Jan'ry 9th. Last Evening between 8 & 9 oClock a Party
of the Provincials cross'd the Dam at Charlestown
& set fire to a few Houses that remain'd at
the upper End of it & afterw'ds carried off a
Serjeant & about 10 Men without any Loss.
It is worthy of Note, that the above happen'd
just as the Curtain was drawn for acting a farce
called "the Blockade of Boston;" which was
adjourned by the Report of the Actack of

20th. [January 1776] This day the Brig Success went down to
Point Shirley with those Persons who were
order'd out; among whom were Mr.
Young's Family, Capt Hood, Capt Dean
Mr. Marchant etc.

26th. [January 1776] A Report prevails in town that the
Provincials have been defeated in the
lower Town of Quebeck, with very great

31st. [January 1776] This day Capt. Prince, Mr. Cutler & others
went to the Lines to meet his Son, Job.
Accounts of Ships being carried in almost
dayly by the Provincial Privateers.

Feb'ry 1st. [1776] Admiral Graves sailed for En-
-gland to day; as like-wise the Canceaux
& a Transport with S'r Wm. Pepperrell
& Family.