went to the fair in the afternoon with Annie, and
Carrie Phillips. [See hand-drawn figures 51, 52, 53, and 54 at top right of page.]
, and I suc-
ceeded better
this day than I did before. For one
thing I bought a little man made
of raisins, and figs, for 10 cts, and
Tuesday it would have been sold for 50 cts! I
bought it at Miss Whitwell's table.

17th Thursday [December 1863] I went to school in the morning,
as I shall do always in future. I stayed
at the fair in the evening till 10 o'clock with
Mary, and Hatty. Once a man stood up, and
said something like this "I have heard that
the pirate Cheasapeake has been taken!" and
immediately every-body began "hunting," and
clapping hands, oh such a noise, then they
gave three tremendous cheers, and then the
band began to play "The star-spangled banner
. It was not very crowded, I bought a
good many things. Dr Jackson has bought
my card basket, and I dont know whet-
her he paid 5, or 7, or 10 dollars for it!
Dear old thing! It was only prized at 3

20.5 cm x 17 cm

From the Sarah Gooll Putnam diaries


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