[Top part of page includes end of entry for 14 December 1863. It has not been transcribed. See page image.]

15 Tuesday [December 1863] Early in the morning I was waked up,
and so I dressed, and when I had eaten a
hurried breakfast, Father, and I got into the
carriage. I bid good bye to Andover, chickens,
Mother, Bridget, Margaret, and every-thing
else, and then we set off for the depot. Mr
Leggitt, and Mr Martin rode behind, with
the trunks, and – my luck! my hat blew
off, just because I was in a hurry. I sup-
pose, to get to the depot, and I couldn't
help laughing to see Mr Martin go scam-
pering over a field after it. [See hand-drawn figure 50 on bottom right of page.]
But we arrived in time at
the depot, and I bid good
bye to Mr Leggitt, and Mr
Martin, and Father, and I