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Letter from Theodore Roosevelt to Henry Cabot Lodge, 3 July 1898

Trenches outside Santiago
July 3d 1898.

Dear Cabot:

Tell the
President for Heavens
sake to send us
every regiment and
above all every battery
possible. We have
won so far, at a

very heavy cost; but—
the Spaniards are
fight very hard,
and att charging
their entrenchments
against modern rifles
is terrible. We are
within measurable
distance of a
terrible military
disaster; we must have help — thousands of
men, batteries, & food
& ammunition. The other volunteers
are at a hideous disadvantage
owing to their not having
smokeless powder. Our General
is poor; he is too unwieldy
to get to the front. I
commanded my regiment, I
think I may say with honor.
We lost a quarter of our
men. For three days I have
been with at the extreme front
of the firing line; how I have
escaped I know not; I have not
blanket or coat; & have not taken
off my shoes even; I sleep in the
drenching rain, & drink putrid
water. Best love to Nannie.

Yours ever TR
[The following lines appear as an addendum on page 1 (see page image).]

For God's sake
have heavy
sent us

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