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This collection consists of the papers of the interrelated Amory and Codman families of Boston, Massachusetts, specifically those of John Amory, Henry Codman, and John Amory Codman. Papers of Martha Catherine Codman and Maxim Karolik also make up a large part of this collection. Included are family correspondence, financial material, genealogical information, and historical documents.

Biographical Sketch

Arranged by generation

John Amory (1759-1832)
The eldest son of John and Catherine (Greene) Amory, John Amory, Jr. was born in 1759 in Boston, Mass. A store keeper by trade, he was a partner with his brother Thomas in the merchant firm John and Thomas Amory at 41 Marlboro Street before investing heavily in real estate. He married Catherine Willard in 1792 and had one child. He was referred to as “Newbury-Street John.” He died in Boston in 1832.

Stephen Codman (1758-1844)
Stephen Codman was born in Charlestown, Mass. on 4 December 1758, the son of John Codman and Abigail Soley Asbury Codman. He was a shipping merchant by trade with ships sailing to Bombay, China, and Europe. For a short time, he conducted business from Portland, Maine, where he met Hannah Robison, daughter of ship captain Thomas Robison and Elizabeth Robison. He married Hannah Robison (1768-1819) on 20 November 1788 and returned to Boston shortly thereafter. He died in 1844.

Henry Codman (1789-1853)
Henry Codman was born in Portland, Maine on 1 October 1789, the son of Stephen Codman and Hannah Robison Codman. He graduated from Harvard College in 1808 and was admitted to the Suffolk Bar in 1811. He managed the family real estate business that he inherited from his father-in-law. He married Catherine Willard Amory, daughter of John Amory and Catherine Willard Amory, on 21 October 1821. He died in Roxbury in 1853.

John Amory Codman (1824-1886)
John Amory Codman was born in Boston, Mass. on 30 June 1824, the son of Henry Codman and Catherine Willard Amory Codman. He managed the family's business and real estate affairs, though not to the same extent as his father. He was a painter of portraits and landscapes, including beaches, harbors, and marine scenes. Some of his paintings are included in the Martha and Maxim Karolik collections at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. He married Martha Pickman Rogers (1829-1905), the daughter of John Whittingham Rogers and Anstiss Derby Pickman, on 1 June 1850.

Martha Pickman Rogers Codman (1829-1905)
Martha Pickman Rogers was born on 17 November 1829, the daughter of John W. Rogers and Anstiss Derby Pickman. She married John Amory Codman in 1850. She gathered genealogical materials which form part of this collection. She and her daughter, Martha Catherine Codman, traveled throughout Europe gathering family records, both original documents and copies. The extent of her wealth is reflected in vast property holdings in Boston and Newport, Rhode Island, and in stocks in various mining and railroad companies. She and her daughter were well known in Boston, Newport, and Washington, D.C. social circles.

Martha Catherine Codman Karolik (1858-1948)
Martha Catherine Codman Karolik (MCCK) was born on 24 July 1858, the only surviving child of John Amory Codman and Martha Pickman Rogers Codman. In addition to the collection of genealogical materials begun by her mother, MCCK was known for her philanthropic deeds and for her lively social life in Washington, D.C., Newport, New York, and Boston. This included hosting musicales, including one in Washington, D.C. in 1927 featuring tenor Maxim Karolik who had recently arrived from Europe. The following year, she married Maxim Karolik in France. Her Aunt Mary (Mrs. Arthur Codman), who lived in Europe, was MCCK's only relative in whom she confided the news of her marriage. MCCK's genealogical interests led her to collect early American furniture and portraits of her own family, and to publish the journal of her ancestor, Mrs. John Amory, as Journal of Mrs. John Amory in 1923. She distributed copies of the journal nationwide to historical societies, museums, and libraries, including the Library of Congress and the Massachusetts Historical Society. This interest in her ancestors led to what would later constitute the three major collections of early American furniture, paintings, and prints and drawings at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts that bear hers and her husband's names. She died in 1948.

Maxim Karolik (1893-1963)
Maxim Karolik, a Russian émigré and tenor, married MCCK in 1928 and shared his wife's interests in early American art. Together they developed two of the three major collections of American art which they gave to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. After the death of his wife, Karolik added a third Karolik collection of American art to the MFA, gave lectures throughout New England on American art, and pursued his singing career. As an art collector, author, and musician, Karolik was associated with many of the important figures in these fields, including Nicholas Slonimsky, Serge Koussevitsky, Erich Leinsdorf, Ima Hogg, Leopold Stokowski, Alexandre Tcherpnine, Henry P. Rossiter, Edward Weeks, and a host of art dealers, museum curators, and directors. He was honored on numerous occasions for his role in bringing a neglected period of American art to the attention of the art world, both nationally and internationally. He was also asked to lend his name to the parent group of what is now the National Endowment for the Arts. His singing career included performances in New York, Washington, D.C., and Boston, and the making of the album Russian Art Songs. He divided his residence between his estate in Newport, R.I. and the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Boston. He died in 1963 of a heart attack while in New York to discuss instituting a series of chamber music concerts at the New York Public Library.

