur, 5 May 1905

Box 10Folder 17
Sprague, Charles

Poem: "To two Swallows that flew into church during divine services," undated

Letter to Mrs. [Cragin], undated

Box 10Folder 18
Stanton, Elizabeth Cady

Letter to Edmund M. Davis, 10 Apr. [no year]

Box 10Folder 19
Staples, Laurence C.

Postcard to George E. Nitzsche, 3 Nov. 1952

Printed article about Laurence C. Staples, 1952

Box 10Folder 20
Stebbins, Horatio

Letter to Mr. Wilbur, 17 Aug. 1893

Box 10Folder 21
Steinmetz, Charles Proteus

Check to Edmund Muller, 4 Mar. 1895

Printed article about Charles Steinmetz, 1953

Box 10Folder 22
Stevenson, Adlai

Letter from George E. Nitzsche to Hon. Adlai Stevenson, 1952

Box 10Folder 23
St. John, Charles E.

Printed article about Charles E. St. John, 1907

Box 10Folder 24
Stoddard, Richard Henry

Poem: "The Brahman's Son," 29 Mar. 1885

Box 10Folder 25
Story, Joseph

Letter to Hon. Bushrod Washington, 28 Apr. 1819

Box 10Folder 26
Story, William Wetmore

Letter to Charles S. Daveis, Esq., 30 May 1842

Box 10Folder 27
Strong, Charles Howard

Letter to Earl Morse Wilbur, 30 Apr. 1921

Letter to George E. Nitzsche, 10 June 1921

Box 10Folder 28
Sullivan, Estelle T.

Letter to George E. Nitzsche, 9 Nov. 1935

Printed notice on the death of Estelle T. Sullivan, 1937

Resolution on the death of Estelle T. Sullivan, 1937

Correspondence of George E. Nitzsche about Estelle T. Sullivan, 1937

Box 10Folder 29
Sullivan, William L.

Printed booklet: "Readings for Meditation," undated, autographed

Letter to George E. Nitzsche, 28 Jan. [no year]

Remarks to the young people of Germantown Unitarian Church, Oct. 1934

Printed portrait of William L. Sullivan, undated

Printed quotation, undated

Printed article: "The Liverpool Incident," 1934

Printed notices on the death of William L. Sullivan, 1935

Resolution on the death of William L. Sullivan, 1935

Printed article about William L. Sullivan, 1935

Four printed programs of the Unitarian Church of Germantown, 1935-1955

Review by George E. Nitzsche of Epigrams and Criticism in Miniature, by William L. Sullivan, ca. 1936

Box 10Folder 30
Sumner, Charles

Letter to James Bell, Esq., 24 Dec. 1842

Box 10Folder 31
Sunderland, Jabez Thomas

Letter to Mr. Wilbur, 7 Dec. 1911

Printed booklet: "What Do Unitarians Believe?" undated [two copies]

