[The following is a transcription (and corresponding English translation) of the engravings on the punch strainer:]

[Top view, engraving on left handle:]
Apud Cartagenum in Hispania Nova Obsessam Die Dominica, Aprilis 12th 1741, Spolia inter Alia Argentum ex quo Factus Sum, Accepit IOANNES VRYLING. [Translation: Made from silver that was among the plunder on Sunday April 12, 1741, at besieged Cartagena in New Spain, John Vryling received. ]

[Top view, engraving on right handle:]
Meminisse Iuvabit. [A reference to Virgil’s lines from The Aeneid when Aeneas tells his shipwrecked and exhausted crew: “Perhaps some day you will rejoice to recall even this."]

[Bottom view, engraving on left handle:]
In memoriam Jno. Vryling qui exhac vita decessit 25 Novembris 1744. Haerides ad Jona Tyng Cognatum & Amicum dilectum donaverunt. [Translation: In memory of the departed, John Vryling, who died 25 November, 1744; his heirs gave it to his relative and dear friend, Jonathan Tyng]

[Bottom view, engraving on right handle:]
Isq. moriens Johanni Loring"/ crest with martlet. [Translation: At whose death it came to John Loring.]