Collection Description

The Karolik-Codman papers consist of the interrelated Amory and Codman families of Salem and Boston, Massachusetts, specifically those of merchants and real estate investors John Amory, Henry Codman, and John Amory Codman. The collection consists of family and business correspondence, financial material, genealogical information, diaries, estate papers, account books, recipe books, commonplace books, newspaper clippings, photographs, and printed material. The remainder of the collection relates to Martha Catherine Codman and her husband Maxim Karolik's career as a musician and art collector, including correspondence, business papers, sound recordings, slides, and newspaper clippings documenting many of his activities. Also included are expense books and account books of Boston merchant and goldsmith Rufus Greene, 1728-1777; a copy of the diary of Catherine Green Amory, 1775-1776; photostatic copies of correspondence of Salem merchant and loyalist Benjamin Pickman to his family while he was living in England during the Revolution; historical materials including the letterbook and account book of William Fisher, 1761-1770, and the rent and account books of Benjamin Lamphear, 1803-1848; and genealogical material relating to the Amory, Cartwright, Codman, Derby, Greene, Robison, Rogers, and Willard families collected by Martha Pickman Rogers Codman and her daughter Martha Catherine Codman Karolik.

Acquisition Information

Gift of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, 1974.

Detailed Description of the Collection

I. John Amory family papers, 1714-1841

This series contains correspondence, financial papers, and legal papers of Boston, Mass. merchant and real estate agent John Amory, Jr.; his father, John Amory (1728-1803); his mother Catherine Greene Amory (1731-1777); Rufus Greene (1707-1777); niece Catherine M. Amory (1792-1827); brother Francis Amory (1776-1845); sister Mary Amory Bethune; and other family members.

A. John Amory family correspondence, 1726-1832

This subseries contains family and business correspondence of John Amory, Jr., including letters written to his wife Catherine Willard Amory, brothers Rufus Greene Amory and Francis Amory, sisters Mary Amory Bethune and Catherine M. Amory Codman, and cousin Mary Taylor regarding family affairs and daily activities. John Amory, Jr.'s business correspondence relates to the shipment of goods, rental and lease agreements, and the sale of lands. Also included here is correspondence between John Amory, Sr. and John Nelson, Samuel Waterhouse, and John Bowdoin regarding family, daily activities, business, and real estate, and instructions for packing and shipping goods and materials, including tobacco and cotton.

Box 1Folder 1-14

B. John Amory family financial papers, 1750-1841

Financial papers include receipts and invoices for the shipment of sundry goods, including indigo and cotton, accounts, tax receipts, property estimates, and family estate papers, including John Amory, Sr. and Caroline S. Amory. Also included are shares of the Third Massachusetts Turnpike Corporation, 19 January 1799, in which John Amory was a shareholder.

1. Loose financial papers, 1750-1832

Box 1Folder 15-23

Loose financial papers, 1750-1809

Box 2

Loose financial papers, 1810-1830

Box 3Folder 1-6

Loose financial papers, 1831-1832

Box 3Folder 7-9

Shares of Third Massachusetts Turnpike Corporation, 19 Jan. 1799

2. Bound financial papers, 1802-1841

Amory family bound financial volumes include trust papers, accounts, bank books, cash books, and rental books. Included is a large account book kept by John Amory, Jr., 1802-1827, detailing trust and estate accounts of Mary Amory (Bethune), 1803-1810, Ann Amory McLean (Lee), 1804-1814, Lucy and Caroline Amory, 1803-1814, and Caroline Amory, 1810-1827; a schedule of property owned by John Amory, Sr. in account with his son, 1802-1803; securities and mortgages; and rent paid by John and Jonathan Amory. Account books kept by John Amory, Jr. include volumes recording rents in Boston, Mass., 1810-1816; workers' wages and loans made, 1820, three bank account books with the Massachusetts Bank, 1817-1832, a cash book recording debts paid and credit received, 1817-1822, and an account book kept by Amory, 1823-1832, and continued by his son-in-law Henry Codman, 1833-1841, recording workers hired, wages paid, and rents collected. A cash book of Caroline S. Amory kept from 1813-1818 records purchases of gloves, shoes, lace, hats, and other household goods.

