Febry 6. [1776] Yesterday was some Firing both of Musq-
-uetry & Cannon at Charlestown by which
some few of the Regulars were wounded.

14th. [February 1776] Last night a Number of the Light In-
-fantry & Grenadiers went over to Dor-
-chester Neck & burnt 4 or 5 Houses
& brought away 6 or 7 Prisoners.

267. [February 1776] Last Evening came in a Deserter from
the Provincials who gives an Account of
their Intention of bombarding the Town,
& this afternoon the Steeple of the West-
Meeting House was taken down-
as likewise Cannon are placing at
the side of West-Hill.

March 3d. [1776] Last Night & this Morning the
Provincials fired many Shells & Shot into
Town from Phips's Farm, etc., which greatly
endanger'd the Lives of those in it; tho'
providentially not any one was killed.

5th. [March 1776] Last Night & this morning a very inces-
-sant Fireing from 1/2 past 7 in the even'g
'till 6 this morning: without much damage
& this day at noon, Gen'l Howe notified that
all Persons who intended to follow the
Army should give in their names, as he
must withdraw his Troops.

6. [March 1776] Old York removed with his Chest.