Offsite Storage Inventory

Restrictions on Access

The bulk of the Tavern Club records are stored offsite and must be requested at least two business days in advance via Portal1791. Researchers needing more than six items from offsite storage should provide additional advance notice. If you have questions about requesting materials from offsite storage, please contact the reference desk at 617-646-0532 or

Note: This collection is PARTIALLY PROCESSED.

The records of the Tavern Club were damaged in a fire at the club in 1956. Because of this damage, many of the documents are in fragile condition and should be handled with care.

Collection Summary


This collection consists of records of the Tavern Club, a Boston dining and social club, and includes members' files, correspondence, meeting minutes, printed matter, and scrapbooks.

Historical Sketch

The Tavern Club is a Boston dining and social club founded in 1884 for local professional men interested in the arts and sciences. By 1887, a permanent home for the club was obtained at No. 4 Boylston Place, just off the Boston Common. Since that time, the club (symbolized by its mascot, the Bear) has become known for its dinner celebrations for renowned guests and honorary members, for its socially prominent membership (including many professional artists), and perhaps most of all for its amateur theatrical performances. The club began admitting women in 1988.

Collection Description

The records of the Tavern Club consist of members' files, including correspondence and biographical material; annual meeting and committee meeting minutes; general office files; printed matter and ephemera; club histories; rulebooks and member lists; and scrapbooks documenting club activities (1884-1956).

Acquisition Information

Deposited by the Tavern Club, Boston, Mass., Jan. 1990, 1992, 2003.

Restrictions on Access

The bulk of the Tavern Club records are stored offsite and must be requested at least two business days in advance via Portal1791. Researchers needing more than six items from offsite storage should provide additional advance notice. If you have questions about requesting materials from offsite storage, please contact the reference desk at 617-646-0532 or

Note: This collection is PARTIALLY PROCESSED.

The records of the Tavern Club were damaged in a fire at the club in 1956. Because of this damage, many of the documents are in fragile condition and should be handled with care.

Restrictions on Use

The records of the Tavern Club contain private correspondence about individuals proposed for membership that were written by living or recently deceased individuals. The Society does not claim ownership to the literary rights (copyright) of letters and other documents that are not in the public domain. The Massachusetts Historical Society cannot give permission to publish or quote from documents created by individuals for whom it does not hold literary rights (copyright). Use of the collection does not imply permission to publish or quote from documents, all or in part, in the collection. It is the sole responsibility of the researcher to obtain formal written permission from the owners of literary rights (copyright) in order to quote from or publish documents in this collection.

All reproductions, including photocopies and digital photographs are for personal use only. Personal use copies may not be donated or deposited in other libraries or archives, or made available to other researchers without the written permission of the Massachusetts Historical Society.

Detailed Description of the Collection

I. Members' files, 1881-1992

Arranged alphabetically.

This series contains files on individual Tavern Club members, including letters, telegrams, postcards, calling cards, clippings, pamphlets, programs, menus, sketches, music, photographs, biographical material, and other papers.

NOTE: Much of the material in this series is duplicated in Series II (office files). Names and/or dates in italics indicate papers that were added later (19 Mar. 1992).

Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 1-4
Abbott, Holker, 1908-1950
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 5
Abell, Arthur H., 1948-1972
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 6
Adamowski, Joseph (empty folder)
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 7
Adamowski, Timothee, 1931-1951
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 8
Adams, Charles F., 1934
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 9
Agassiz, George R., 1916-1951
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 10
Aldrich, Nelson W., 1974-1987
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 11
Aldrich, Richard S., 1933-1941
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 12
Aldrich, Thomas B., 1903-1907
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 13
Aldrich, William T., 1928-1967
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 14
Allen, Arthur W., 1942-1958
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 15
Allen, Philip R., 1937-1962
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 16
Ames, Adelbert, 1934-1956
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 17
Ames, John W., 1947-1963
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 18
Ames, Winthrop, 1911-1938
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 19
Amory, Harold, undated
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 20
Andrews, Robert D., undated-1929
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 21
Ashton, Peter S., 1984-1988
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 22
Atkinson, Robert W., 1914-1934
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 23
Bacon, Frank H., 1882-1939
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 24
Bacon, Gaspar, undated-1948
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 25
Bacon, Gorham, undated-1940
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 26
Bacon, Leonard, 1934-1952
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 27
Bacon, Robert, 1912-1919
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 28
Bailey, Walter C., 1928-1939
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 29
Baker, Myles P., 1934-1983
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 30
Balch, Franklin G., 1918-1958
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 31
Baldwin, Thomas T., 1915-1923
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 32
Ballotti, Geno A., 1981-1985
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 33
Bancroft, Wilder D., 1920-1932
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 34
Barbour, Thomas, 1915-1946
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 35
Bartlett, Francis, 1913
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 36
Barton, George, 1912-1966
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 37
Bass, Robert P., 1936-1960
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 38
Bates, Arlo, 1895-1919
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 39
Baxter, James P., 1937-1975
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 40
Baynes, Ernest H., undated-1920
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 41
Beal, Thaddeus R., 1959-1983
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 42
Belknap, Waldron P., 1936-1950
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 43
Bell, Gordon K., 1930-1955
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 44
Bender, Wilbur J., 1960-1969
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 45
Bennett, William, 1978-1987
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 46
Benson, Frank W., 1914-1952
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 47
Bigelow, Chandler, 1930-1988
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 48
Bigelow, Edward, 1932-1975
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 49
Bigelow, Henry F., 1904-1959
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 50
Bigelow, Joseph S., 1925-1931
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 51
Bigelow, Lewis S., 1933
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 52
Bird, Charles S., 1942-1980
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 53
Blake, George, 1982
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 54
Blake, Gerald, 1928-1939
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 55
Blake, John B., 1936-1937
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 56
Blake, William P., 1922
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 57
Blaney, Dwight, 1931-1944
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 58
Blumer, Thomas S., 1934-1954
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 59
Bowditch, Edward, 1930
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 60-61
Bowditch, Henry P., 1887-1950
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 62
Bowditch, James L., 1983
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 63
Bowditch, Vincent Y., 1929-1930
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 64
Boyden, Frank L., 1947-1972
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 65
Boyden, W. Lincoln, 1936-undated
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 66
Bradford, Edward H., 1914-1935
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 67
Bragdon, Henry W., 1974-1980
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 68
Braggiotti, Isidore, 1914-undated
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 69
Braucher, Robert, 1971-1982
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 70
Breed, William S., 1923-1945
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 71
Brewster, George W. W., undated-1940
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 72
Brewster, Kingman, 1960-1988
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 73
Briggs, L. B. R., undated-1905
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 74
Brooke, Edward W., 1972
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 75
Brooks, Henry H., 1923-1982
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 76
Brooks, W. Sprague, 1930-1965
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 77
Brown, Herbert R., 1985
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 78
Brown, John N., 1928-1982
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 79
Brown, Thomas N., 1985-1991
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 80
Browne, Abigail M., 1989-1991
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 81
Brunning, H., 1939
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 82
Buck, Paul H., 1951
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 83
Bullard, William N., 1931-1938
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 84
Bullock, Chandler, 1952
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 85
Burgin, C. Rodgers, 1972-1987
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 86
Burke, J. Randolph, 1930-1949
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 87
Burr, Allston, 1935-1949
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 88
Burrell, Herbert L., 1910
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 89
Byers, Douglas S., 1961-1979
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 90
Byrd, Richard E., 1938-1957
Carton 1SH 13D1 KFolder 91
Byrne, Francis H. B., 1931
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 1
Cabot, Arthur T., undated-1912
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 2
Cabot, Charles C., 1928-1977
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 3
Cabot, Frederick P., 1930-1932
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 4
Cabot, Henry B., 1933-1958
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 5
Cabot, Samuel, 1931-1978
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 6
Cabot, Samuel, Jr., 1960-1985
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 7
Canham, Erwin, 1949-1982
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 8
Carey, A. Graham, 1930-1943
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 9
Carey, Arthur H., 1902
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 10
Carlisle, Donald T., 1938-1956
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 11
Cate, Curtis W., undated
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 12
Chabot, Alex, 1976
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 13
Chadwick, George W., 1902-1931
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 14
Chafee, Zechariah, Jr., 1947-1957
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 15
Chamberlain, Samuel, 1950-1975
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 16
Chanler, Theodore W., undated
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 17
Chapman, Chanler A., 1940-1982
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 18
Chapman, John J., 1914-1934
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 19
Chase, Theodore, 1981-1990
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 20
Chittenden, George, 1931-undated
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 21
Chittenden, Gerald, 1932-1952, 1924-1962
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 22
Churchill, Edward D., 1954-1972
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 23
Churchill, Winston, 1906-1914
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 24
Claflin, William H., Jr., 1932-1982
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 25
Claflin, William H., III, 1980
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 26
Clemens, Samuel L., undated
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 27
Clough, Charles A., 1908
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 28
Clymer, William B. S., 1904
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 29
Cobb, Boughton, 1930-1974
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 30
Cobb, Charles K., 1936-?
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 31
Cobb, Frederick C., 1917-1937
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 32
Cobb, Henry N., 1981-1988
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 33
Cobb, Robert C., 1932-1976
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 34
Cobb, Stanley, 1920-1968, including an anecdote about Carl Jung
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 35
Codman, Charles R., 1947-1957, including a song to French officers
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 36
Codman, John S., 1913-1960
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 37
Coles, James S., 1958-1986
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 38
Colt, Henry F., 1932-1972
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 39
Compton, Karl T., 1933-undated
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 40
Conant, James B., 1933-1978
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 41
Constable, W. G., 1940-1942
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 42
Converse, Frederick S., 1930-1951
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 43
Coolidge, Charles A., 1931-1987
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 44
Coolidge, Harold J., Jr., 1930-1985
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 45
Coolidge, John T., 1913-1946
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 46
Coolidge, John T., Jr., 1969, 1914-1967
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 47
Coolidge, John T., III, 1942-1984
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 48
Coolidge, Lawrence, 1932-1950
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 49
Coolidge, Thomas J., 1930-1959
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 50
