got into the cars for Boston! Hurrah.
In an hour we were at Boston, and then
we took a carriage, and arrived at Aunt
Louisa's, just, as she, Hatty, and Mary
were taking their breakfast. I went to the
fair in the morning, and oh! it was all
fully crowded. It took me so long to get
past two tables, almost half an hour. Hatty,
and Mary keep table half the time at Aunt
Cornelia's Loring's, and half at Mrs Whitwell's
table. I didn't buy one thing, it was so crow
the only thing I did was to go into the
refreshment room, and pay 25 cts for a
large plate of strawberry icecream. "I wish
I hadn't gone in," was my feeling when I
came out, "still its' for the soldiers!" The
great organ was covered, it is real mean. I
went to Gertrude's in the afternoon, and
found Helen there. Hatty, Mary, and I slept
in a room together.

16th Wednesday [December 1863] I went to school in the
morning. I think I shant write "Picciola
till next summer. I am so much behind
the girls. My new hat is shaped like
figures 41 – 42 – 43, on the next page. I