July 26 [July 1775]

30. [July 1775] Last night or this morning early the Provin-
-cials endeavoured to cut off the advanced Guards
of the Regulars at Charlestown Lines: which
being discovered, caus'd several Shot whereby
some were killed and taken Prisoners on
both sides.

31. [July 1775] The Provincials in several Whale Boats went
to the Light-house and removed or burnt
every thing there, taking likewise about
30 Marines, an Officer of whom they kill'd,
and near 20 Carpenters.

Aug'st 2nd [1775]. There has been considerable of Firing for
this two days past at different times between
the Encampment of the Regulars on Bunker's
hill & the Provincials upon Prospect-hill
both with small Arms & Cannon.

4. [August 1775] This day John Gill was imprisoned by mar-
-tial Authority.

10. [August 1775] The Faulkland Sloop of War having pursued
a Schooner which run into Cape Ann, man'd
her Boats in order to board and bring her off;
but the People mustering fast, oblig'd them
to retire with the loss of about 40 Men, &
several of their Boats: the Lieutenant
being wounded among the rest, and just
escaped with the Ship.