time of it. We then went to the end of the
balcony to see if we couldn't see a little of
the great organ - which was covered by a
green cloth ornamented with arms, and
old shattered battle flags. We didn't see
much of the organ, but the hall did look so
pretty from where we stood. There were [See hand-drawn figure 55 in the middle of the page.]
whole heaps of raffles, dolls, tables, quilts,
images, floral fountains, and all kinds

20.5 cm x 17 cm

From the Sarah Gooll Putnam diaries


This web presentation is comprised of:
Image 1: cover
Image 2: inside front cover
Images 4-6: front matter, including handwritten title page, pages i-iv
Images 7-155: diary entries, 24 August 1863 to 6 June 1864, pages 1-149
Images 156-159: letter from Sarah Gooll Putnam to her grandmother, 6 June 1864
Images 160-163: diary entries, 6 June 1864 to 28 June 1864, pages 150-153
Image 164: drawing of a horse (previously attached to 153)
Images 165-177: diary entries, 28 June 1864 to 2 August 1864, pages 154-166
Images 178-181: letter from Sarah Gooll Putnam to her mother, 3 August 1864
Images 182-184: diary entries, 2 August 1864 to 6 August 1864, pages 167-169
Image 185: back matter
Image 186: inside back cover