Richmond. 22d July 1806

Dear Sir:

I have by this mail received a letter
from James Walker in which he informs me that
some iron lately received from Philada is much wanted
for the mill. -- it was forwarded on the 8th by a
boat belonging to Wm Fairs as it had not arrived
I conclude it must have been left by the way
for want of water. -- some coal which Mr. W
directs to be forwarded by a Waggon, shall be sent
if I can get one to take it.-- I understand
however that but very few waggons have been
down since harvest.-- Those from Staunton never
will take other loading, if they can get it for that
peace. it will be best therefore I think if Mr.
Higginbotham can get some neighbourhood waggon
to call.-- the eight packages have arrived from
George Town. I will likewise endeavour to get
a waggon to take them. Mr. Wythes books &c
are packed up; I suppose however that I need
not be in a hurry to forward them, & shall therefore
wait for an order from Mr. H -- and particularly

as great care will be required in their removal.
an inventory of them you will find inclosed.

But four thos more of your Tobacco have yet
arrived. I have not received any manifests.
I think it will certainly be better for you in
future to have it inspected here -- and especially
if you can prevail on the Overseers to have it better
[assorted?] . the present crop I think is better handled
than usual -- the bundles are neat and it is very
nicely put into the tho -- it is likewise in very
good order, not too high in care - but they will put
in Tobacco, which should either either be stemm'd, or thrown
away. -- Bohn & Hubner who bough tthe last crop,
and who shipped it to Germany, where one of the
partners saw it opened, say that if about a
tho of it had been thrown away, the remainder
would have brought more than they got for the whole.
Johnston of the house of P. P. & J, who saw some of
it opened in England the year before I think, gave precisely
the same account of it-- they say the same of
the present crop. I am Dear Sir
Yr. Very Humble Servt

Geo. Jefferson

[Subscription (recipient's name at foot of page)] Thomas Jefferson esq.


[This appears at top of page two:] Jefferson George. Richmond July 22.06. recd July 26