[July 2, 1775, cont.] fin'd for theft, etc. We had Some of the vilest
women for our neighbours ever known, Some
placed over our heads, and Some in rooms
each Side of us. They acted Such Scenes as
was Shocking to nature, and they used language
horrible to hear, as if it came from the very
Suburbs of Hell. When our friends came to
See us (which was Seldom they were permitted)
we Seemed to want them gone, notwithstanding
we were So desirous of their company, as they
were expos'd to hear the most abandon'd language
as was grating to the ears of all Sober persons.

7. [July 1775] We are very close confin'd, having the door open
Sometimes one hour in 24, and Sometimes not
at all.

17. [July 1775] This evening the provost inform'd us that
there was to be held a garrison court of enquiry
at Concert-Hall to-morrow. We were desir'd to
prepare for tryal.

18. [July 1775] I was escorted by a Strong guard of Soldiers
from the goal to Concert-Hall, with my room compa-
nions, which consisted of 4, viz : James Lovell, John
Leach, John Hunt, and William Starr; also
Dorrington, his son and maid, for blowing up
flies. These 3 last were examined, and then