July 25 [1776]

I am tolerably comfortable though
Something weak. In the Evening
I went to the City for my Letter being
very anxious to hear from my Friends
but could not find obtain it Mr Bailey
not being on board--

26. [July 1776] In the Morning a Report prevailed
that the Ships up the River were com=
-ing down, but it proved only that they
came down in order to take a Parcel of
Sheep & a Quantity of Butter which they
Tories had collected & according to agree=
-ment the Ships were to meet them &
take it off. but before the Ships arived
the Sheep & Butter together with Several
other Small Articles were discovered &
as no Owner appeared to lay claim to
them they were Secured-- These Tories
cannot yet be quelled not withstanding)
(as I am credibly informed) a large nu-
-mber 300 of them who had collected together
before a few days before the Ships went up
were taken & upon examination they
confessed that by agreement with the
infamous Wallace (the commander of one
of the Ships) they were to assemble, destroy
the 2 large Frigates which are building
up the River, & Wallace was to Support them
with a Party Sufficient for them to beat