Vol. 1

Amory family trust account book, 1802-1827

Box 3Folder 10

Loose materials removed from trust account book, 1813-1830

Box 3Folder 11

Rent account book, 1810-1816

Box 3Folder 12

Caroline S. Amory cash book, 1813-1818

Box 3Folder 13

Massachusetts Bank account books, 1817-1832

Box 3Folder 14

John Amory cash book, 1817-1822

Box 3Folder 15

Workers' wages and loans, 1820

Box 3Folder 16

John Amory account book, 1823-1832; continued by Henry Codman, 1832-1841

Box 3Folder 17

Goods bought and sold, undated

C. John Amory legal papers, 1726-1833

John Amory legal papers consist of wills, deeds, house plans, contracts, and powers of attorney.

Box 4Folder 1-10

D. John Amory family poetry and recipes, 1816-1817

Included here are Caroline S. Amory's poetry books, 1816-1817, containing copies of verse and poems. Also included are family recipe books and loose recipes.

Box 4Folder 11-14

Caroline S. Amory poetry books, 1816-1817

Box 4Folder 15-17

Recipe books and recipes, undated

E. Greene family papers, 1714-1791

The Greene family papers consist of account books, expense books, estate papers, manuscript copies of Greene family correspondence, and printed and manuscript copies of the diary of Catherine Greene Amory, 1775-1776. Rufus Greene's expense books note purchases made by the Boston, Mass. goldsmith and merchant for cords of wood, shoes, wheat, potatoes, butter, and cider, among other sundry goods, and contributions to charities. His account book, 1761-1765, records debts and accounts and lists items left unsold. Also included is the account of the estate and will of Rufus Greene among other family deeds, wills, and estate papers. Correspondence, 1759-1777, was copied from volume one of the letterbook of Rufus Greene by Martha Catherine Codman Karolik in 1903. Correspondents include Jonathan Amory, Catherine Willard Greene Amory, John Amory, Sr., Benjamin Greene, and William Greene.

Box 4Folder 18

Greene family estate papers, 1714-1791

Box 5Folder 1

Rufus Greene expense book, 1728-1748

On microfilm, P-477.

Box 5Folder 2

Rufus Greene expense book, 1749-1774

On microfilm, P-477.

Box 5Folder 3

Photocopy of Rufus Greene expense book, 1728-1748

Box 5Folder 4

Photocopy of Rufus Greene expense book, 1749-1774

Box 5Folder 5

Rufus Greene account book, 1761-1765

Box 5Folder 6

Manuscript copies of Rufus Greene letters, 1759-1777

Box 5Folder 7

Manuscript copy of Catherine Greene Amory diary, 1775-1776

Box 5Folder 8

Transcription copy of Catherine Greene Amory diary, 1775-1776

F. Oversize John Amory family papers

Box OS 1Folder 1

II. Robison-Codman family papers, 1783-1841

This series contains family and business correspondence of the related Robison and Codman families. Family correspondence includes letters written by Thomas Robison to his son-in-law Stephen Codman and daughter Hannah Robison Codman. Also included are letters written by Richard Cartwright, Robison's brother-in-law and executor of his estate to Stephen and Hannah. Subjects of the letters include family matters, a dispute over the estate of Thomas Robison, business matters relating to ship insurance, shipments and invoices of goods including cotton, coffee, sugar, and brandy, the capture of Thomas Robison and his ship the Eliza by the British while en route to Holland, and Robison's subsequent attempts to be reimbursed for lost goods. Letters exchanged between Stephen Codman and his son Henry Codman while Henry was a student at Phillips Academy and Harvard University; from Stephen and Hannah Codman to their daughter Hannah R. Codman while she was attending school at Mrs. Frances Brenton's Academy in Harlem, N.Y.; and from Elizabeth Anne Ellis Codman to her sister Hannah are also included. Subjects of letters include studies, family news, and daily activities. Volumes include an interleaved almanac kept by Stephen Codman, 1789, an account book kept by Hannah Robison Codman, 1795, recording bills settled, and school bills of Mary Ann Codman, 1805-1820.

