[June 19, 1775, cont.] him; observing that he was commanded So to do, I Said
it was very well and follow'd him. After we had got
to New-Boston, he ask'd me what my father had
been writing to me, I replied nothing; then what I
had been writing to him, nothing; he said, "I was
right in Saying So, but that he would be damn'd
if he would believe me." We afterwards proceeded
towards the Admiral's, and passing by my father's
house, Lindsey discover'd Mr. Starr with a firelock;
upon which he order'd me to Stop, for there was
a trooper with a firelock. He was Soon brought
where I was, and both placed in the center of a
circle form'd of 6 Sailors, who were as harden'd and
inhumane as Turks, and were commanded to go on.
Being a little animated I Said, Capt. Lindsey, I
Should be much oblig'd to you, if you would carry
me to the General's, and See whether he will re-
lease me, or what he will do with me. He said
he was not to go where I pleas'd, but that I Should
go where he pleas'd to carry me, and dam'n you if
you ask me another question, I'll knock you
down by God. He then Sent us to the Admiral's
with an officer and a few Sailors; when we were
before the Admiral, he ask'd me my name. I re-
plied Edes; he said I look'd like a dirty villain,