Printed pamphlet: "Unitarians and the Hall of Fame," undated

Box 11Folder 1
Taft, William Howard

Letter to George E. Nitzsche, 27 Oct. 1925

Printed quotation, undated

Small printed poster about William Howard Taft, undated

Letter from George E. Nitzsche to William G. Barnard, 1921

Two letters from George E. Nitzsche to William Howard Taft, 1925

Box 11Folder 2
Taylor, Bayard

Letter to "Dear Sir," 5 Oct. 1855

Box 11Folder 3
Thayer, George Augustine

Printed article about George Augustine Thayer, 1925

Box 11Folder 4
Thurman, Allen Granbery

Letter to Mrs. A. G. Weld, 7 Mar. 1866, with manuscript on verso in another hand

Box 11Folder 5
Ticknor, George

Letter to Mr. M. Bruen, 24 May 1818

Box 11Folder 6
Tileston, F. Mitchell

Printed article: "Evangeliberalism," 1938

Box 11Folder 7
Trowbridge, John Townsend

Story: "Andy's Adventures; or the World Bewitched," undated

Box 11Folder 8
Tuckerman, Henry Theodore

Letter to "Fields," 6 Dec. 1852

Box 11Folder 9
Upham, Charles Wentworth

Letter to Hon. H. A. S. Dearborn, 26 Mar.? 1835

Box 11Folder 10
Walker, James

Letter to T. M. Brewer, Esq., 16 Aug. 1853

Box 11Folder 11
Washington, George

Note about the religious belief of George Washington, undated

Printed article about George Washington, undated

Box 11Folder 12
Wasson, David Atwood

Letter to "Hale," 7 Feb. 1873

Box 11Folder 13
Wayne, James Moore

Letter to Mr. G. H. Martin, 18 Sep. 1860

Box 11Folder 14
Webster, Daniel

Letter to Mr. Everett, 20 Mar. 1848

Box 11Folder 15
Wedgwood, Josiah

Two letters from Josiah Wedgwood & Sons to George E. Nitzsche, 1928, 1939

Box 11Folder 16-19
Wendte, Charles William

Two letters to George E. Nitzsche, 13-21 Nov. 1927

Two printed portraits of Charles William Wendte, undated

Printed booklet: "The True Basis of Religious Unity," undated [two copies]

Printed booklet: "What Is It to Be a Liberal in Religion?" undated [two copies]

Printed booklet: "What Jesus Taught and What Billy Sunday Preaches," undated

Printed booklet: "What Do Unitarians Believe?: A Statement of Faith," undated and 1885 [two copies]

Printed booklet: "Eine kurze Darstellung des Unitarianismus," undated [in German]

Printed booklet: "Qué creen los Unitarios," undated [in Spanish]

Printed booklet: "Unitarians: The Spiritual Descendents of the Pilgrim Fathers," 1890

Printed booklet: "Life Problems," 1900

Two printed programs, 1910-1913

Printed booklet: "The Unitarian Name and Principles," 1914 [two copies]

Printed booklet: "The Unitarian Churches and International Peace," 1916

Printed article about Charles William Wendte, 1924

Printed advertisement for The Wider Fellowship, by Charles William Wendte, 1927

Box 11Folder 20
Weston, S. Burns

Printed article about S. Burns Weston, 1936

Box 11Folder 21
Whipple, Edwin Percy

Letter to "My dear Professor," 4 Apr. 1879

Box 11Folder 22
Wicksteed, Philip Henry

Printed portrait of Philip Henry Wicksteed, undated

Box 11Folder 23
Wilbur, Earl Morse

Letter to "Dear Sir," 22 Sep. 1927

Box 11Folder 24
Wilbur, Henry

Printed portrait of Henry Wilbur, undated

Box 11Folder 25
Willard, Daniel

Notes about Daniel Willard, undated

Box 11Folder 26
Wister, Frances

Printed articles about Frances Wister, 1936, 1956

Box 11Folder 27
Wolcott, Roger

Letter to Henry H. Edes, Esq., 27 May 1891

Box 11Folder 28
Wright, Frank Lloyd

Printed quotation, undated

Box 11Folder 29
Wyman, Jeffries

Review of The Physiology of Man, by Austin Flint, Jr., ca. 1866

Review of Mind in Nature, by Henry James Clark, ca. 1866

III. Printed material, 1778-1927

This bulk of this series consists of the printed works of Joseph Priestley, primarily his own personal copies. Many of the books were inscribed or annotated by Priestley. Also included in this series are Charles William Wendte's The Wider Fellowship (2 vol.) and the membership register of the Spring Garden Unitarian Society, Philadelphia, Penn.

Box 12Folder 1
Priestley, Joseph. The Sadducee: A Poem Occasioned by Several Publications, and Particularly Disquisitions Relating to Matter and Spirit. London: Printed by J. W. Pasham, 1778.

This volume is inscribed by Joseph Priestley: "The Author to his Friend, the Rev'd Rich'd Harvey."

Box 12Folder 2
Priestley, Joseph. The Present State of Europe Compared with Ancient Prophecies: A Sermon, Preached at the Gravel Pit Meeting in Hackney, February 28, 1794, Being the Day Appointed for a General Fast...with a Preface Containing the Reasons for the Author's Leaving England. London: Printed for J. Johnson, 1794.

This volume was bound at a later date in Philadelphia.

Box 12Folder 3
Priestley, Joseph. Two Sermons, viz. I. The Present State of Europe Compared with Ancient Prophecies; Preached on the Fast-Day in 1794...II. The Use of Christianity, Especially in Difficult Times; Being the Author's Farewell Discourse to His Congregation at Hackney. Philadelphia: Printed by Thomas Dobson, 1794.

