dollars. It snowed, and drizzled.

18th Friday [December 1863] It rained. I went to Annie
Phillips' before dinner. I went round a
little with, Annie, and Carrie, and then
I went to the fair, and saw, Mother, Hatty,
Mary, Father there. It wasn't very croweded,
and was quite pleasant in the hall, Mother
, Father, Mary, and I went into the refresh-
ment room, and had some ice-cream, and
coffee. The waiters were all young ladies with
white caps on their heads, and white aprons.
The waiter who waited on us was very nice,
I think it was Mary who asked her to sit
down a little while with us, she said, "Oh,"
no, I thank you, I have been reproved for that
sitting down with the ladies several times."
It was real fun. Amy Shaw, and Isabella
Hunnewell were sitting at the same table.
When we had eaten as much icecream as we
wanted, Father, Mother, and I went up on-
to the balcony, and it was such fun to
look down on the crowd of heads, and follow
one person all round the hall, and then
the band began to play, and it was quite
splendid. Altogether I had a very nice