Coolidge, Usher P., 1971, 1957-1971
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 51-52
Copeland, Charles T., 1915-1953
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 53
Courtney, Paul G., 1933-1938
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 54
Coward, Thomas R., 1955
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 55
Cox, Benjamin, 1971-1972
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 56
Cox, Gardner, 1988
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 57
Crocker, John, 1935-1984
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 58
Crockett, Christopher Y., 1984-1989
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 59
Croly, Herbert D., 1914-1930
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 60
Crosby, Stephen V. R., 1932-1959
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 61
Croswell, James G., 1915
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 62
Cummings, Charles K., 1911-1955
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 63
Cunningham, Charles C., 1946-1980
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 64
Curtis, Charles P., 1931-1948
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 65
Curtis, Charles P., Jr., undated-1959, 1959
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 66
Curtis, James P., 1910-undated
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 67
Curtis, Richard C., 1932-1951
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 68
Cushing, Harvey, 1919-1934
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 69
Cushing, Hayward W., 1931-undated
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 70
Cushing, Howard G., 1916
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 71
Cutler, George C., 1931-1932
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 72-73
Cutler, Robert, undated-1974
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 74
Dahl, Francis, 1950-undated
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 75
Dane, John, Jr., 1969
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 76
Danielson, Richard E., 1928-1958
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 77
Davenport, Francis H., undated-1936
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 78
David, Donald K., 1953
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 79
Davis, Theodore M., 1915
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 80
Day, Richard W., 1974
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 81
Deane, Frederick, 1931-undated
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 82
Deland, Lorin F., 1901-1935
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 83
Delano, E. S., Jr., undated
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 84
Denny, George P., 1931-1962
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 85
Denny, George P., Jr., 1947-undated
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 86
Dilworth, Warden, 1972
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 87
Dixey, Richard C., 1915
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 88
Donald, Malcolm, undated-1949
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 89
Dorr, George R., 1929-1937
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 90
Duhamel, Pierre A., 1976-1988
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 91
Dunham, Carroll, Jr., 1905-1923
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 92
Dunham, Edward K., 1922
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 93
Durand, Henry S., undated-1930
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 94
Duveneck, Frank, 1919-1938
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 95
Edgell, George H., 1930-1955
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 96
Edmonds, John D., 1933-1966
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 97
Edward, Thomas D., 1982-1988
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 98
Elie, Rudolph F., Jr., 1953-1958
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 99
Eliot, Charles, 1897-1914
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 100
Elliot, Howard, 1929
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 101
Elliot, John W., 1920-1926
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 102
Emerson, Raymond, undated-1950
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 103
Emerson, William, 1932-1938
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 104
Enders, John F., 1947-1985
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 105
Endicott, William C., 1935-undated
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 106
Ervin, Robert G., undated-1970
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 107
Evarts, Richard C., 1920-1933
Carton 2SH 13D2 LFolder 108
Ewing, Charles M., undated-1977
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 1
Fairbanks, Arthur, 1932-1939
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 2
Fairchild, Gordon, 1932
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 3
Farley, John W., 1933-1959
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 4
Farnsworth, Dana L., 1957-1978
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 5
Faxxon, Henry H., undated
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 6
Ferris, Theodore P., 1939-1950
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 7
Fessenden, Franklin G., 1931
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 8
Feuss, Claude M., 1934-1964
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 9
Field, Whitcomb, 1912-1913
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 10
Finley, John H., Jr., 1931-1988
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 11
Fitz, Reginald, 1919-1954
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 12
Fitz, Reginald H., 1913-1914
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 13
Fletcher, Horace, 1919
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 14
Floyd, Gregory, 1983-1984
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 15
Foote, Arthur, 1932-1934
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 16
Forbes, Alexander, 1933-1966
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 17
Forbes, Allan, 1926-1939
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 18
Forbes, C. Stewart, 1919-1950
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 19
Forbes, Francis M., 1932-1962
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 20-21
Forbes, W. Cameron, 1912-1959
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 22
Foster, Reginald C., 1945
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 23
Freeman, James G., 1912-1913
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 24
Freeman, Robert T., 1985-1990
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 25
Fremont-Smith, Maurice, 1923-1976
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 26
Fremont-Smith, Richard, 1968-1990
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 27
French, Stanley G., 1934-1946
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 28
Frothingham, Channing, 1932-1959
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 29
Frothingham, Joseph R., 1952-1973
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 30
Fuller, Timothy, 1957-1960
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 31
Gamble, James L., 1937-1959
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 32
Gammell, R. H. Ives, 1920-1987
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 33
Gardiner, Robert H. (d. 1944), 1934-1945
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 34
Gardiner, Robert H. (d. 1984), 1949-1985
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 35
Gardiner, Robert, 1959-1986
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 36
Gardiner, William T., 1933-1954
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 37
Gardner, George P., 1911-1977
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 38
Gaugengigl, Ignaz M., 1914-1929
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 39
Gay, Frederick L., 1916
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 40
Gericke, Wilhelm, 1889-1949
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 41
Goodhue, Bertram G., 1924
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 42
Goodrich, Wallace, 1930-1952
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 43
Goody, Marvin E., 1980-1981
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 44
Grant, Robert, 1903-1955
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 45
Gray, Francis C., 1977
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 46
Gray, Morris, Jr., 1913-1936
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 47
Gray, Ralph W., 1931-1944
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 48
Greeley, Russell H., 1915-1957
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 49
Greene, Henry C., 1931-1949
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 50
Greene, Jerome D., 1936-1959
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 51
Grew, Henry S., 1954
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 52
Grew, Joseph C., 1924-1982
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 53
Griswold, Roger, 1928-1974
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 54
Guild, Curtis, 1887-1915
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 55
Guild, Henry R., 1979-1980
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 56
Gulick, Charles B., 1933-1962
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 57
Gummere, Richard M., 1937-1969
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 58
Hadley, Rollin, 1970-1989
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 59-60
Hale, Philip, 1917-1936
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 61
Hall, John L., 1933-1961
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 62
Hallowell, John W., 1974-1980
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 63
Hallowell, N. Penrose, undated
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 64
Hamlen, Joseph R., 1928-1957
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 65
Hamlin, Sumner, 1914
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 66
Hammond, John Hays, 1935-1937
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 67
Harding, Emor H., 1898
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 68
Harkness, Edward S., 1934-undated
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 69
Harriman, John, 1953-1961
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 70
Hatch, Francis W., Sr., undated-1975
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 71
Hayes, Bartlett H., Jr., 1950-1988
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 72
Hayward, George G., 1910
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 73
Healy, Robert L., 1971-1991
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 74
Healy, Winston, 1966-1967
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 75
Heaney, Seamus, 1986-1988
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 76
Helmick, C. Gardiner, 1953-1954
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 77
Hemenway, Augustus, undated-1935
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 78
Hemenway, Lawrence, 1935-1967
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 79
Henderson, Lawrence J., 1937-undated
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 80
Henry, Barklie McK., 1932-1949
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 81
Hepburn, Andrew H., 1932-1967
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 82
Hepburn, Andrew, Jr., 1942-1955
