Tripoli Barbarie 18t. Febry 1804

Dear Sir

A Vessel from Malta arrived here on the
15t. inst. which brought youer dispatches and the Articles
sent; for which accept my grateful thanks.

About 10 days ago we obtained permission to
take the fresh air by walking in the Town & Gardens
4 or 5 in number at a time; but since the burning
of the Frigate our house has been surrounded with
Guards and what will be the result I cannot yet say.
Let what will come; believe us to be Americans
possessed with fortitude. trifles will not [help?] us.

I have the honor to be with
Great respect
your most Obt Ser,
Wm Bainbridge

[Subscription (recipient's name at foot of page)]
Commodore Edward Preble
Commanding the United States Squadron


[Along left side of page.]

P.S. Keep it a secret that you receive any letters from me through Mr. Nissen and even
better to not let it be Known of your getting any from me Place not too much confidence in the
Neapolitan Doctr you have on board - Forbid all officers writing any movements of the Squadron -
particularly Midshipmen
We are damn closely watched
but I will weather them a few


Commodore Edward Preble
Commanding the United
States Squadron in the


from Capt Bainbridge
of 18th Feby 1804