Box 6

Robison-Codman family papers, 1783-1811

Box 7Folder 1-9

Robison-Codman family papers, 1812-1841

Box 7Folder 10

Stephen Codman almanac, 1789

Box 7Folder 11

Hannah Codman account book, 1795-1808

Box 7Folder 12-13

Mary Ann Codman school bills, 1805-1820

Box OS 1Folder 2
Oversize Robison-Codman family papers

III. Henry Codman family papers, 1796-1869

This series consists of family papers of Boston and Roxbury, Mass. lawyer and real estate agent Henry Codman. It has been divided into six series: diaries, correspondence, financial and legal records, Roxbury farm records, records of St. Paul's Church (Boston) records, and family writings. Henry Codman was the trust and estate administrator for various family members, and many of the financial papers include receipts for bills paid on their behalf and trust account disbursements. Also integrated into the financial papers are receipts for building properties in Boston, as well as rent and lease receipts. Henry Codman also acted as guardian for his orphaned nephew, Joseph Bennett, and paid his bills at Harvard College, among other things.

A. Henry Codman diaries, 1827-1848

Three journals kept by Henry Codman include a weather journal kept at Boston and Roxbury, in 1827, 1833, and 1841, recording wind direction, temperature, and notes of the day; a house journal kept in diary form from March to April 1838 describing renovations made to his Roxbury house; and a diary kept from 1840-1848 noting weather, news, and daily activities.

Vol. 2

Weather journal, 1827, 1833, 1841

Box 7Folder 14

House journal, 1838

Vol. 3

Diary, 1840-1848

Box 7Folder 15

Loose pages removed from Henry Codman diaries

Box 7Folder 16

Key to journal lock (volume 3)

B. Henry Codman correspondence, 1807-1853

This subseries consists of Henry Codman's personal and business correspondence, including letters exchanged with Harvard College classmates James N. Sheppard, Lucius Manlius Sargent, and Lloyd N. Rogers; uncle James Cartwright; brothers Edward and Richard; sisters Elizabeth and Anne; cousin Charles R. Codman; nephew Joseph Bennett; Boston merchants John Torrey, Abbott Lawrence, and John Lowell; and Revs. Alonzo Potter, John S. Stone, and John Codman. Subjects include family issues and news, including births, deaths, and marriages, business-related matters, daily activities, the Robison estate, and requests from family members for advice regarding legal matters. Letterbook contains outgoing correspondence written by Henry Codman, executor of the estate of Caroline S. Amory, regarding the division of her property among family members and charitable organizations.

Box 7Folder 17-24

Correspondence, 1807-1820

Box 8

Correspondence, 1821-1833

Box 9

Correspondence, 1834-1840

Box 10

Correspondence, 1841-1853

Vol. 4

Letterbook, 1827-1846

C. Henry Codman financial and legal records, 1811-1856

Financial and legal records of Henry Codman include bills for purchased goods, estate accounts, contracts, rental agreements and sales, life and fire insurance company policies, invoices, medical bills, construction estimates, tax receipts, and deeds. Henry Codman's bound financial papers include cash books recording debits, bills paid, and trust payments; account books recording trust fund accounts for Amory and Codman family members including Caroline S. Amory, Francis Codman, and John Amory Codman; and expense books recording bills paid, clothing bought, and payments for services, and work done at the Roxbury mansion. Volumes of rent contracts record rental agreements for property owned by Codman in the Boston area. Also found here are bills of Henry Codman's nephew Joseph Bennett including room rent, clothing, medical bills, and Harvard College tuition.

