Articles on which Mr. de Marbois desires some

1. An exact description of the limits & boundaries
of New Jersey.

2. The Memoirs published in it's name in the
time of it's being a Colony and the Pamphlets
relating to its interior and exterior affairs
present or ancient.

3. A notice of the Counties, Cities, Townships
Villages, Rivers, Rivulets, and how far they
are navigable; also of the Cascades, Caverns,
Mountains, productions, Trees, plants
fruits & other natural riches.

4 The number of its inhabitants & the
proportion between the whites & blacks.

5. The different Religions received in that

6. The Colleges & public establishments, the
roads buildings &c.

7. The particular customs & manners
that may happen to be received in that

8. The present state of Manufacturers,
Commerce & exterior Trade.

9. A notice of the best seaports of
    the ["the" here is a catchword, indicating that it is the first word on the second page]

the State and how big are the Vessels they can
contain receive.

10. A notice of the commercial productions
peculiar to that State and of those objects
which the inhabitants are obliged to
draw from Europe & from other parts
of the World.

11. The weights, measures & the currency
of hard money, some details relating to
the Exchange with Europe.

12. The public Income & Expences.

13. The Measures taken with regard of to the
Estates and possessions of the Rebels
commonly called Tories.

14. The Marine & navigation.

15. A notice of the mines & other sub-
terranean riches, some samples of the
mines and of the extraordinary stones;
in short a notice of all that can in-
crease the progress of human knowledge.

16. A description of the Indians established
in the State before the European settle-
ments and of those who are still remaining.
an indication of the Indian monuments
discovered in that State.


Mr. [Barbois Query?]