An Estemate of the Damages that Jonathan Green of Chelsea has Sustained
By Reason of the Seat of the war Being So near his housen at Winnesimet
and his housen used as number of months by the main Gard that was
kept at Said Winnesiment and by Reason of the Centries being placed
at Several places on his Land and as his farm was so near to the Kings
Ships and the Regular army at Bunkers hill he was ordered and directed by the commities
of Malden, and Chelsea and by the officers of the continental army
to Remove all his Stock of Creatures from Said Chelsea Back to Some
more Distant place and as he could not Get them kept nearer he
was obliged to Remove them to Stoneham, Eight miles Distance
and Likewise hay to keep them on through the winter Season
as well as ye Grain that he Raised on Said farm for his familys use
through Said winter Season and Likewise his household Goods for
his family to use where he tended his Cattle

April ye 19th: 1775 and a number of days after to Removeing
his household Goods Grains & Salt meat etc: 12 Cart Lodes

April ye 20th: 1775
To Removeing 23 head of Cattle & horses from Chelsea
to Stoneham and keeping them there 21 Days by Sd order
    4 of Sd Cattle allowd to Return and Stay at
    Chelsea 7 days of Sd time

May ye 9th
to Removeing 3 Cows & 3 Calves Back to Stoneham
after they had Been at Chelsea but one Day and
they Remained at Stoneham 5 months

May ye 27th to Removeing 20 head of Cattle from Chelsea
to Stoneham 14 days

May ye 31st: to ye Loss he Sustained by the Soldiers that Came
from the County of Berkshire by their Brakeing
open his house and takeing away 5 Case knives & forks
6 Glass Bottles 3 pounds of Sugar 2 quarts of Rum 6 Spoons
with Some Bread meat & meal & Sundry other things

June ye 18th To Damage he Sustained by the Soldiers belonging
to the army by Brakeing open his house and takeing
away Several knives forks Spoons mugs 2 pound of
Sugar one Bushel of Dry Beans & a peck of Salt & pertatoes

June ye 17th: to Removeing 20 head of Creatures from
Chelsea to Stoneham by order and keeping them there
15 days

July ye 13th: to Removeing 19 head of creatures from
Chelsea to Stoneham by Sd order and keeping them there
8 days

From the first day of June to the 10th of July to about
30 Bushels of Green Peas in the pod that were taken
out of his field by the Soldierie that were stationed
at Chelsea

To Summer Turnips taken away by Sd Soldierie within
Said term about 5 bushels

To Charies taken off of above 100 Chary trees
Supposed to have 30 Bushels of Charies

To above 500 cabages 3 coppers per quart taken away by Said Soldierie
Between the first of July & ye Last of October

To the Loss he Sustained between the first of June & the
Last of October by the Sd Soldierie by their Brakeing
Chests tubs Barrels and by their takeing & useing one
Barrel of tabaco that had about 30 lb of tabaco in it

To the Damage he Sustained by Said Soldieries Treading
Down his English grass Leaving Down his fence and
So Letting his Cattle & other peoples Cattle into his fields
and mowing Land, and Sd Soldiers turning their horses
Sundry times for Several days & some of them for some
weeks together into his mowingland and orchards
Between ye 10th of June & the Last of October 3 tuns destroyed

To Damage Sd Green Sustained within Sd term by Said
Soldiers Spoiling his English hay & Salt hay by their
Spreading it about and laying on it 1 tun Destroyed

To above 100 hills of pertatoes taken out of Sd Greens field
by Sd Soldierie Supposed to amount to more than 10 Bushels

To Roasting Ears of Corn that Said Soldiers took out of Sd
Greens field Supposed to be Sufficient to have made
more than 10 Bushels of Corn when Sheld

To Apples enough to have made more than 30 Barrels
of Sider taken out of Sd Greens orchards by
Said Soldiers in the Summer & fall Season

To above 30 Bushels of Good pairs taken out of his orchards
by Said Soldiers

To the Damage Sd Green Sustained by Removeing
by order of the General of the Army all his Stock
of 26 head of Cattle & horses from Chelsea to
Stoneham on the 11 day of November Without
any Liberty to Return them Back untill the Kings
Ships and Regulars Removed from Boston which
was about 5 months and above 6 weeks of the first
part of the time Said Green had feed enough to have
kept his Stock of Cattle and horses on his place as the
Same was the Most of the time not Covered with Snow
and So he was obliged to feed his Stock of Creatures on
hay all Said 6 weeks

To Carting 73 Lodes of hay for his Stock to feed on
and Grain & Saus for the use of his famaly

To Damage that the Said Green Sustained by the
Soldiers Stationed at Chelsea in his two Large Dwelling
houses three Barns hogs Sties and other out houses
and in the fences on Said farm and also in Damage
Done to his fruit trees as follows Viz

To the Damage done to the Glass windows of Sd houses

to Damage Done to the clabords & shingles of Sd houses

to Damage Done to the Doors flowers & other parts
of said houses

to Damage Done to Said Barns

to Damage done to Said hogs sties & other out houses

Glass 30 square 8' by 10

18 Squares of Glass 7 by 9'

10 Squares of Glass 5 by 7

8 casements wanting that had 48 squares of 8 by 10 Glass

9 Doors Spoilt Belonging to Sd houses

380 feet of boards wanting at the East Barn

189 Rales & 35 posts Burnt by Sd Soldiers

about 120 feet of Board fence &

hogs stie Burnt Sd Stie 10 feet square covered

Chelsea May ye 7th 1776     Jonathan Green

buildings 23: 18.14:11
fences- 2.14.0