8 February 1653

Oliver Pr.
Instructions to be observed by Major Robart Sedgwicke
Comander of the Blacke Raven and Captaine John Leverett whoe is
joyned with him for the Carrying one the service herein required.

You are to take under yor care and direction for this present expe-
dition and according to the instructions following, the ships Blacke
Raven, Hope, Church, and Augustine now in the River of Thames and
at Portsmouth, and direct yor Course either to the Mattachusetts Bay
in New England or to Pequot harbor New Haven or other good port
within any of those United Collonyes as providence shall order the
winde and occurrencies most Condeucing to the furtherance of the
present designe.

Upon your arivall (through the blessing of the Lord) in any of the
aforesaid harbors you are imediately to deliver or send away the
Letters Comitted to you and directed to the severall Governors of the
Collonyes of the Mattachusetts Plymoth Connecticott and New Haven,
with information to them from yorselfes of yor arivall & expectation
of a suddayne Answer to the Contents of the saide letters.

If upon retorne from them you fynde an inclination and readines in them
to joyne in the present undertakeing for vindicateing the English Right, And
Extirpateing the dutch, and that such Numbers of men out of all or some of
the Collonyes the determination whereof must be left to yor owne wisdome with
the advice of others to be imployde in the service, be prepared by them with all
such other Necessaryes provision there attayneable, as may rationally Conduce
to that end, you are without neglect of any oppirtunitye to address yorselfes
to the worke, by ordering the ships for the Manhattos, and takeing Care that
the soldgers from the Collonyes may by a land march meet them there or bee
taken into the ships as by advice may bee judged most advantageous. you being
Comed to the Manhattos you shall by way of surprize open force or otherwise
as you by a Counsell of war consisting of the Comanders of the ships and
armie shall judge most conduceing to that End, Endeavour to take in that place
in the Name of his Highnes the Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England
Scotland and Ireland for the use of the said Comonwealth. And you have power
to promise and give them faire quarter in Case it be rendred upon sumons
without hostile opposition; the like alsoe you shall doe to the fort of
Auranea or any other place upon Hodson's river.

If the Lord give his blessing to yor undertakeing that the forts and places
be gayned you shall not use Crueltye to the Inhabitants but encourage those
that are willing to remayne under the English Goverment and give liberty
to others to transport themselves for Europe. Upon gaineing of the places
you shall with like advise setle such garrisons and order affaires in such
maner as what is so gayned may be preserved to the English Interest till
forther Directions be given therein, and shall provide that the Charges to
be expended for maintenance an preservation therof may be borne out of
the bever trade or other advantages the place affords, as likewise some
suitable recompence be given to the soldgers employed in this service
according to theyre severall proportions & deserts but of such thinges
as shall be their gained if any such bee.

In all yor proseedings you shall endeavr to hould Loveing Corrospondence
& advise with the Governers of the English Colloneys and such as
they shall Comitt trust to for yor assistance that if possible noe breach
or disaffection may appeare in this undertakeing, wch is onely designed
for the secueritye of those plantations with the Comfort of themselfes
And posteritye.

The aforementioned service being performed if tyme permitt and
opertunitye be presented you are to proseed to the gaineing in any
other places from the Enemie wch upon [the?] Advise with a Counsell

of warr may be judged feizeable and Conduceing to the settlement of
the peace and saiftye of the English plantations, if any thinge shall
occure to hinder the undertakeing or prosecution thereof, or when the
worke is finished, the Comanders of the severall ships are to attend such
Directions as they either here receyve ffrom the Commissioners of the
Navye or those to whome they are Consygned in those parts for their
future dispose.

In the transaction of this busynes we shall depend much upon yor wise
dome & prudence to act according to interveing occasions and
circomstances wch may be best be discerned and improved upon the place.
We expect from you a Carefull observation of all pasages and proseedings
of moment relateing to this service, and that an axact accompt be
kept thereof and rendred into us as oppertunitye is presented. In Case
you finde any such obstructions as therby any of the Govermts should
be induced not to improve the publique power in furthering the service
you are to desiyer that volunteers should not onely be permitted but
encouraged to engadge therein.

By comand of his Highnes

Whitehall 8th Feb.

This is a true Coppy of his Highnes Comission
compared with the originall this 13 March 54

Copie of Capt Sedgwicke
Leveretts Comission from O. Prote
February 8 1653

Instructions from
O. Cromwell to Capt Jno Leverett
Feby 1653.

32 cm x 21.8 cm

From the Saltonstall family papers