1607 H. Street
Sunday April 8
1883 -

Dear pater,

A quiet
week just gone by
with no excitements of
any kind. Several warm
days- today rather cooler.
Foliage very late. Maples
in flower but so they
were a month ago-
a few hepaticas & arbutus
out. Thursday dined at
Judge Gray's to meet the
John Gray's- he was
nice as ever. Mrs Cameron
Miss Clymer & Roustan the
French Minister

made up the eight. if
people would give up
big dinners of 18 & 20
& never exceed ten- how
much society would
gain. We invited the J.
C. Gray's to dine here to-
morrow but they were al-
ready engaged to the Bay-
ards- & I've yielded to a
tempting invitation of
Anne Palmer's who is back
from Florida & reigning
alone in New York- &
am going on tomorrow
to stay till Thursday.
Henry can't leave his work
& dogs- but urges me to
go- & as I think I'm
getting to be worse than Mrs Holmes. I'm going
to see how single blessedness
feels after eleven years
of double- accepted an
invitation to dine with
Mr Godkin Wednesday which
he telegraphed. Miss Palmer
knows various artists
& out of the usual line
people so we shall see
pictures & studios &
not shops for two days
Mimi & Mr Lyman are
going back tomorrow
a.m. & have got my
seat with them. Mimi
has been shut up in
the Riggs House with a
bronchial cold she came
on to cure. She came in
to tea Friday.M de Struve did not
get to Boston after all.
Sailed for Russia last
week to bring back his
wife & babies. So returned
our letters of introduction.
Alex Agassiz comes on
to the Academy Meeting
next Friday- & is to stay
with us till Tuesday 17th.
Am glad Culpeper reached
you-had you already
seen it. I hope not-
his account of Coffee berries
is charming- am glad Bil
Bigelow is so happy in Japan.
Boston is so depressing to him
that I doubt if he can ever
live there- & why should he?
What is Addie to do? Surely
something pleasant can be
found- best love to her when
you see her. Adios Affecty.