[June 19, 1775, cont.] and order'd his officer to carry us to the provost, with
orders to hang us immediately; but looking round
he Saw a Sailor with a firelock, upon which
he ask'd the officer if it was found with us;
being inform'd it was, he order'd his officer to
carry us to Genl. Gage, and he would know what
to do with us, when we came before his
excellency, Harry Rooke, one of his aid-de-camps,
ask'd me how many more firelocks I had
in the house, I replied 5 or 6 more for aught
I knew, for I was ignorant of that one being
there; he told me that I would wish I had given
it up; another officer called a Serjeant of the
house, and order'd him to draw his cutlass and
carry us back to the Admirals, but observ'd
to him, if we offer'd to run, (made a sign by
drawing his hand across his throat;) we Set off,
but Soon an officer overtook us, and gave orders
to stop. A Serjeant commanded us to lay on
the ground, about a quarter of an hour, when
another officer came and acquainted us that
we must go to the General's again, which
we did, and tarried there about half an hour,
after which they called a corporal, gave him a
billet, and order'd a file of men to take us to