[This text is printed on the letterhead.] MRS. LEVERETT SALTONSTALL 3221 Woodland Drive NW Washington 8 D.C.

U. S. S. Haven Bikini Is.
June 30th [1946]

Dear Granny-

Here we are on an air-cooled
hospital ship housed in the nurse's
quarters. My stateroom, which I have to
myself, is a double one, just as roomy
as one of the best on a big steamer.
The air outside is hot & damp. We
go round in shirts open at the neck.
Yesterday we went in swimming at
the officers Club ashore twice. Beautiful
clear water @ 80°. There is an
officers' Club with beer & whiskey
served. It closes at 6. P. M. Because
of the number of test apparatus
in the water all night traffic is
forbidden. The number of launches
playing through the fleet remind me
of the Eastern Y.C. on a big scale.
There is one type of launch that I
think might be useful at No. Haven

for Rockland & local traffic too. The
kinds of ships are so numerous that
I am utterly stumped. The launches
are all snub-nosed - much like like a
scow - They are dry & move fast
with engines not too big.

We had a lovely flight out here -
but I don't feel comfortable in the
air - I can't eat much & feel sort
of sleepy - but everyone is much
the same - I had a nice bunk on
the plane & slept about 8 hours.

"K" Honeywell & her husband & kids
were wonderful hosts in Honolulu. They
have a nice single story house right
on the beach with an atoll about
400 yds. out. They were wiped out
by the tidal wave - but are now fixed
up - They had a gun crew for 5 yrs.
at their swimming pool. Think of
it! Now everything is flourishing -
Have a good trip to No. H. & a good summer.


Leverett S.