SeptemberCambridg the 23 1775

Dear Brother

I took this opertunity to Right unto yo to let you
kno that I am wall. I hop that you eair [so?]
I Desir to Bless god I never whas mor harty
for my lif I would let you kno that theair
whas knothing [ . . . ]
I desir to be Remembered to my father and mother
and to your wif and to all my Sistor and
to Bille and to A P

and I should be glad to heair from you all
I Cannot tell. how it will bee but
I hop that whe shall com to Salem
But I do knot put kno Dependance
in it for the Capten is knot

I should be glad that you would com and see me as soon
as you can for I cannot tell when I Shall com but I hop
that it will knot be long [though?] as Soon as we eair seteled
I Do in tend to com by the [leve?] of provedenec but I would knot
Have you wate for that but would have you com and see
How wall we eair a comadated for if you do knot com
Prity soon I am afraid that y we shall be forsed to
leeve it wether we com to Salem or knot for Cornel
Putnams men eair to com in when they com and so forth and
I should be glad that you would send this peace of paper to Abigal
and I should be glad to have you if you com I should be glad if you would
get my brother friend and I should Be glad if he would mak
me a [?] a [?] I com and I Should be g Very glad Remembor
to my Sistor and to all thaeair Childron and to all that famaly
and soforth I Should be glad if you would Let me kno if
wether [bets?] and Webbor Doth hold on theair Cort ship yet or
kno and I Do Remembor my Compelements to hur and to Samul also
and I have knothen mor that is remarkubel to inform you with

I should be glad if you Remembor my Duty to my unkel
Dekon I and I ask his parayers for me that I might be cap
from Sin and preserve me from all Danger and if it be the will of
the Lord that I might be rturned in Safty to my friends a gain
and I also Do Desier your prayrs and all the prayrs of my friends
I wish that I could Right that theair a Reformation in the army
But instid of that theair that to be heard that is a [?] to mak any thinking
person for to say with the [?] o that man would considor his ways and
and turn unto the Lord from him theair [ . . . ] Revolted that that men
would considor theair ways and be [?] be [?] for for tim to prepair for
Eternity for we may say with the [Corinthians?] that know is the exepted tim
Know is the Day of Salvation O that th whe could heair the indeairin
[Singing?] of our Deair Redemor that he is Daly Repeting and is Daly invitin
of us with this inderen Saing unto us Each on of us Com unto me and I will
you in kno wir Cast you of and a gain he Saieth Com unto me all ye that
Hunger and thurst and ye shall be [Suplyed?] for he in viteth all to Com
in this indearing languidg Eat O my friends Drink ye Drink a Bundantly
my Beloved and O how can we sligh such invitaeons as theairs this is evedent
that our Blesed Redemor Doth knot tak any pleasor in the Deth of any one
Juror But had Rather that thea Would turn from theair [?] Beleve as
and Be Saved and O that god would
open our blind eye that we might see the need the kneed the infinit kneed
that we stand in if an intrust in that all [Sofirant?] Saver that Died for
us for it saied that except ye Repent ye Shall all [likely?] perish and I Desier
pray god to pour out this holy sperit uppon this holl Earmy that whe might
all as one man with one hart arise and Call uppon our god and d
Hub can tell altho whe have ben a [ . . . ] Peopel yet the Lord is a [mariafull?]
god and hwo can tell if we Do turn and Cry for marcy But that he will
turn unto us and have marcy on us and Delivor us out of all the trobels and
Dificeltes that whe Labor under on thos that whe hav Reason to feair for Let us Concidor
the Lord apered for the peopell of ninavah We may wall Supos By all intilagance
that we Can gether that he had thought to Send grat Judgmants uppon that
place but Let us Concidor that the Lord our god [never Sent?] any judgmant uppon
any peopel without theair [ . . . ] he sent his phrophit Jonah to worn the pepopel
of that grat City and by the warning that Jonah gave the peopel all as on
King and peopel all a Rose and puts on Saccloth and Sat in ashes and Cried
maghtly unto theair god and the Lord heaird theair cry and the Lord whas
moved with pity and th Lord Repented him of the [Cruelty?] that he had thought
To Do unto that grat City and he Did it [kot?] [whall?] then is our god the Sam god knows
that he whas then and o Deair Brother I would to god that theair whas the
the Sam Sprit moving in our harts that theair whas in the peopel
above [menuned?]
and So I ever Remain your fried and Brother