We The Subscribers who were appointed a Committtee
of The Two houses of the Legislature of the Commonwealth
of Massachusets to consider & report upon a Petition of
Henry Howell Williams as a sesion of said Legislature
of June 1789. Certify that the resolve of the said Court
passed June 23d. 1789, granting the said Williams; the
sum of Two Thousand Pounds in full Compensation, of
the damages he Sustained from having his Stock and
other property taken from him, or distroyed in Consequence,
of order given by the Commanding Officer of the Massa=
chusets troops, in the month of May 1775, Was
agreed to by The Committee upon the principle, and
Conditions expressed in the Resolution, As the Most
likely Method of obtaining the approbation of the
Legislature. and by no means and in no sense to--
preclude any further grant. Which The Federal
Legislature, or any other government, May think
proper to make said Williams.

Given under our Hands in Boston This
Fourteenth day of February, 1792

Ebenr. Bridge
Abel Wilder
Charles Jarvis
Jacob Smith Jr.
Joseph Blake