Cambridge Nov 13. 1775

I am commanded by his Excellency, General Washington
to inform you, that he has no objections to your letting
each family haveing a pair of oxen & a milch Cow or two,
but he would have them take the utmost care that they
do not fall into the enemy's hands, for should they, the
publick will make them no compensation as for the
loss--     As to their killing & disposing of Such as maybe
of the Cattle &c as may be fit for use to the Troops,
that is a matter that must be referred to the commissary
General, it coming properly under his department.

If he & they can agree, his Excellency has no objection.

I am Sirs
Your very Hble Servt
Rob H Harrison

Col. Loammi Baldwin

[This text written perpendicular to the addressee ] Letter from Head Quarters
Nov 13 1775