[September 25, 1775, cont.] Mr. Dickman's old Negro man was Served in
the Same manner to gratify a certain young

26. [September 1775] Doors open: The Cerberus frigate arrived
from England, 7 weeks passage, and been 13
weeks from Boston. She Sailed express with
the account of the Bunker-Hill fight.

27. [September 1775] Doors open: Nothing remarkable.

28. [September 1775] Doors open.

29. [September 1775] Doors open: A rifleman prisoner bro't in from

30. [September 1775] Doors open.

Oct. 1. and 2. [1775] Doors open: Major Kemble came from the
General with promise of relief on finding two
men, inhabitants, to pass their words that we
Should not leave the town. There was no
bonds asked or given. This was offered to
Mr. Gill, Mr. Starr, Master Leach and myself.
Nothing was Said to Master Lovell, nor any
offer made to him.

3. [September 1775] Doors open. We were obligated to Sign a
paper that we would not quit the town, but
by permission, attested by two witnesses: And
the obligation Signed by Mr. Gill was refused,
on account of Master Leach's name being put