Washn. H. Reps. Sept. 9th [1841]

The Veto message has just been read, &
a poor thing it is. It is in an implo-
ring style -- He laments the difference of
opinion between Congress & himself -- com-
mends their labors & their measures at
this Session -- & almost asks for mercy --
What effect this may have in disarming
cooling the ardor of Botts & others, I know
not—We shall see tomorrow. Our true
policy is to let it pass off as easily as pos-
sible. Sargent, who reported the bill, is
unfortunately sick. The subject will
be disposed of tomorrow -- Now, I con-
sider it as certain, that Congress will
rise on Monday next. I expect to be
at home again, on friday morning.

The House is in much confusion --
like Babel -- all talking about the
veto -- some pacifically, some angrily --
Wise talking about the Naples mission --
nobody listening on the floor -- Galleries
full -- Excuse brevity --

Alws. yr. affe. husbd.,
L. Saltonstall
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