August 9, 1956

Dear Leverett:

As I look back over our efforts during the past session, I
am struck by the complexity of the undertaking as well as
by the continuing hurdles we had to overcome. In trying
to assess the end result I believe I am more impressed by
the splendid work accomplished by the Leadership than by
any other single thing. I suppose you saw my estimate in
the press conference the other day -- that I have a feeling
of pleasure that much was done, regret that much was de-
layed and unfortunately changed, and disappointment that
so much of importance to our people was left undone.

But, I think you personally should have a feeling of great
accomplishment in your constructive work in national
defense throughout the year and in the leadership you
exerted in connection with the legislative program as a
whole. For all that you did, I am grateful indeed -- and
I do hope that now that the session is behind us, you will
make sure that you get a complete rest before you are
swept into the rigors of the campaign.

With warm regard,
Dwight Eisenhower

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The Honorable Leverett Saltonstall
United States Senate
Washington, D.C.