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 83
Herter, Christian A., 1927-1967
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 84
Hewett, Meritt A., 1949-1953
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 85
Hickey, Jerrold, 1970-1975
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 86-87
Higginson, Henry L., undated-1942
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 88
Hill, Adams S., undated-1910
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 89-90
Hill, Arthur D., undated-1947, including an account from the Sacco-Vanzetti trial
Carton 3SH 13D3 MFolder 91
Hinckley, Frank L., 1959-1960
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 1
Hoar, Samuel, 1931-1947
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 2
Hobart, Richard B., 1917-1958
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 3
Hodgson, Richard, 1890-1906
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 4
Hofer, Philip, 1938-1984
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 5
Holmes, Oliver W., Jr., 1893-1931
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 6
Holmes, Stacey, 1955-1989
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 7
Homans, George C., 1987, 1941-1977
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 8
Hopkins, Ernest M., 1931-1964
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 9
Hopkinson, Charles, undated-1962
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 10
Hopper, Bruce C., 1946-1948
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 11
Howard, John K., 1935-1965
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 12-14
Howe, Mark A. D., undated-1960
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 15
Howe, Mark D., Jr., 1954
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 16
Howe, Wallis E., 1931-1960
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 17
Howells, William D., 1906-1937
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 18
Howland, Llewellyn (empty folder)
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 19
Howland, Llewellyn, III, 1972
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 20
Hubbard, Edward A., 1920-1966
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 21
Hubbard, Eliot, undated-1887
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 22
Hughes, James S., 1985-1991
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 23
Hume, Ellen, 1989-1991
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 24-30
Huntington, James L., undated-1966
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 31
Hurlbut, Byron S., 1929
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 32
Jackson, Frank, 1921
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 33
Jackson, William A., undated
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 34
James, Alexander R., 1915-1946
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 35
James, Henry, 1904-1915
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 36
James, Henry, II, 1928
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 37
James, John S. R., 1962-1969
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 38
James, William, undated-1911
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 39
James, William, Jr., 1933-1961
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 40
Janeway, Edward G., 1954-1970
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 41
Janeway, Michael, 1975-1986
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 42
Jaques, Eustace, undated-1921
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 43
Jaques, Herbert, 1916-1917
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 44
Jenkins, MacGregor, 1913
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 45
Johns, Clayton, undated-1932
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 46
Johnson, Thomas H., 1958-1976
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 47
Jones, G. Lewis, 1968-1972
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 48
Joy, Benjamin, 1912-1969
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 49
Judd, George E., 1948-1954
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 50
Kane, R. Keith, 1948-1974
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 51
Kaplan, Justin, 1969-1972
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 52
Keller, Harrison, 1954-1978
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 53
Kellogg, Frederick B., undated-1958
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 54
Kemper, John M., 1954-1972
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 55
Kennedy, John F., 1956-1964
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 56
Kernochan, Marshall R., 1931-1956
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 57
Kerr, E. S. Wells, 1937-1976
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 58
Kidder, Alfred V., 1930-1985
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 59
Kidder, Alfred, II, undated-1948
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 60
Kinnicutt, Lincoln N., undated-1921
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 61
Kinnicutt, Roger, 1914-1961
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 62
Kittredge, Henry C., 1934-1967
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 63
Knowles, John H., 1961-1979
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 64
Koussevitzky, Serge, 1932-undated
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 65
Koven, Reginald De, 1920
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 66
Kurtz, Stephen G., 1977-1987
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 67
Ladd, William E., 1933-1947
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 68
Lally, Francis J., 1966-1987
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 69
Lamb, Horatio A., undated
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 70
Lamont, Thomas S., 1948-1967
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 71
Lamont, Thomas W., 1948
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 72
Lane, Gardiner M., 1914
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 73
Lang, Malcolm, 1970-1972
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 74
Lanman, Thomas H., 1933-1961
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 75
Laughlin, Henry A., 1932-1977
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 76
Laughlin, Henry A., Jr., undated
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 77
Lee, Elliot C., 1920
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 78
Lee, Francis W., 1923
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 79
Lee, Roger I., 1916-1948
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 80
Leeson, Robert, 1952-1972
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 81
Lewis, Wilmarth S., 1957-undated
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 82
Lincoln, Merrick, 1914
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 83
Lincoln, Waldo, 1931-1951
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 84
Lippmann, Walter, 1931-1975
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 85
Little, Clarence C., 1930-1933
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 86
Little, J. Lovell, 1920-1932
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 87
Lockwood, Dunbar, undated-1967
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 88
Lodge, Henry C., Jr., 1932-1985
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 89
Loeffler, Charles M., 1956-1957
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 90
Lombard, Lawrence M., 1939-1985
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 91
Longfellow, A. Wadsworth, undated-1934
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 92
Loring, Augustus P., 1942-1952
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 93
Loring, Augustus P., III, 1949-1987
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 94
Lothrop, Francis, undated-1950
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 95
Lowell, A. Lawrence, 1909-1937
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 96
Lowell, Frederick E., 1932
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 97
Lowell, James A., undated-1984
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 98
Lowell, James H., 1927-1965
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 99
Lowell, John, undated-1972
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 100
Lowell, Ralph, 1951
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 101
Lowell, Robert, 1960
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 102
Luce, John D., 1921
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 103
Luce, Matthew, 1951
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 104
Lund, Edward G., 1984-1992
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 105
Lund, Frederick B., 1917-1950
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 106
Lund, Frederick B., Jr., 1957-1958
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 107
Lyman, Henry, 1939-1954
Carton 4SH 13D4 NFolder 108
Lynes, Twining, 1917-1950
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 1
MacLaurin, Richard C., 1920
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 2
MacLeish, Archibald, undated-1971
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 3
McCord, David, 1963-undated
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 4
McFarland, Ross A., 1970-1977
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 5
McLennan, John S., 1893-1939
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 6
Maginnis, Charles D., 1948-1955
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 7
Mansfield, John H., undated-1972
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 8
Marquand, John P., 1928-1961
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 9
Martin, Joseph B., 1982-1989
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 10
Mason, Philip Dana, 1907
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 11
Matthiessen, Francis O., undated-1932
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 12
Mauran, John L., 1930-1934
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 13
Maybank, Joseph, 1979-1985
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 14
Meigs, Joe V., 1936-1963
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 15
Merrick, J. Vaughan, 1932-1972
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 16
Meyer, Cord, Jr., 1947-1952
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 17
Meyer, George V. L., 1913-1918
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 18
Miles, Sherman, 1944-1967
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 19
Millet, Joseph B., undated
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 20
Mills, Charles E., 1928-1957
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 21
Minot, George R., 1934-undated
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 22
Minot, James J., 1935-1962
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 23
Minott, Joseph O., 1909
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 24
Moffat, Alexander W., 1936-1988
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 25-27
Moffat, Donald, undated-1958
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 28
Monks, George H., undated-1935
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 29
Moore, Francis D., 1949-undated
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 30
Moors, John F., 1911-1953
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 31
Morgan, Junius S., 1935-1941
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 32
Morison, Samuel E., undated-1977