1. Loose financial papers, 1811-1856

Box 11

Loose financial papers, 1811-1836

Box 12

Loose financial papers, 1837-1842

Box 13

Loose financial papers, 1843-1856

2. Bound financial papers, 1823-1853

Box 14Folder 1

Henry Codman real estate account book, 1823-1832

Vol. 5

Henry Codman cash book A,1825-1832

Vol. 6

Henry Codman cash book B, 1832-1833

Vol. 7

Henry Codman expense book, 1832-1835

Box 14Folder 2

Henry Codman cash book, Jan.-Aug. 1837

Box 14Folder 3

Henry Codman cash book, Sep. 1837-Apr. 1838

Box 14Folder 4

Henry Codman cash book, Feb.-July 1841

Box 14Folder 5

Henry Codman cash book, Jan.-June 1850

Box 14Folder 6

Henry Codman cash book, July-Dec. 1850

Box 14Folder 7

Henry Codman business journal, 1847-1852

Vol. 8

Henry Codman general account book, 1849-1853

Vol. 9

Henry Codman accounts with Amory, Codman, and Bennett families, 1823-1835

Box 14Folder 8

Henry Codman accounts with Caroline S. Amory, 1827-1833

Box 14Folder 9

Henry Codman accounts with George Codman and others, book B, 1830-1836

Box 14Folder 10

Henry Codman accounts with George Codman and others, book C, 1836-1846

Box 14Folder 11

Henry Codman accounts with Francis Codman and others, book D, 1844-1848

Vol. 10

Henry Codman accounts with Francis Codman, 1845-1848

Box 14Folder 12

Henry Codman accounts for the children of Thomas Amory, 1846-1851

Vol. 11

Account book of T. C. Smith (agent of Henry Codman), 1845-1849

Vol. 12

Henry Codman accounts with John Amory Codman, 1852-1853

3. Henry Codman legal papers, 1818-1853

Box 14Folder 13-18

Legal papers, 1818-1837

Box 15Folder 1-9

Legal papers, 1838-1853

4. Henry Codman rent contracts, 1832-1855

Vol. 13

Rent contracts, 1832-1838

Vol. 14

Rent contracts, 1838-1842

Vol. 15

Rent contracts, 1843-1849

Vol. 16

Rent contracts, 1853-1855

5. Joseph Bennett bills, 1827-1851

Box 15Folder 10-22

Joseph Bennett bills, 1827-1843

Box 16Folder 1-5

Joseph Bennett bills, 1844-1851

D. Roxbury farm records, 1837-1852

Henry Codman’s Roxbury, Mass. farm book, kept 1837-1839, contains lists of crops planted and harvested including pears, apples, plums, peaches, apricots, cherries, and roses. Included in this volume are a description and diagram for tree grafting. Also included here is a crop variety notebook kept by Codman in Jan. 1847 recording crops and their numerous varieties. Three account books kept by Roxbury farm foremen Moses Hemmenway and Ebenezer Hubbard, 1844-1852, detail expenditures and daily activities, including planting seeds, harvesting crops, weeding garden beds, and building walls and fences. Also included is a farm journal kept by Henry Codman, 1837, 1841-1852.

Vol. 17

Roxbury farm book, 1837-1839

Box 16Folder 6

Loose papers removed from agricultural book, 1837-1839

Box 16Folder 7

Roxbury farm crop variety notebook, 1847

Vol. 18

Moses Hemmenway Roxbury farm account book, 1844-1846

Box 16Folder 8

Moses Hemmenway Roxbury farm account book, 1846-1848

Box 16Folder 9

Ebenezer Hubbard Roxbury farm account book, 1849-1852

Vol. 19

Henry Codman Roxbury farm journal, 1837, 1841-1852

E. St. Paul’s Church (Boston, Mass.) records, 1825-1843

St. Paul’s Church records include a list of proprietors pews, 1842-1843, and communion money collected, 1825-1842. Henry Codman was a member of the church and its building committee.

Box 16Folder 10

Communion money collected, 1825-1842

Box 16Folder 11

List of proprietors' pews, 1842-1843

Box 16Folder 12

Loose papers removed from communion book, undated

F. Bound Codman family writings, 1796-1869

1. Catherine Willard Amory Codman volumes, 1796-1850

Catherine W. A. Codman volumes include a notebook of copied sermons and poetry, 1796-1850, a diary, 1821-1831, numeration book, and undated volumes of poetry and poems. A diary kept from 1821-1831 describes a trip through Pennsylvania and New Jersey, the loss of her adopted daughter Caroline S. Amory, family news and events including births and marriages, and daily activities at home in Boston and Roxbury, Mass.

Box 16Folder 13

Catherine Willard Amory Codman copied sermons and poetry, 1796-1850

Box 16Folder 14

Catherine Willard Amory Codman diary, 1821-1831

Box 16Folder 15

Catherine Willard Amory Codman numeration book, undated

Box 16Folder 16

Catherine Willard Amory Codman copies of poems for children, undated

Box 16Folder 17

Catherine Willard Amory Codman commonplace book, undated

2. Elizabeth A. E. Codman commonplace books, 1846

Two commonplace books kept by Henry Codman's sister Elizabeth A. E. Codman, 1846, include written extracts of plays, poems, and copied verse.

Box 17Folder 1-2

3. Catherine E. Codman poetry book, 1869

Poetry book kept in 1869 by Catherine E. Codman containing newspaper clippings of poetry pasted in by Codman.

Vol. 20

Catherine E. Codman poetry book, 1869

Box 17Folder 3

Clippings removed from Catherine E. Codman's poetry book, 1869

4. Mary Elizabeth Codman notebook and recipe book, ca. 1815

Included here are a notebook and a recipe book kept by Mary Elizabeth Codman. She lived in Germany and was the wife of Arthur Codman and the aunt of Martha Codman Karolik.