This volume is Joseph Priestley's personal unbound copy.

Box 12Folder 4
Priestley, Joseph. Observations on the Increase of Infidelity. Northumberland-town, [Pa.]: Reprinted for J. Johnson, 1796.

This volume is Joseph Priestley's personal unbound copy.

Box 13Folder 1
Priestley, Joseph. Notes on All the Books of Scripture, for the Use of the Pulpit and Private Families. Vol. 3. Northumberland, [Pa.]: Printed for the author, 1804.

This volume, Joseph Priestley's personal unbound copy, is annotated by Priestley: "Wants the Cancels. Otherwise corrected."

Box 13Folder 2
Priestley, Joseph. Notes on All the Books of Scripture, for the Use of the Pulpit and Private Families. Vol. 4. [Northumberland, Pa.: Printed for the author], 1804.

This volume, Joseph Priestley's personal unbound copy, is annotated by Priestley: "Not yet Corrected. Want 1 leaf of my Index."

Box 13Folder 3
Membership register of the Spring Garden Unitarian Society, Philadelphia, Penn., 1880-1917

This volume includes lists of members, marriages, christenings, deaths, and other information. Inserted are printed items related to the Spring Garden Unitarian Society and other papers.

Box 14Folder 1
Wendte, Charles William. The Wider Fellowship: Memories, Friendships, and Endeavors for Religious Unity, 1844-1927. Vol. 1. Boston: Beacon Press, 1927.

This volume consists of unbound finished folio sheets.

Box 14Folder 2
Wendte, Charles William. The Wider Fellowship: Memories, Friendships, and Endeavors for Religious Unity, 1844-1927. Vol. 2. Boston: Beacon Press, 1927.

This volume consists of unbound finished folio sheets.

Preferred Citation

George E. Nitzsche Unitariana collection, Massachusetts Historical Society.

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Adams, John, 1735-1826
Adams, John Quincy, 1767-1848
Alcott, Louisa May, 1832-1888
Andrew, John A. (John Albion), 1818-1867
Anthony, Susan B. (Susan Brownell), 1820-1906
Bowditch, Nathaniel, 1773-1838
Bryant, William Cullen, 1794-1878
Channing, William Ellery, 1780-1842
Child, Lydia Maria Francis, 1802-1880
Clarke, James Freeman, 1810-1888
Darwin, Charles, 1809-1882
Dickens, Charles, 1812-1870
Dix, Dorothea Lynde, 1802-1887
Emerson, Ralph Waldo, 1803-1882
Everett, Edward, 1794-1865
Fillmore, Millard, 1800-1874
Fuller, Margaret, 1810-1850
Garfield, James A. (James Abram), 1831-1881
Greeley, Horace, 1811-1872
Hawthorne, Nathaniel, 1804-1864
Higginson, Thomas Wentworth, 1823-1911
Hoar, George Frisbie, 1826-1904
Holmes, Oliver Wendell, 1809-1894
Holmes, Oliver Wendell, 1841-1935
Jefferson, Thomas, 1743-1826
Long, John Davis, 1838-1915
Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth, 1807-1882
Lowell, James Russell, 1819-1891
Mann, Horace, 1796-1859
Martineau, Harriet, 1802-1876
Parker, Theodore, 1810-1860
Parkman, Francis, 1823-1893
Peabody, Elizabeth Palmer, 1804-1894
Priestley, Joseph, 1733-1804
Shaw, Lemuel, 1781-1861
Sparks, Jared, 1789-1866
Stanton, Elizabeth Cady, 1815-1902
Story, Joseph, 1779-1845
Taft, William H. (William Howard), 1857-1930
Webster, Daniel, 1782-1852
Wendte, Charles William, 1844-1931


Unitarian Society of Germantown (Philadelphia, Pa.)
United States--Declaration of Independence--Signers.


Liberalism (Religion)--History.
Presidents--United States--Autographs.

Materials Removed from the Collection

Photographs from this collection have been removed to the MHS Photo Archives. Included are portraits of Charles Gordon Ames, George Boros, George William Curtis, William Greenleaf Eliot, Jr., William M. Gilbert, Samuel Longfellow, William Wells Newell, George E. Nitzsche, C. J. Street, John Greenleaf Whittier, and Philip Henry Wicksteed, as well as other photographs and engravings related to individuals in this collection.