Boston 24 Nov. 1775

Honored Madam

After to day no Person is admitted to go from this
town -- and as I find this to be last opportunity -- I with
pleasure imbrace it by writing you there -- for I flatter my
-self you must be very anxious to hear from us -- and I'm sure
we should be very happy also to hear you, its [our?] our sincerest
desire -- but we can't expect it, for by the time you receive this letter
there will not be any opportunity for you to send. -- Dear Mother
I hope this will find you well -- I beg you would not make
yourself by any means uneasy about us here, we shall do
very well -- altho' your being with us would make it much more
agreeable to us -- this leves me at present very well thanks
be to God for it, Mr. Badger is also very well, Mrs. Badger is
not very well, little Dicky and Natty is well and hearty, we all
join in our loves to you, praying it may not be long before we
shall be so happy as to see you again.-- Mr. Badger
has not mov'd down to the north End as he expected owing
to Mrs. Badgers being takeing sick, and more paticular finding
it so Inconvenient for him to move so far from his
Business that he cant think of it -- I have for the security
of the house Live'd in it ever since the departure of -- Farther
Peg and her Ant as she calls her has kept with me -- and so I
have liv'd a Batchlor -- had the house been empty as it
must if I had not keept it, it would long before this time
gone to ruein -- but I have prevented that by keeping
in it—altho' it has been great expence to me, for I have been
obliged to Buy every thing everyever since I have been here
which is 3 Months, for there was nothing left But a little
Porke which since went went of for there was but a trifle of it.

I have putt up with great Dificulties -- for there was nothing
Left in the house that was any ways Comfitable not Even a
Table Cloth not a pair of Sheets that was fitt to lay on,
however rather than the house should be distroyed for want
of somebody in it -- I have putt up with these things -- I am
att last oblige to quitt your house -- for I have liberty to
putt some Family into my own which is empty --
and I have just getting [ar?] Family into it and have agreed
to board with them for the Security of the hour giveing
them £6=15/ a week for my board so you see what
expence I am att -- however I shan't Leve your house
till I gett Somebody into it that will take care of it --
I have much to write butt must omitt, for reasons
not unknown to you -- give my kind Love to
my Brother and desire him to remember me to
all the Gentlemen and Ladies in Haverhill, paticular
my Boston friends which you have amongst you
remember me to Mr. Harrod and every body Else
which you think are my friends. -- Respects Complements
you may Distribute at discretion -- but keep for
your Self the invarible Love and Regard of your --

Duty full Son. -

have wrote this in great hurry
as the Vesel is just a going.

If My Pickter is sent to you from
Newbury for I have wrote to Mr. Mitchell
to send it to you he is in Newbury if it
come to you I beg you would take care of
it, keep it for fear you should never se
the Original. --