See Llewellyn Howland III.

Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 33
Morse, Edward S., 1902-1926
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 34
Morse, Henry L., 1896-1934
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 35
Morton, James M., Jr., 1914-1940
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 36
Muck, Karl, 1907
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 37
Munch, Charles, undated
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 38
Munro, Donald, 1932-1973
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 39
Munro, Edward S., 1928-1967
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 40
Munro, John C., 1910-1911
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 41
Munzig, George C., 1908
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 42
Murchie, Guy, 1933
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 43
Murdock, Kenneth B., 1952-undated
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 44
Murray, Henry A., Jr., 1950-1951
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 45
Neilson, William H., 1930-1946
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 46
Nichols, George, 1969-1989
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 47
Nikisch, Arthur, 1893
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 48
Northrop, George N., 1937-1964
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 49
Norton, Charles E., 1892-1914
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 50
Oakley, Gilbert, Jr., 1963-1971
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 51
Oliver, Andrew, 1971-1982
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 52
Oliver, Peter, 1958-1959
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 53
Osborn, Fairfield, 1947
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 54
Osborne, Maurice M., 1930-1958
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 55
Otis, James, 1969-1981
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 56
Paderewski, Ignace J., 1930-undated
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 57
Page, Arthur W., 1914-1960
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 58
Page, Thomas N., 1903-1922
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 59
Paine, Richard C., 1957-1966
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 60
Palmer, Andrew, 1986
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 61
Palmer, Franklin H., 1933-1972
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 62
Parker, Herbert, 1933
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 63
Parker, James, 1947-undated
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 64
Parker, John H., 1948-undated
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 65
Parker, William L., 1915
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 66
Parker, William S., 1910-undated
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 67
Parkman, Francis, 1930-1980
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 68
Parkman, Henry, Jr., 1931-1958
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 69
Parson, Kenneth B. G., 1946-1969
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 70
Parsons, Arthur J., 1915
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 71
Parsons, Langdon, undated-1980
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 72
Peabody, Francis W., 1917-undated
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 73
Perkins, John F., undated-1964
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 74
Perkins, John F., Jr., 1950-undated
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 75
Perkins, Malcolm D., undated-1983
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 76
Perry, Arthur B., 1935-1978
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 77
Perry, Bliss, 1909-1954
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 78-82
Perry, Lewis, undated-1970
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 83
Perry, Lewis, Jr., 1948-1973
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 84
Peters, Andrew J., 1917-1938
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 85
Peterson, Chase, 1972-1978
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 86
Pettus, Peter, 1977
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 87
Phillips, Christopher H., 1955
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 88
Phillips, John C., 1932-1939
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 89
Phillips, William, 1931-1968
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 90
Pickman, Edward M., undated-1946
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 91
Pieh, Jerome A., 1975-1982
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 92-93
Pier, Arthur, 1904-1967
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 94
Pier, Arthur S., Jr., 1946-undated
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 95
Pitman, Theodore B., undated-1957
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 96
Plimpton, Calvin H., 1961-1965
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 97
Pollock, Harry E. D., 1933-1982
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 98
Pool, Eugene H., 1931
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 99
Pool, J. Lawrence, 1949
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 100
Porter, Benjamin C., 1908-1936
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 101
Potter, Cary, 1962-undated
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 102
Potter, John C., 1972
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 103
Powel, Hartford W., Jr., 1930-1937
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 104
Pratt, Bela L., 1917-undated
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 105
Pratt, Herbert W., undated
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 106
Prince, Morton, 1915-1938
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 107
Proctor, Robert, 1931-1968
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 108
Prothero, S. M. (?), 1910
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 109
Prout, Curtis, 1946-undated
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 110
Putnam, Eliot T., 1947-1988
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 111
Putnam, Herbert, 1939-1955
Carton 5SH 1AC8Folder 112
Putnam, Michael C. J., 1977
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 1
Ransil, Bernard J., 1979, 1991
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 2
Rathbone, Perry T., undated
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 3
Reardon, Paul C., 1969-1988
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 4
Redmon, E. Hayes, 1969-1974
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 5
Revelle, Roger, 1978
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 6
Reynolds, Edward, 1931-1937
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 7
Reynolds, George P., 1936-1940
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 8
Rhinelander, Philip H., 1933-undated
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 9
Rhodes, James F., 1906-1927
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 10
Rice, Durant, 1935-1951
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 11
Rice, Hamilton, 1911-1957
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 12
Richards, Theodore W., 1922
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 13
Richardson, Frederick L., 1950
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 14
Richardson, George S., 1956-undated
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 15
Richardson, William, 1932, including a medal
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 16
Richardson, Wyman, undated-1953
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 17
Ricketson, Oliver G., Jr., 1932-1953
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 18
Roberts, Edward P., undated
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 19
Robertson, Ian F., undated
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 20
Robinson, Edward, 1899-1931
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 21
Robinson, Fred N., 1966-1967
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 22
Rock, John, undated-1985
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 23
Rockefeller, David, undated
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 24-26
Rogers, Henry M., undated-1937
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 27
Rollins, Sherwood, Jr., undated-1983
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 28
Rosenstock-Huessy, Eugen, 1943-1944
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 29
Russell, A. Lebaron, 1942-1949
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 30
Russell, Henry E., 1947-1988
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 31
Russell, William E., 1931-1932
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 32
Saint-Gaudens, Augustus, 1907
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 33
Saltonstall, Leverett, 1953-1980
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 34
Saltonstall, William G., 1946-1983
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 35
Salvini, Tommaso, undated-1909
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 36
Sanders, Charles A., 1973
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 37
Sandrof, Ivan, 1970-1972
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 38-40
Sargent, Daniel, undated-1949
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 41
