Washington D.C. Mch 3. 1882

Dear Sir:

I am very much obliged to you for your
letter calling my attention to a reference
to your honored father in my Book. I would
not intentionally do injustice to any man,
certainly not to Hon: R. C. Winthrop, a
Gentleman whose eloquence learning and
ability have commanded my admiration
during more than forty years. I have consulted
the volume of his addresses and speeches to
which you refer, and have seen that I have
done Mr Winthrop wrong. I will do my best
to redress this wrong in future editions of my
Book. I thank you sincerely for calling my
attention to an error which could not have
happened to me had I not been in the west
when these speeches were made and published in
the Boston papers and thus escaped my notice.

Very truly yours
Fredk. Douglass