Washn. Saty. [11 September 1841]

It is all over -- my dear Wife --
Four of the Cabinet have resigned --
Granger will, today, & how can
Webster remain? It will subject
him to great reproach -- They ought
to have stayed untill they were
turned out, unless they intend to
justify themselves to the Country.
Probably they will. The Presidt
has been fooled & betrayed by a few
traitors to our party, & others whom
he has permitted to surround him.

One of the worst things is his per-
mitting a letter-writer for the infamous
N.Y. Herald, who is filling the paper
with abuse of the whigs, to be almost
an inmate of the White House --
But I can't enlarge -- I am going now
to dine with poor Webster & we will
soon talk it all over--The Presidt
has nominated,

Walter Forward, Secy
of Treasury
Judge Upshur of Va.—Navy
Judge McLean of Ohio—War
Legaree Attorney General

In haste


It is a time of
tremendous excitement.
I am grieved.

[This page includes a note written in pencil listing one topic discussed in this letter.]

25.4 cm x 20 cm

From the Saltonstall family papers