Sargent, Dwight, 1978
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 42
Sargent, John S., undated-1925
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 43
Sargent, Joseph, 1910
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 44
Sargent, L. Manlius, 1931-1954
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 45
Sargent, S. A. (?), undated
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 46
Sawyer, John E., 1990
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 47
Sears, Joshua M., 1906
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 48
Sedgwick, Ellery, 1931-1960
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 49
Sedgwick, Henry D., 1931-undated
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 50
Sedgwick, William E., 1934-1942
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 51
Sedgwick, William V., 1987-1989
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 52
Shattuck, Fred C., 1896-1929
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 53
Shattuck, Henry L., 1888-1971
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 54
Shaw, G. Howland, undated-1965
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 55
Shaw, Quincy A., 1954-1988
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 56
Sheerin, Charles W., Jr., 1968-undated
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 57
Shurcliff, Arthur A., 1915-undated
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 58
Sills, Kenneth C., 1931-1955
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 59
Simmons, James S., 1953-1955
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 60
Sims, William S., 1921-1937
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 61
Sissman, L. Edward, 1969-1976
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 62
Slocum, William F., undated
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 63
Smith, A. Ledyard (empty folder)
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 64
Smith, A. William, 1952-1961
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 65
Smith, F. Hopkinson, 1889-1933
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 66
Smith, Jeremiah, Jr., 1922-1935
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 67
Smith, Joseph L., 1907-1953
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 68
Spencer, Theodore, 1928-1949
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 69
Sprague, Henry H., 1919-1920
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 70
Stebbins, Henry E., 1970-1973
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 71
Stephens, H. Morse, 1914-1919
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 72
Stillman, Chauncey P., 1931-1988
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 73
Stimpson, Harry F., Jr., undated
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 74
Stimson, Frederic J., 1914-undated
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 75
Stockdale, James B., 1978-1979
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 76
Storey, Charles M., 1965-1980
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 77
Stout, George, 1949-1979
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 78
Stratton, Samuel W., undated-1931
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 79
Strong, Richard P., 1915-1948
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 80
Sturgis, Alanson H., undated-1964
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 81
Sturgis, Charles R., undated-1910
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 82
Sturgis, Charles W., 1913
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 83
Sturgis, Francis S., 1907-1922
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 84
Sturgis, R. Clipton, 1917-1952
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 85
Sturgis, Sullivan W., undated-1952
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 86
Sullivan, James A., 1916-1962
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 87
Sullivan, Thomas R., 1891-1916
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 88
Sutton, Harry, Jr., 1931
Carton 6SH 13D6 PFolder 89
Sweeney, John L., 1949
Carton 7SH 13D7 QFolder 1
Tallack, John, 1931-undated
Carton 7SH 13D7 QFolder 2
Tarbell, Edmund C., 1914-1939
Carton 7SH 13D7 QFolder 3
Taylor, Francis H., undated-1957
Carton 7SH 13D7 QFolder 4
Taylor, Henry O., 1932
Carton 7SH 13D7 QFolder 5
Taylor, John I., undated
Carton 7SH 13D7 QFolder 6
Terry, Lawrence, 1928-1964
Carton 7SH 13D7 QFolder 7
Thacher, Thomas C., 1951
Carton 7SH 13D7 QFolder 8
Thayer, Edward C., 1932-undated
Carton 7SH 13D7 QFolder 9
Thayer, William G., 1932
Carton 7SH 13D7 QFolder 10
Thayer, William R., 1909-1924
Carton 7SH 13D7 QFolder 11
Thomas, Douglas T., 1915-1916
Carton 7SH 13D7 QFolder 12
Thompson, Leslie P., undated-1963
Carton 7SH 13D7 QFolder 13
Thompson, Lewis, undated
Carton 7SH 13D7 QFolder 14
Thompson, Randall, undated-1985
Carton 7SH 13D7 QFolder 15
Thorndike, Paul, 1928-undated
Carton 7SH 13D7 QFolder 16
Thorndike, Samuel, 1911
Carton 7SH 13D7 QFolder 17
Thorndike, William T. S., 1928-1958
Carton 7SH 13D7 QFolder 18
Thorne, David H., 1984-1990
Carton 7SH 13D7 QFolder 19
Tilden, George H., 1908-1910
Carton 7SH 13D7 QFolder 20
Trafford, William B., 1948-1983
Carton 7SH 13D7 QFolder 21
Trask, William R., 1933
Carton 7SH 13D7 QFolder 22
Tweed, Charles H., 1917-1918
Carton 7SH 13D7 QFolder 23
Tyler, William R., 1969-1970
Carton 7SH 13D7 QFolder 24
Tynan, John, 1973-1974
Carton 7SH 13D7 QFolder 25
Upham, George B., 1911-1943
Carton 7SH 13D7 QFolder 26-32
Vaughn, Henry G., 1909-1982
Carton 7SH 13D7 QFolder 33
Vinton, Frederick P., 1911-1912
Carton 7SH 13D7 QFolder 34
Wadsworth, Eliot, 1916-1957
Carton 7SH 13D7 QFolder 35
Wadsworth, Oliver, 1911
Carton 7SH 13D7 QFolder 36
Wadsworth, Philip, 1934-1961
Carton 7SH 13D7 QFolder 37
Wadsworth, Richard G., 1932
Carton 7SH 13D7 QFolder 38
Wadsworth, William A., 1918
Carton 7SH 13D7 QFolder 39-40
Walker, C. Howard, 1914-1985; diary transcripts, 1881
Carton 7SH 13D7 QFolder 41
Walker, Charles R., 1928-1974
Carton 7SH 13D7 QFolder 42
Warburg, Frederick M., 1953-1973
Carton 7SH 13D7 QFolder 43
Ward, John W., 1978-1979
Carton 7SH 13D7 QFolder 44-45
Ware, Gordon, 1916-1958
Carton 7SH 13D7 QFolder 46
Warner, Langdon, 1912-1955
Carton 7SH 13D7 QFolder 47
Warren, Edward H., undated
Carton 7SH 13D7 QFolder 48
Warren, Edward R., 1913-1940
Carton 7SH 13D7 QFolder 49
Warren, Richard, undated-1965
Carton 7SH 13D7 QFolder 50
Warren, Samuel D., 1910
Carton 7SH 13D7 QFolder 51
Warren, Samuel D., III, 1949-1989
Carton 7SH 13D7 QFolder 52
Warren, William, 1882
Carton 7SH 13D7 QFolder 53
Washburn, Henry B., Jr., 1970-1982
Carton 7SH 13D7 QFolder 54-55
Watson, Francis S., 1881-1942
Carton 7SH 13D7 QFolder 56
Wearn, Joseph T., 1952-1953
Carton 7SH 13D7 QFolder 57
Weed, Arthur, 1954
Carton 7SH 13D7 QFolder 58
Weed, Charles F., 1923-undated
Carton 7SH 13D7 QFolder 59
Weed, Charles H., 1958-1960
Carton 7SH 13D7 QFolder 60
Weed, Frederick R., 1948-1980
Carton 7SH 13D7 QFolder 61
Weed, Peter R., 1969
Carton 7SH 13D7 QFolder 62
Weeks, Edward A., 1949-1989
Carton 7SH 13D7 QFolder 63
Weld, George S., 1948-1966
Carton 7SH 13D7 QFolder 64
Weld, Philip S., 1972-1986
Carton 7SH 13D7 QFolder 65
Weld, William F., 1975-1986
Carton 7SH 13D7 QFolder 66
Wells, Stiles G., 1907
Carton 7SH 13D7 QFolder 67
Wendel, Jacob, Jr., 1895-1911
Carton 7SH 13D7 QFolder 68
Wendel, Theodore, 1926-1933
Carton 7SH 13D7 QFolder 69-70
Wendell, Barrett, 1898-1921
Carton 7SH 13D7 QFolder 71
Weston, Tala, undated
Carton 7SH 13D7 QFolder 72
Wheatland, Richard, II, 1968
Carton 7SH 13D7 QFolder 73
White, Alexander M., Jr., undated
Carton 7SH 13D7 QFolder 74
White, James C., 1932-1981
Carton 7SH 13D7 QFolder 75
White, Nelson C., 1955
Carton 7SH 13D7 QFolder 76
White, Richardson, undated
Carton 7SH 13D7 QFolder 77
Whitehill, Walter M., 1952-1978
Carton 7SH 13D7 QFolder 78
Whiting, Jasper, 1914-1946
Carton 7SH 13D7 QFolder 79
Whitman, Royal, undated-1938
Carton 7SH 13D7 QFolder 80
Whitney, Edward A., 1931-1962
Carton 8SH 13D8 RFolder 1
Whitney, Hugh, 1931-undated
Carton 8SH 13D8 RFolder 2
Whittemore, Arthur E., 1963-1969
Carton 8SH 13D8 RFolder 3
Wicks, David D., 1978
Carton 8SH 13D8 RFolder 4
Wiggins, Charles, 1931-undated
Carton 8SH 13D8 RFolder 5
Wiggins, John G., 1931-1957
Carton 8SH 13D8 RFolder 6
Wilkins, Raymond S., 1947-1971
Carton 8SH 13D8 RFolder 7
Williams, Gluyas, 1932-1982
Carton 8SH 13D8 RFolder 8
Willis, Andrew F., 1954-1989
Carton 8SH 13D8 RFolder 9
Willis, Harold B., 1931-1962
Carton 8SH 13D8 RFolder 10
Winch, William H., Jr., 1919
Carton 8SH 13D8 RFolder 11
Winlock, Herbert E., 1936-1940
Carton 8SH 13D8 RFolder 12
Winship, Lawrence L., 1932-1972
Carton 8SH 13D8 RFolder 13
Winthrop, Frederic, 1947-1979
Carton 8SH 13D8 RFolder 14-15
Wister, Owen, 1898-1939
Carton 8SH 13D8 RFolder 16
Wolff, Robert L., 1971-1980
Carton 8SH 13D8 RFolder 17
Wolff, Robert L., Jr., 1978, 1990
Carton 8SH 13D8 RFolder 18
Wood, Leonard, 1903-1917
Carton 8SH 13D8 RFolder 19
Wood, Robert, 1970-1988
Carton 8SH 13D8 RFolder 20
Wylie, Craig, 1950-1976
Carton 8SH 13D8 RFolder 21
Wyman, Jeffries, 1950-1981
Carton 8SH 13D8 RFolder 22
Wyzanski, Charles E., Jr., 1952-1987
Carton 8SH 13D8 RFolder 23
Young, B. Loring, 1917-1964
Carton 8SH 13D8 RFolder 24
Young, Owen D., 1934-1958
Carton 8SH 13D8 RFolder 25
Zahner, Louis, 1937-1950
Carton 8SH 13D8 RFolder 26
Zantzinger, Clarence, 1914-1934
Carton 8SH 13D8 RFolder 27
Zerrahn, Franz E., 1929
Carton 8SH 13D8 RFolder 28
Zinsser, Hans, 1927-1940