Box 17Folder 4

Mary Elizabeth Codman recipe book, ca. 1815

Box 17Folder 5

Mary Elizabeth Codman notebook, undated

5. Writings, undated

Unidentified manuscript writing on the Life of Tadeuz Kosciuszko and notes on Poland.

Box 17Folder 6-7

G. Oversize Henry Codman family papers

Box OS 1Folder 3

IV. John Amory Codman family papers, 1775-1916

This series includes the papers of Henry Codman's son John Amory Codman (1824-1886) and his family, including correspondence, bills, accounts, estate papers, insurance papers, and contracts. John Amory Codman divided his time between the family real estate business inherited from his father after his death and his career as an accomplished painter.

A. John Amory Codman papers, 1850-1888

1. Loose papers, 1850-1888

Loose papers of John Amory Codman include personal and business correspondence, bills, accounts, estate papers, and rental contracts relating to the family real estate business.

Box 17Folder 8-20

John Amory Codman loose papers, 1850-1856

Box 18

John Amory Codman loose papers, 1857-1888

2. Financial records, 1850-1888

Financial records of John Amory Codman consist of an appointment calendar and notebook, 1853; bank account deposit books at the Boylston National Bank, 1854-1888; checkbooks, 1852-1883; two account books for the heirs of Catherine Willard Amory Codman, 1853; a list of leases, 1870-1886; and cancelled checks, 1859-1882.

Box 19Folder 1

Bank deposit account books, 1850-1888

Box 19Folder 2

Checkbook, 1852-1857

Box 19Folder 3

Checkbook, 1857-1862

Vol. 21

Checkbook, 1862-1871

Vol. 22

Checkbook, 1871-1874

Vol. 23

Checkbook, 1876-1883

Box 19Folder 4-15

Cancelled checks, 1859-1873

Box 20Folder 1-7

Cancelled checks, 1874-1882

Box 20Folder 8

Appointment calendar and notebook, 1853

Vol. 24-25

Account books for the heirs of Catherine Willard Amory Codman, 1853

Vol. 26

List of leases, 1870-1886

B. Martha Pickman Rogers Codman papers, 1775-1916

1. Correspondence, 1843-1909

Letters from attorneys John H. P. Hodge and Andrew Blume concern Martha Codman's Boston rental and lease properties, insurance policies, contracts, and construction, maintenance, and repair work on her Newport, Rhode Island mansion. Also included is correspondence with Lillie B. Titus, director of the local Daughters of the American Revolution, regarding the Old Fairbanks House in Dedham, Mass., which Martha and her daughter purchased along with much of its contents for public benefit. Subjects of the correspondence include the discussion about the house contents, its general condition, and repairs.

Box 20Folder 9-17

Correspondence, 1843-1896

Box 21Folder 1-13

Correspondence, 1897-1909

2. Bound volumes, 1877-1895

Recipe books and loose recipes kept by Martha Pickman Rogers Codman. Two scrapbooks of newspaper clippings probably kept by Martha Pickman Rogers Codman contain information relating to important and notable events during her lifetime.

Vol. 27

Martha Pickman Rogers Codman recipe book, undated

Box 21Folder 14-16

Loose recipes removed from recipe book, undated

Box 21Folder 17

Scrapbook, 1877-1878

Vol. 28

Scrapbook, 1878-1895

Box 21Folder 18

Loose papers removed from scrapbooks, 1877-1895

3. Financial papers, 1857-1905

Martha Pickman Rogers Codman financial papers include insurance company contracts for her vast real estate holdings, investment shares and stocks, and bills and receipts for items purchased. Included are bank deposit account books kept by Codman for deposits made to the National Union Bank, Boylston National Bank, and State Bank. Also included are checkbooks, cancelled checks, and receipts.

Box 22Folder 1

Bank deposit account books, 1857-1902

Box 22Folder 2-16

Financial papers, 1860-1904

Vol. 29

Checkbook, 1891-1902

Vol. 30

Checkbook, 1902-1903

Box 23Folder 1

Cancelled checks, 1872-1895

Box 23Folder 2

Cancelled checks, 1896

Box 23Folder 3

Cancelled checks, 1897-1898

Box 23Folder 4

Cancelled checks, 1898-1901

Box 23Folder 5

Cancelled checks, 1902-1905

Box 23Folder 6-7

Receipts, 1879-1903

4. Pickman-Derby-Rogers family papers, 1775-1916

Located here are the family papers of the interrelated Pickman, Derby, and Rogers families of Massachusetts including family correspondence; Elizabeth H. Rogers' sketchbook and estate inventory, 1866; Anstiss Derby Pickman Rogers' recipe book; and newspaper clippings. Photostatic copies of correspondence of Salem merchant and loyalist Benjamin Pickman while he was living abroad in England during the Revolutionary War include letters written primarily to his wife Polly, but also letters written to his children, mother, and sister regarding dinner companions and engagements with acquaintances, thoughts on the Revolution and his hope for a reconciliation with England, the English countryside in contrast to London, family news, business matters, and daily activities.

