June 7th [June 1775]. Mr. Brigden and Wife went over the
Ferry to day, by whom I sent a blue-paint-
-ed Chest, and a Trunk with Goods, as also
a small Scotch Carpet, to be forwarded
to Taunton.

9th [June 1775]. The Regulars landed at, and brought over
from Noddle's-Island a considerable quan-
-tity of Marsh-Hay, unmolested.

10th. [June 1775] The Country People set fire to an empty
Store on Noddles Island, which had
been lately improv'd by the King.

12. [June 1775] Two Transports arrived yesterday, from which
they landed to day. Horses & Recruits.

14. [June 1775] Several Transports came in, from which were
landed Horses, Detachments of Regiments &
Recruits, together with some Cattle, etc.

17. [June 1775] A large number (2 or 3000) of Regulars commanded by G'l Howe were boated over to
Charlestown to day to dislodge the Provincials
of a Hill which they had intrench'd on; this they
did, and set the Town of Charlestown on fire.
The Engagement was very warm whereby a great
many are killed & wounded, (10 or 1100 of the Regulars)
A melancholy Scene of Fire & Slaughter.

19. [June 1775] Press-Gangs parading the Streets in quest of Labour-
-ers, Black; etc. likewise several Persons taken up
and imprisoned upon Suspicion. The usual Conse-
-quences of martial Law.