The Glorious 9th!
To the Rescue!
Irish Americans of Massachusetts!

The indomitable valor and bravery which distinguished your ancestors on
many a bloody battle-field in past ages, have descended to you untarnished. Your fellow countrymen of the 9th
Massachusetts Regiment have proved at "Hanover Court House," at "Mechanicsville," at "Gaines' Mill," and at
"Newtonville," that it has not degenerated. They are worthy inheritors of the courage and prowess of the heroes
who fought at "Clontarf," at "Beal-an-ath-Buidhe," at "Limerick," at "Lander," at "Cremona" and "Fontenoy."

The Union and future glory of this great sanctuary of freedom is in danger.
A host of Southern traitors seek to destroy our free democratic government, and erect upon its ruins a contempti-
ble and Despotic Aristocracy.

Irish valor and bravery, have, to a great extent, thus far, impeded the march
of these native Vandals, and driven back their superior numbers in dismay. Wherever the "chivalry" of the
South have dared to encounter, on an open field, our Irish braves, they have found to their cost that Irishmen, as
of old, are still invincible.

No Regiment in the service of the United States, has earned more imperish-
able glory than the 9th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteers, and its late gallant and heroic Colonel. The fortunes
of war have thinned its ranks ; it must not be allowed to perish for want of brave men to fill up its numbers.—
The honors it has earned you can share. The living heroes of the 5th are still "eager for the fray." They pant
to be led once more against the enemy—the enemy of human freedom---the enemy of mankind. They long to
avenge their brave compatriots.

We swear to revenge them!—no joy shall be tasted,
The harp shall be silent, the maiden unwed,
Our halls shall be mute, and our fields shall be wasted,
Till vengeance is wreaked on the liberticides' head."

They call upon you from the banks of the James to fill up their ranks, to
share with them the laurels of the past and the glory of the future. Will you not respond to their call?

"Our green hag flutters o'er us,
The friends we've tried are by our side,
And the foe we hate, before us !"

The City of Boston has voted a
Bounty of $100 !

In addition to thirty-eight dollars allowed by the United States, for every
volunteer who joins the 9th Regiment, to defend the best and freest government ever vouchsafed to man. In join-
ing the Ninth, you join your own gallant kith and kin. You will be led to the battle-field by officers of your own
ancient race. who have proved themselves inferior to no others of our grand army. Here, too, the
Is carried side by side with the Starry Banner, and Irish bravery will obtain
the credit it deserves. The laurels you win will deck your own brows—others will not obtain the credit which be-
longs to you. And while your prowess and invincible valor shed additional lustre on
The Stars and Stripes!
They will cast a bridge ray of glory on the
and the unconquerable nationality it represents.

In this Regiment you will have
To minister your spiritual wants and dispense the priceless blessings of religion.

Your families will be provided for by the BOUNTY OF THE STATE, and
you will receive in Pay, Rations and Clothing, an allowance more than that for which many of you toil at laborious
drudgery, equally, if not more dangerous, than the field of honor and glory.

The nation provides also a handsome pension for you if disabled, and for your
wives and little ones if you fall at the post of duty. What employer, let us ask, does the like ?

Our brave countrymen, hitherto, have rushed to the battle-field without bounty,
with little hope of reward. Can YOU hesitate NOW, when such ample provision is made for you and yours?

Let the ranks of the glorious 9th be at once manned by heroes, worthy suc-
cessors of those who have fallen, and fit companions of the veterans still eager for the fight. This Regiment is
yours. Its history—its glory—its past—its future, are yours. and stud a lustre not on you only, but on the Irish
race. The only power in Europe which supports the South is your ancient enemy, the Government of England.

"Then onward your green banners rearing;
Go flesh every sword to the hilt ;
On our side is virtue and Erin,
On theirs is the Saxon and guilt."

The Sum of $138,000!
Will be paid to each volunteer as soon as mustered into service. Pay and
Rations from enlistment.

Transportation for volunteers, over any of the railroads to Boston, furnished
to those wishing to join.

The undersigned has received full power from the City Government of Boston to recruit the ranks of the 9th
REGIMENT to its full quota.

All applications for enlistment to be made at the
Headquarters, 112 Washington Street, Boston,
Over Little & Brown's Bookstore, to
Capt. B. S. Treanor,

J. E. Farwell & Co., Steam Job Printers, 37 Congress Street, Boston.