II. Office files, 1885-1985

This series contains Tavern Club office files, organized into two subseries. Papers in Subseries A are arranged by subject, and papers in Subseries B are arranged chronologically.

A. Subject files, 1885-1985

Arranged by subject.

This subseries consists of correspondence, financial papers, printed matter, notes, reports, manuscripts, legal documents, artwork, and miscellaneous other papers. Included are papers related to repairs and renovations, Tavern Club history, publications, meetings and events, club business, and other matters. Folders 29-45 contain letters, memos, bills, galleys, cloth samples, art, manuscript drafts, lists, and other items related to the book The Tavern Club at One Hundred 1959-1984, edited by Charles B. Everitt.

Carton 8SH 13D8 RFolder 29-45
100th anniversary book, 1982-1984, undated
Carton 8SH 13D8 RFolder 46
Repairs: letters, bills, 1955-1957
Carton 8SH 13D8 RFolder 47
Boylston Place repairs: letters, bills, 1949-1955
Carton 8SH 13D8 RFolder 48-67
Restoration: bills, floor plan, letters, receipts, notes, 1956-1958
Carton 9SH 13D9 SFolder 1
Early club history, undated-1913
Carton 9SH 13D9 SFolder 2
Insurance, 1942-1957
Carton 9SH 13D9 SFolder 3
Park Plaza, blueprint, 1974
Carton 9SH 13D9 SFolder 4
Pamphlets, 1886-1977
Carton 9SH 13D9 SFolder 5
Book dedications, book covers, 1911-1939
Carton 9SH 13D9 SFolder 6-8
Miscellaneous notes, lists, etc., undated-1984
Carton 9SH 13D9 SFolder 9-12
Blind Soldiers fund: printed matter, photos, etc., 1917-1922
Carton 9SH 13D9 SFolder 13
News clippings/printed matter, undated-1955
Carton 9SH 13D9 SFolder 14-17
Meetings: club lists, notebook, etc., 1885-1962
Carton 9SH 13D9 SFolder 18-24
Correspondence of members and nonmembers, telegrams, 1890-1985
Carton 10SH 13DA TFolder 1-20
Secretary's reports, minutes of meetings, 1908-1948
Carton 10SH 13DA TFolder 21
Club business, undated
Carton 10SH 13DA TFolder 22
Union Interalliée Club: postcards, map, 1930-1952
Carton 10SH 13DA TFolder 23
Other clubs: telegram, pamphlet, 1931-1965
Carton 10SH 13DA TFolder 24
French officers, 1946
Carton 10SH 13DA TFolder 25
Lord Halifax dinner: telegrams, 1941
Carton 10SH 13DA TFolder 26-29
Legal agreements, by-laws, 1907-1959
Carton 10SH 13DA TFolder 30
Committee on Elections notebook, undated-1958
Carton 10SH 13DA TFolder 31
Executive Committee, 1914-1921
Carton 10SH 13DA TFolder 32
Holiday material, cards, undated
Carton 10SH 13DA TFolder 33
Librarian's reports, notebook, 1917-1936
Carton 10SH 13DA TFolder 34
Albani violin, 1933
Carton 10SH 13DA TFolder 35
Medallion art: sketches, blueprint, medallion, undated
Carton 10SH 13DA TFolder 36
Music, undated
Carton 10SH 13DA TFolder 37
Clippings, photography, 1893-1972
Carton 11SH 13DB UFolder 1-2
Inventory, 1938
Carton 11SH 13DB UFolder 3
Report on planning, 1969
Carton 11SH 13DB UFolder 4
Treasurer's statements, 1961
Carton 11SH 13DB UFolder 5
Book manuscript, undated-1959
Carton 11SH 13DB UFolder 6
Manuscript, 1899-undated
Carton 11SH 13DB UFolder 7
Fragments, notebook, photocopies, undated-1938
Carton 11SH 13DB UFolder 8-12
Poetry manuscripts, undated, 1892-1951
Carton 11SH 13DB UFolder 13
Dinner speeches, 1904-undated
Carton 11SH 13DB UFolder 14
Artwork: sketches, posters, mock-ups, designs, etc., undated

B. Annual files, 1885-1957

Arranged chronologically.

This subseries contains club announcements, memos, notices, flyers, menus, tickets, posters, and other miscellaneous printed items.

Carton 11SH 13DB U
Carton 12SH 13DC V
Carton 13SH 13DD W

III. Bound volumes, 1879-1990

This series consists of Tavern Club volumes, arranged into three subseries: miscellaneous volumes (Subseries A), rulebooks and member lists (Subseries B), and oversize volumes (Subseries C).

A. Miscellaneous volumes, 1879-1959

Arranged roughly by size.

This subseries contains miscellaneous printed, typescript, and manuscript volumes. Included are books of poetry, plays and stories, notebooks, Executive and Election Committee records, and five typescript volumes containing "records of the Tavern Club" (1884-1918).

NOTE: For scrapbooks and a guestbook, see Subseries C (oversize volumes). Photograph albums have been removed to the MHS Photo Archives.

Carton 14SH 13DE XVol. 1
Francis Sturgis sketchbook, 1879
Carton 14SH 13DE XVol. 2-3
Bear With Us: A Collection of Tavern Club Verses. [Boston]: Holker Abbott, 1905.2 copies.
Carton 14SH 13DE XVol. 4-5
The Silver Wedding of the Bear: A Memorial of the Celebration of the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of the Tavern Club, 15 January 1909. Boston: Holker Abbott, 1910.2 copies.
Carton 14SH 13DE XVol. 6
Fuddlehead by Fuddlehead. [s.l.: s.n.], 1935.Silk covers.
Carton 14SH 13DE XVol. 7
"Tribulations of Bec Bec," manuscript drama, 1903-1904
Carton 14SH 13DE XVol. 8
Catalog of activities: notes, address book, undated
Carton 14SH 13DE XVol. 9
"Christmas Masque," typescript drama, 1892
Carton 14SH 13DE XVol. 10
Notebook of extracts of F. S. Sturgis, undated
Carton 14SH 13DE XVol. 11
Notebook of Executive Committee minutes, 1953-1959
Carton 14SH 13DE XVol. 12
Notebook of Executive Committee minutes, 1928-1952
Carton 14SH 13DE XVol. 13
Notebook of Tavern Club candidates, fragments, undated-1935
Carton 14SH 13DE XVol. 14
Notebook of Tavern Club rules and list of members, undated
Carton 14SH 13DE XVol. 15
Notebook, club constitution, [1884?]
Carton 15SH 13DF YVol. 16
Address of Mr. Norton at the Tavern Club, undated
Carton 15SH 13DF YVol. 17
Election Committee notebook, 1884-1886
Carton 15SH 13DF YVol. 18
Election Committee notebook, 1891-1910
Carton 15SH 13DF YVol. 19
Secretary's reports, 1907-1915
Carton 15SH 13DF YVol. 20
Executive Committee notebook, 1912-1922
Carton 15SH 13DF YVol. 21
The Rules of the Tavern Club of Boston, with a List of the Officers & Members. Boston: [s.n.], 1885-1886.
Carton 15SH 13DF YVol. 22
"The Anatomist of the Heart," manuscript story by T. R. Sullivan, 1892
Carton 15SH 13DF YVol. 23
Annual and special meetings notebook, 1920-1924
Carton 16SH 13DG ZVol. 24
Executive Committee notebook, 1884-1891Damaged.
Carton 16SH 13DG ZVol. 25
Executive Committee notebook, 1922-1927
Carton 16SH 13DG ZVol. 26
Annual meetings notebook, 1916-1919
Carton 16SH 13DG ZVol. 27
Election Committee notebook, 1911-1924
Carton 16SH 13DG ZVol. 28
Executive Committee notebook, 1897-1912
Carton 17SH 13DH -Vol. 29
Guest list, 1884-1925
Carton 17SH 13DH -Vol. 30
Election Committee notebook, 1924-1927
Carton 17SH 13DH -Vol. 31
Records of the Tavern Club, typescript notebook, 1884-1902
Carton 17SH 13DH -Vol. 32
Records of the Tavern Club, typescript notebook, 1903-1907
Carton 17SH 13DH -Vol. 33
Records of the Tavern Club, typescript notebook, 1908-1911
Carton 17SH 13DH -Vol. 34
Records of the Tavern Club, typescript notebook, 1911-1915
Carton 17SH 13DH -Vol. 35
Records of the Tavern Club, typescript notebook, 1915-1918

