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François Marbois' queries concerning New Jersey (copy), undated [December 1780?]

François Marbois` queries concerning New Jersey (copy), undated [December 1780?]


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    A handwritten copy of a list of questions about New Jersey from François Marbois, the secretary to the French minister stationed in Philadelphia in 1780. Although the identity of the person who made the manuscript copy of the questions depicted here is unknown, the presence of it within this particular manuscript collection (William Livingston papers II, held by the Massachusetts Historical Society) is probably because Livingston was connected to New Jersey. He served in the New Jersey militia as a brigadier general and later was the first governor of New Jersey. The same questions (presumably the original document from Marbois) ended up with Reverend John Witherspoon, who gathered information about New Jersey. Eventually his responses were published as "A Description of the State of New-Jersey" in The Works of the Rev. John Witherspoon..., volume 4, Philadelphia: William W. Woodward, 1801, pp. 303-312