Box OS 3

Benjamin Pickman correspondence (photostats), 1775-1787

Box 23Folder 8

Pickman-Derby-Rogers family correspondence, 1805-1916

Vol. 31

Anstiss Derby Pickman Rogers recipe book, ca. 1830-1840

Box 23Folder 9

Loose recipes removed from recipe book

Vol. 32

Elizabeth H. Rogers estate inventory, 1866

Vol. 33

Elizabeth H. Rogers sketch book, undated

Box 23Folder 10

Loose items removed from sketch book, undated

Box 23Folder 11

Newspaper clippings, undated

C. Oversize John Amory Codman family papers

Box OS 1Folder 4

V. Maxim Karolik and Martha Codman Karolik papers, 1881-1964

This series contains the papers of Martha Catherine Codman Karolik and her husband Maxim Karolik, including correspondence, financial materials, writings, newspaper clippings, and printed material. Also included here are sound recordings of Maxim Karolik's performances.

A. Martha Codman Karolik papers, 1881-1940

Papers of Martha Catherine Codman Karolik contain family correspondence with her cousins Derby Rogers and Boston architect Ogden Codman, Jr. and her aunt Mary Elizabeth Codman. The correspondence relates to the division of family portraits, genealogical information, current family news and events, a visit to her aunt Mary while honeymooning in Germany and Switzerland, and daily activities. Other correspondence includes acknowledgment letters received from libraries and cultural institutions for her donation of The Journal of Mrs. John Amory and other gifts, thank you notes for her charitable generosity during World War I, the division of her Aunt Mary's estate, and repairs to her Newport, Rhode Island home. Also included is a list of the books in her library, 1914.

Box 24Folder 1-14

Martha Catherine Codman Karolik loose papers, 1896-1940

Box 24Folder 15

Martha Catherine Codman Karolik address and account book, 1911-1914

Box 24Folder 16

Martha Catherine Codman Karolik bank deposit account books, 1881-1903

Box 24Folder 17-18

Catalogue of Martha Catherine Codman Karolik's library, 1914

Box OS 1Folder 5
Oversize Martha Codman Karolik papers

B. Maxim Karolik papers, 1902-1964

1. Correspondence, 1922-1963

This subseries contains correspondence between Maxim Karolik and private art dealers and art historians such as Victor D. Sparks, Burton Cummins, Thurston H. Thacher, and Duncan A. Harzard, and cultural institutions and museums such as the American Federation of the Arts, the Currier Museum, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Brooklyn Museum, Worcester Art Museum, and the Smithsonian. Subjects of letters include collecting and purchasing art works, furniture, and paintings, acknowledgments of gifts, biographies of sitters of paintings, and possible exhibitions of Karolik's art collections. Also included is correspondence with Harvard University Press regarding a forward Karolik wrote for The Architectural Heritage of Newport, the release of Russian Art Songs, and contract work at his house in Newport, Rhode Island.

Box 25

Maxim Karolik correspondence, 1922-1956

Box 26Folder 1-11

Maxim Karolik correspondence, 1957-1963

2. Writings, 1937-1962

Karolik's writings include papers written for lectures given at Bowdoin College and articles for the Atlantic Monthly on topics such as John Singleton Copley, money, and values. Also included here are writings about Maxim Karolik and the Martha and Maxim Karolik collection of American art.

Box 26Folder 12-23

Writings, 1937-1962

Box 27Folder 1-9

Writings, undated

3. Financial papers, 1935-1961

Financial papers include bills and receipts for artwork purchased from private dealers, gift acknowledgments for artwork purchased, donated, and exhibited, and bills and receipts for studio rentals and recording sessions.

Box 27Folder 10-23

4. Concert programs and announcements, 1908-1963

Included here are concert programs, art announcements, and invitations collected by or sent to Maxim Karolik, 1908-1963.

Box 28Folder 1-6

5. Newspaper clippings, 1902-1964

Newspaper clippings relate to both Maxim Karolik and his wife Martha Codman Karolik and include extensive coverage of their marriage, social activities, and various openings of the MFA collections. The clippings provide a good chronology of their activities.