B. Rulebooks and members' lists, 1885-1990

Arranged chronologically.

This subseries consists of hardcover and paperback editions of the printed volume The Rules of the Tavern Club of Boston, with a List of the Officers & Members. Some editions contain only the member list, and a few include handwritten notations.

Carton 18SH 13DI .Vol. 36
Rulebook and member list, 1885-1886
Carton 18SH 13DI .Vol. 37
Rulebook and member list, 1888-1889
Carton 18SH 13DI .Vol. 38
Rulebook and member list, 1891
Carton 18SH 13DI .Vol. 39
Rulebook and member list, 1893-1894
Carton 18SH 13DI .Vol. 40
Rulebook and member list, 1896-1897
Carton 18SH 13DI .Vol. 41
Member list, 1903-1904
Carton 18SH 13DI .Vol. 42
Rulebook and member list, 1911-1912Pages missing.
Carton 18SH 13DI .Vol. 43
Member list, 1918
Carton 18SH 13DI .Vol. 44
Rulebook and member list, 1922-1923
Carton 18SH 13DI .Vol. 45
Rulebook and member list, 1926-1927
Carton 18SH 13DI .Vol. 46
Rulebook and member list, 1930With notations.
Carton 18SH 13DI .Vol. 47-48
Member list, 19322 copies.
Carton 18SH 13DI .Vol. 49-50
Member list, 19352 copies.
Carton 18SH 13DI .Vol. 51
Member list, 1937
Carton 18SH 13DI .Vol. 52
Member list, 1939
Carton 18SH 13DI .Vol. 53-54
Member list, 19412 copies.
Carton 18SH 13DI .Vol. 55
Member list, 1943With notations.
Carton 18SH 13DI .Vol. 56
Rulebook and member list, 1945
Carton 18SH 13DI .Vol. 57
Member list, 1947
Carton 18SH 13DI .Vol. 58
Rulebook and member list, 1948
Carton 18SH 13DI .Vol. 59
Rulebook and member list, 1951-1952
Carton 18SH 13DI .Vol. 60
Member list, 1958-1959
Carton 18SH 13DI .Vol. 61
Member list, 1959-1960
Carton 18SH 13DI .Vol. 62
Member list, 1960-1961
Carton 18SH 13DI .Vol. 63
Rulebook and member list, 1961
Carton 18SH 13DI .Vol. 64
Member list, 1962-1963
Carton 18SH 13DI .Vol. 65
Member list, 1963-1964
Carton 18SH 13DI .Vol. 66
Member list, 1964-1965
Carton 18SH 13DI .Vol. 67
Rulebook and member list, 1966-1967
Carton 18SH 13DI .Vol. 68
Member list, 1967-1968
Carton 18SH 13DI .Vol. 69-70
Member list, 1968-19692 copies.
Carton 18SH 13DI .Vol. 71
Member list, 1969-1970
Carton 18SH 13DI .Vol. 72
Rulebook and member list, 1971
Carton 18SH 13DI .Vol. 73
Member list, 1972-1973
Carton 18SH 13DI .Vol. 74
Member list, 1973-1974
Carton 18SH 13DI .Vol. 75-76
Member list, 1974-19752 copies.
Carton 18SH 13DI .Vol. 77
Member list, 1975-1976
Carton 18SH 13DI .Vol. 78
Member list, 1977-1978
Carton 18SH 13DI .Vol. 79
Rulebook and member list, 1978
Carton 18SH 13DI .Vol. 80
Member list, 1979-1980
Carton 18SH 13DI .Vol. 81
Member list, 1981-1982
Carton 18SH 13DI .Vol. 82
Member list, 1983-1984
Carton 18SH 13DI .Vol. 83
Member list, 1984-1985
Carton 18SH 13DI .Vol. 84
Member list, 1986-1987
Carton 18SH 13DI .Vol. 85
Member list, 1987-1988
Carton 18SH 13DI .Vol. 86
Member list, 1989-1990

C. Oversize volumes, 1884-1964

NOTE: The volumes in this subseries are stored onsite at Ms. N-200.

This subseries includes one guestbook and seven scrapbooks documenting the activities of the Tavern Club.

Box OS 1Vol. 87
Guestbook, 1884-1964
Box OS 2Vol. 88
Scrapbook, 1884-1898
Box OS 3Vol. 89
Scrapbook, 1900-1910
Box OS 4Vol. 90
Scrapbook, 1910-1918
Box OS 5Vol. 91
Scrapbook, 1918-1930
Box OS 6Vol. 92
Scrapbook, 1930-1940
Box OS 7Vol. 93
Scrapbook, 1940-1948Fire-damaged.
Box OS 8Vol. 94
Scrapbook, 1949-1956Fire-damaged.

IV. Additions, 1898-1964

This series contains miscellaneous papers added to the Tavern Club collection in 2003, including correspondence, financial and legal documents, and printed matter. The bulk of the papers date from the 1940s to the 1960s.

Carton 19SH 14LY JFolder 1
John T. Blackwell correspondence, 1958
Carton 19SH 14LY JFolder 2
Boyden case, 1964
Carton 19SH 14LY JFolder 3
Cash summary reports, 1959-1964
Carton 19SH 14LY JFolder 4
Checkbook register, 1963-1964
Carton 19SH 14LY JFolder 5
Correspondence, 1963-1964
Carton 19SH 14LY JFolder 6
Eliot Street Garage, 1940
Carton 19SH 14LY JFolder 7
Enfant Terrible, 1898
Carton 19SH 14LY JFolder 8
Index to photographs in Vol. I, 1945
Carton 19SH 14LY JFolder 9
Insurance register, 1962-1963
Carton 19SH 14LY JFolder 10
Reconstruction gifts, 1956-1957
Carton 19SH 14LY JFolder 11
Wells tax question, 1945-1947

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Tavern Club records, Massachusetts Historical Society.

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