Box 28Folder 7-14

6. Sound recordings, 1904-1963

Sound recording include LPs and reel-to-reel tapes made by Maxim Karolik from 1904-1963. Included are his performances at Boston's Symphony Hall (1957), talks given at Bowdoin College, the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, WGBH radio, and his album Russian Art Songs, released on Unicorn Label in 1958 with notes by Nicholas Slonimsky. Also included are recordings of Verdi's Otello by various artists and songs and operas by Puccini. Also included are commercial recordings of Pyotr Tchaikovsky, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, Modest Mussorgsky, Alexander Borodin, and Alexander Gretchaninoff. There are master copies and secondary copies for many of the reel-to-reel sound recordings. The material on the LP records are copies of the reel-to-reel tape masters.

The reel-to-reel sound recordings are stored in cold storage offsite. Many of the tapes are unidentified. Consult the Reference Librarian for a partial list of titles. Offsite boxes must be requested two days in advance.

Offsite Box 1
Offsite Box 2
Offsite Box 3
Offsite Box 4
Offsite Box 5
Offsite Box 6
Offsite Box 7
Offsite Box 8
Offsite Box 9
Offsite Box 10
(XT) Box 1
Included are LP recordings of talks given by Maxim Karolik at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Bowdoin College, and Richmond, Virginia regarding American furniture and collecting paintings and artifacts given. Also included are LPs of operas and symphonies including Verdi's Otello from 1904-1963.
(XT) Box 2
Included are LP recordings of Otello and concerts by Pyotr Tchaikovsky, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, Modest Mussorgsky, and Alexander Borodin from 1955-1958.

7. Oversize Maxim Karolik papers

Box OS 1Folder 6

VI. Genealogical material

Family history materials relating to the Codman, Derby, Greene, Pickman, Rogers, Willard, Robison, and Cartwright families include newspaper clippings, family trees, obituaries, and miscellaneous and undated material. Much of the material was gathered by Martha Pickman Rogers Codman and her daughter Martha Catherine Codman Karolik.

Box 29

Genealogical material

Box 30Folder 1-2

Genealogical material

Vol. 34

Codman family ancestral tablet

Box OS 2
Oversize genealogical material

VII. Historical material, 1761-1848

Box 30Folder 3

William Fisher letterbook and account book, 1761-1770

The letterbook, with accounts recorded at the rear, 1761-1770, kept by Boston merchant William Fisher contains copies of outgoing correspondence from 1761-1770 relating to bills, accounts, the shipment of goods, arrival and departure of ships, and the economic impact of the Stamp Act and non-importation agreements. Correspondents include London merchants Champion & Hayley, Champion & Dickason, and George Hayley, among others.

Box 30Folder 4-5

Benjamin Lamphear rent and account books, 1803-1848

Rent and account books, 1803-1848, kept by Benjamin Lamphear record rents charged to tenants and lessees.

Box 30Folder 6

Cyril H. Atkins address book, undated

An undated address book kept at an unknown date by Cyril H. Atkins of London, England.

Box 30Folder 7

Copies of verse, undated

Undated small notebook with copies of verse and poetry kept by an unknown author.

Box 30Folder 8


A small autograph collection containing signatures of individuals in the 19th century.

VIII. Ruth M. Baylor research materials

Research material collected by Dr. Ruth M. Baylor on Maxim Karolik and Martha Catherine Codman Karolik.

Boxes 31-32

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Karolik-Codman family papers, Massachusetts Historical Society.

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Amory, Francis, 1766-1845.
Amory, John, 1728-1803.
Amory, John, 1759-1832.
Baylor, Ruth M.
Cartwright, Richard.
Codman, Henry, 1789-1853.
Codman, John Amory, 1824-1886.
Codman, Martha Pickman Rogers, 1829-1905.
Codman, Ogden, 1863-1951.
Codman, Stephen, 1758-1844.
Greene, Rufus, 1707-1777.
Karolik, Maxim, 1893-1963.
Karolik, Martha Catherine Codman, 1858-1948.
Robison, Thomas.
Amory family--Genealogy.
Codman family--Genealogy.
Derby family--Genealogy.
Greene family--Genealogy.
Pickman family--Genealogy.
Rogers family--Genealogy.
Robison family--Genealogy.


Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.


Account books.
Administration of estates--Massachusetts.
American loyalists--Massachusetts.
Art--Collectors and collecting.
Decedents' estates.
Family history--1700-1749.
Family history--1750-1799.
Family history--1800-1849.
Family history--1850-1899.
Real property--Massachusetts--Boston.
Newport (R.I.)--Social life and customs.
Germany--Description and travel.
Switzerland--Description and travel.
United States--History--Revolution, 1775-1783--Economic aspects.